How to Get Your Water Report for Homebrewing

Adjusting your water chemistry is one of those things that can make a good beer great. Before you can adjust your water, however, you need to know what you’re starting with because everybody’s water is different. For that, you need a water report. The problem with obtaining a water report here in Denver is that […]

Evolution of the Kegerator: Prohibition to Battery Powered

Two tap kegerator for beerThe following is a guest post from Caitlin who works for Micro Matic. My keezer plans have become pretty popular on this site so I thought it would be appropriate to have a post on the history of the kegerator and some of the new technologies available, like the Freedom Kegerator she talks about. Considering a good percentage of my keezer parts came from Micro Matic, Caitlin is the right person for the job.

Two Ways to Operate a Plate Chiller

One of the big changes in going from my old system to the Brutus 10 is the use of a plate chiller. Previously, I used an immersion chiller. Before that, I was an ice-bath guy doing extract brews. The immersion chiller and ice bath have something in common – they cool the entire batch of […]

Brutus 10: Liquid

Here we are. The final post in the Brutus 10 build. I’ve covered the frame, gas, and electronics so far. Now it’s time for the liquid side of things. We’re talking water and wort. How it’s moved around the system and what equipment is used. Kettles I’m using three identical 15 gallon Blichmann Boilermakers that […]

Brutus 10: The Wiring and Electronics

Time for another installment in the Brutus Saga. Last time it was the gas system, and now we’re talking the Brutus 10 wiring. Speaking as someone who is really not an electronics guy, this part was fairly straightforward. I say this because people see the control panel and think that I just built an R2-D2. […]

Finding the “Better” Fermenter

If you are like me, then you probably have tried just about every type of homebrew fermenter on the market with the exception of the stainless steel (mini Pro brewer) conical. From traditional 6 gallon plastic bucket, glass carboys and the specialized plastic fermenters, I have tried them all. Most of my brews over the […]

The Getup: Homebrewing

One of my beer writing gigs is over at Primer Magazine. I also read the site daily. One of my favorite features is a running series called “The Getup” where you’re given suggestions on what to wear from situations ranging from Summer BBQs to job interviews. But no matter how much I plead, a “Homebrewing […]

Brutus 10 Build: The Gas System

In this first post in this series about my build, I described the Brutus 10 frame. Now we’re going to talk gas. This was actually the most challenging (and frustrating) part of the entire build. There are so many little parts that must work together and the inclusion of the solenoid valves threw another wrench […]

Brutus 10 Build: The Frame

This weekend I’ll brew my first batch of beer on the Brutus 10. I don’t expect everything to go perfectly, but after a few tries I’ll get the kinks out. Now it’s time to share the story of the build and just what the heck I’ve been doing for the past month. Rather than write […]