Brewing Software Collaborative Review

A handful of us homebrewing bloggers on HomebrewTalk got together and decided to do a group review of brewing software programs a la The Session. Devon over at Hollis Brewing Company is spearheading the effort and has links to all of the review posts. My assignment was to review iBrewMaster for the Mac platform. iBrewMaster […]

How do you plan your brewdays? Poll

I can remember when I first got into brewing, my brew days would be an almost spur of the moment ordeal. It would start with a phone call: Me: “Hey! I’m thinking about brewing. Interested?” Friend: “Sure! When you thinking about doing it?” Me: “Well, I just jumped in the car to go to the […]

A Handy Stepped Starter Calculator

One of the great things about the homebrewing community is the contribution of individual brewers to the group as a whole. I’ve learned a ton from the successes and failures of other brewers, and hopefully the Academy bloggers have helped you in the same way. A while back I made a video on BillyBrew on […]

UV Sanitation in Homebrewing: Would this work?

Homebrewers typically use chemicals like Star-San to sanitize, but there is more than one way to skin a cat. Heat is another way that we sanitize via boiling the wort. But what about ultraviolet sanitiation (UV)? Riding on the coattails of our country’s germaphobia, UV is all over the place. Turn on the TV and […]

5 Characteristics of a Great Homebrew Store

I’ve bought homebrew supplies from about 6 different brick and mortar stores, and some are definitely better than others. None of them are what I would consider “bad.” They’re homebrew stores after all, so you have to do something really horrendous for me not to like you. But there are certainly areas where some could […]

How to Adjust the Barley Crusher Grain Mill

The 5 Bottle Rule

Over the past few years I’ve been doing something that has improved my beer with nothing other than patience. For each batch of homebrew I make,  I hang on to about 5 bottles in order to see how they develop over time. In doing so I’ve had some wonderful surprises as my beer improves with […]

Make Cask Ale at Home with Polypins

Given my love affair with all things English beers, it is not surprising that one of my favorite methods for serving beer is the venerable cask. That being said, translating cask ale to the homebrewing scene is no simple task. The most tricky part of all of this is probably the short shelf life of […]

How to Calibrate Your Homebrewing Thermometer

Since temperatures are critical in brewing, it’s important that your thermometer tells you the truth. Many of us (including me) blindly follow what these things tell us, but you’d be surprised how often they are wrong. This video shows you the right way to make an ice bath so you can calibrate your thermometer.