Dry Hopping Bud Light to Test New Varieties

I have always felt that the descriptions of hops often don’t match my expectations of what I should get in the final beer. Some of that has to do with the amount hops, freshness, the recipe, but I also think one person’s description may differ greatly from another’s. A while back, I saw a post […]

Non-Homebrewing Apps for Organizing Your Homebrewing

If your anything like me, homebrewing ideas come at all times. Whether it’s a name, style, or special ingredient to use, these things just tend to pop in my head. I could be walking down the aisle at the grocery store, sitting in traffic, or hanging out when these idea hit me.

How to Make a CO2 Utility Line

This CO2 utility line lets you easily swap out homebrewing devices that need CO2. You can use it for:

Homebrewing Year in Review

The new year is fast approaching and a couple of big projects are on the horizon. However, I find myself looking back at a few items from this past year, reflecting on successes and failures, and building on thoughts for 2013. Here’s some of the Successes and Failures of 2012

Make a Motorized Mash Paddle for the Price of a Beer

For $5 you can trade that old wooden paddle for a motorized mash paddle. A paint mixer is the perfect tool for mixing your mash and destroying dough balls.

Mash pH: A Tale of 3 Beers

Now that I have my water report for brewing, I am much more confident using salts to adjust my water chemistry. I thought it’d be a cool experiment to brew three beers of three different colors using neutral (reverse osmosis) water and the same salt additions to see how the mash pH varies. Why? To […]

How to Get Your Water Report for Homebrewing

Adjusting your water chemistry is one of those things that can make a good beer great. Before you can adjust your water, however, you need to know what you’re starting with because everybody’s water is different. For that, you need a water report. The problem with obtaining a water report here in Denver is that […]

Evolution of the Kegerator: Prohibition to Battery Powered

Two tap kegerator for beerThe following is a guest post from Caitlin who works for Micro Matic. My keezer plans have become pretty popular on this site so I thought it would be appropriate to have a post on the history of the kegerator and some of the new technologies available, like the Freedom Kegerator she talks about. Considering a good percentage of my keezer parts came from Micro Matic, Caitlin is the right person for the job.

Two Ways to Operate a Plate Chiller

One of the big changes in going from my old system to the Brutus 10 is the use of a plate chiller. Previously, I used an immersion chiller. Before that, I was an ice-bath guy doing extract brews. The immersion chiller and ice bath have something in common – they cool the entire batch of […]