How To Make Hop Water – The New Non-Alcoholic Zero-Calorie Drink That Tastes Delicious

by Steve Thanos Updated on May 22, 2019

For the last several years, Hop Water has grown in popularity. This is the new zero calorie, zero carb, zero alcohol, refreshing beverage that some breweries are coming out with. Not as popular as non-alcholoic beers, but it’s gaining at a rapid rate.

One Saturday afternoon, I was walking the isles of my favorite liquor store. In my pursuit for cutting calories and overall better health, anything 5% ABV or lower was on my radar.

A couple four-packs of Hop Water did find a way in my cart.

The Pioneers of Hop Water

H2OPS in Anaheim, California were the pioneers for Hop Water. Owner, Paul Tecker is a long-time homebrewer and craft beer enthusiast. He has been involved in the natural and organic beverage industry.

His love for hops caused him to think outside the box when coming up with H2OPS. Check out Tecker’s website here to find out where you can find his product.

Hop Water

Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse in Louisville, Kentucky are also succeeding with Hop Water. Brewer, Jerry Gnagy, started carrying a hop seltzer water in the brewery/smokehouse.

Gnagy added hops and sometimes even hop oil and made it available to employees only at first. Gnagy does add some caramel color as to give the impression one if drinking a beer.

Gnagy then took this tasty beverage to Extreme Beer Festival in Boston on Feburary 1st and 2nd. He was looking for some feedback from the public as this was the first time he served it.

Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, California also began making this hoppy beverage as a way to help worker productivity.

Hop Water

In the past whenever employees were drinking beers while working their shift, they would become too tired to work. Head brewer, Jeremy Marshall, came up with solution that really took off in the brewery.

Cold, refreshing, hoppy water.

Interestingly Lagunitas only served Hop Water to their staff. Initially it was for free, even when customers were able to consume it.

After a while, customers were required to pay a few dollars for a pint. After all, those beer hops can be expensive.

The Procedure

• Add Water to brew kettle
• Boil for 10 minutes
• Chill to 170 degrees Fahrenheit
• Lower pH by adding lemon juice
• Add Hops (2g per gallon) and let stand for 20 minutes
• Cool to serving temp
• Carbonate
• Drink
The above instructions were provided by Clawhammer Supply blog.

The Benefits of Hop Water

• Refreshing
• Zero Calories/Zero Carbohydrates
• Good to drink along side a beer (or on its own) to keep yourself hydrated
• Great way to learn new flavors and aromas of hops

My Own Hop Water Experiment

I brewed a beer earlier in the week, so I knew I would not be brewing this past weekend. I figured this would be the ideal time to hammer out a quick Hop Water. I purchased some distilled water from the grocery store and began heating up my water on my stove.

I followed Clawhammer’s recipe and proceeded to boil my water and maintain the boil for ten minutes. I then chilled it quickly to 170 degrees.

Hop Water

The Hydra from JaDed Brewing in action.

Since I was using distilled water, I needed to build up my water profile. I followed my same water profile for a yellow, hoppy beer found on BeerSmith.

  • 5.6 g Gypsum CaSO4
  • 0 g    Table Salt NaCl
  • 9.9 g Epsom Salt MgSO4
  • 2.9 g Calcium Chloride CaCl
  • 2.3 g Baking Soda NaHCO3
  • 5.4 g Chalk CaCo
Hop Water

Brewing salts weighed out and added to the water.

My hop of choice was Amarillo. Hops were left to sit in the water for 20 minutes. For years I have raved about Amarillo hops being my favorite.

With its high citrus (lemon, orange, and grapefruit) flavors and aromas, this hop has ended up in many of my IPAs and Pale Ales over the years.

Hop Water

Amarillo is an old favorite hop of mine.

This certainly has been a welcomed addition to my weekday beverage of choice. I also enjoy a nice bottle of hop water while drinking a beer in order to hydrate properly.

Check out some hop water today. You will not be disappointed.

Hop Water

My own Hop Water served up in my favorite beer glass from Werk Force Brewing Company.

Here’s how to brew non-alcoholic beer at home yourself and how to make hard seltzer at home too if you are into that sorta thing.