Mango Moonshine Recipe: Tropical Delight in a Jar

by Karl S | Updated: June 10, 2023

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Sutton’s Days and to Phil’s Thirsty Thursday. This is his moonshine video that he’s going to be sharing with you guys every single Thursday this month of October. So, I hope that you enjoy this one because this seems to be a very popular one, isn’t it?

Yes, a lot of people love this. So, what kind of moonshine are we making today? Mango moonshine.

Okay, so Phil’s going to walk you through what we have here. What do we have going on here? Okay, we get these mango chunks at the store, Walmart. We’re going to put these into the blender.

They come frozen, we let them defrost, and then he’s going to add them to the blender. Get all that good stuff out of there. Phil has his methods. Now, for safety’s sake, we are going to put the top on the blender. Yes, okay, and you’re just going to puree them, correct? Yes.

Okay, so first we have to turn the blender on. Then just pulse it. Okay, there you go. So, you’re just pureeing the mango, that’s all you’re doing. We’re going to pour in one of these. What is that? That is Hawaiian Punch Mango Monsoon.

We’ve tried this with pineapple, we’ve tried it with orange, Mango Monsoon does it. And so, I’m looking at that, and it’s telling me that it’s a gallon jug. Yes, that’s a gallon.

Okay, wonderful. Hold it up to the camera so that they can get the whole spelling of it and everything right. Okay, so is that good for you guys? It’s the same stuff that he put into the frozen apple pie.

It goes into everything. It’s the same liquor he put into the Apple Pine moonshine. It is 151 proof. So, it’s a bit of a butt kicker there. It’s a rectified spirit out of Poland.

And so, we’re going to put in one of these. So, it’s Malibu mango. Now, you know Malibu has a coconut rum and a pina colada one also. Yes, mango, gotta love mango. So, we add that to the pot. Now, we had a friend who had a way to test the alcohol level. I’ll have to call her and see if she could tell us exactly what it is.

Okay, so the next step, wooden spoon please. Thank you, you’re welcome. Okay, so now you’re just emptying all of that into the pot. Yes. Couldn’t she just use like the alcohol, another bottle of alcohol to get it?

Yes, exactly. He’s wiggling his eyebrows at me. Yep, so he’s using that other bottle of alcohol to rinse out the blender pitcher because you don’t want to leave the mango behind. No good mango is left behind. We’re trying not to anyway.

Okay, so that’s most of it. Do you want a spatula? Not yet, okay. Now, the mango of course is good in the warmer weather, but we have a lot of people that also like it year-round because you know, mango is good.

Yes, it is, and it is healthy. Okay, the 151 is guaranteed to kill germs, is that what you’re saying? No, 60 calories per serving. Okay, I don’t know if I’d call it healthy, but you know, it could be worse, right? Excellent source of vitamin C. Okay, an excellent source of vitamin C, there we go.

There we go, no mango left behind. Here we go. So again, you don’t heat this up, correct? No, no, this is a pour and stir and then distribute. So you just give it a really good stir, make sure it’s all incorporated, and then you start pouring it into jars.

Okay, so we’re going to come a little closer. Look at that color, beautiful. Look at that color, yes. And so, do you think this will all produce the same amount of quarts? It should finish the 11th one. Okay, should give us maybe even 12 because of the other fifth. Oh, that’s right because there’s another bottle of alcohol in there. Look how pretty it is.

Okay, so we’re going to let him fill these up, we’ll be right back. So if you’re planning on any holiday gift-giving and you have some mango lovers out there, or you live in a warmer climate than we do, and they’ll appreciate the tropical flavor of mango moonshine, this was a hit with a friend of ours.

And it was cute, she took a quart to a conference that she went to, and her and I think four or five of her buddies had a little cocktail every night that they were there.

She goes, “Next time I’m going to take two quarts because it was so good.” And you were definitely over the older than 60s. Yeah, they were seniors, but they really enjoyed it.

So, you will see, do you see how there’s some mango chunks in there, you guys? I don’t know if you picked that up on camera, but there will be some floating mango chunks in there, and that’s good. That’s just more good stuff in the jar, adds a little fiber to the entire process.

Okay, so he’s getting the lids put on them all. Always a pleasure to be here with you people in my spirits, and maybe just maybe, we can talk Miss Lisa into letting me do one for Christmas because I have some wild ideas.

Oh sure, who wants some Christmas shine recipes? Definitely leave a comment below if you want some Christmas shine recipes. You could even do a cranberry for Thanksgiving. Oh, we could, yes, cranberry shine, yes, absolutely. It’s only going to taste like cranberries on that turkey, right? No, turkey, no, no, okay, no it’s not.

So yeah, now you know where most of my quart jars seem to go. How do you know these are not mine? Because I can tell by the age, thank you. But he knows to stay away from my mom’s mason jars.

Yes, those are deal breakers. So how many jars did we get? We got the last time we had 11 and a half, no ten and a half. So I added a quart, so you’re right, I got 11 and a half this time.

Okay, so now he’s going to rinse off the jars because you don’t want that sticky stuff on the outside of the jars. Okay, remember, this is not something that you can can. This is something that needs to be refrigerated.

Never ever tighten your canning jars down as far as he’s tightening these down, but this is for a purpose. We don’t want them to spill, and it’s all good.

So this is definitely if you have those extra lids, you know, that you’ve used, the used lids, don’t use them for your canning but definitely, you can use them for your moonshine activities. Definitely, yes, because as you can tell, that is where my used lids go to.

And it’s gorgeous. It’s like a bottle of sunshine on a cold and rainy day, right? Yes, good stuff. So, mango moonshine, my friends, this is Phil’s little recipe, and he says it’s awesome. Okay, until next time, everybody, be safe.