Poll: How do you feel about Big Beer buying craft breweries?

Have you heard the news? AB-InBev bought L.A.’s Golden Road Brewing. As expected, some GRB customers are OK with, and even happy about the deal. From the GRB Facebook page: And even more people (or just a vocal minority) are pissssssed: This is the 5th brewery that AB has purchased. The others being Goose Island, […]

My Wife’s Pumpkin Ale

One of the two beer-drinking adults in my household really loves pumpkin spice beers. I mean she is really over-the-top, embarrassingly-excited, can’t-say-enough-about-them, spend-multiple-GABF-sessions-finding-them in love with pumpkin spice beers. Perhaps you know someone like this. Perhaps you are someone like this. Perhaps you should brew a pumpkin spice beer of your own.

I’ll Take My Father’s Root Beer, Actually

Not Your Fathers Root Beer exploded onto the beer scene earlier this year. To me the whole thing seemed very strange. Here was this little brewery (Small Town Brewery, Illinois) I had never heard of, and suddenly their Root Beer is popping up everywhere. Knowing the distribution challenges that craft brewers face, something seemed off. […]

Firestone Walker – Barrelworks Q & A: The Origins

As a long time homebrewer, I sometimes think this whole brewing thing is pretty easy.  That’s until you run into guys as passionate and knowledgable as Firestone Walker’s Jeffers Richardson, Barrelmeister & Barrelworks Director and Jim Crooks (AKA Sour Jim) Master Blender. It’s truly humbling talking beer with these guys. They are knowledgable, without a […]

Review: Stainless Steel Brew Bucket and FTSs Temp Control

Check out the video above to see my full review of these two items from Ss Brewing Technologies: The Brew Bucket and the FTSs Fermentation Temperature Control System.

Ask the Experts: What’s the Most Overlooked Item in Beer Recipe Development?

When planning your next homebrew, have you ever thought: If I could just ask a professional this question, I would nail my next batch? While some are lucky enough to have a pro to ask questions to, others rely on what they can find: the internet, books and other homebrewers. While these provide great and accurate […]

What’s New in Homebrewing?

Homebrewing has gone through a massive evolution. One need only look at the landscape. Companies like Blichmann Engineering, Polar Ware and SS Brewing Technologies, just to name a few, have helped take homebrewing to the wonderful world that it is today. That world continues to expand even today. In the first of a continuing series, […]

Why This Denver Homebrew Store is the Total Package

Here in Denver, anticipation among the local beer drinkers is usually fueled by the opening of a new brewery. But this time was different. I was waiting for the opening of a homebrew store. Its name is CO-Brew. I met the owners, Jamie and Janna Williams, through my longtime friend Forrest Bassett. He’s a commercial […]

How To Dial In Your Brew System and Hit your Numbers Every Time

How did I miss my Original Gravity? Why did I only end up with 4.5 gallons of wort? I often see first-time homebrewers asking the same questions regarding their recipe “numbers.” There are many answers to the questions above, but I’ll let you in on a little secret – put ANY brewer on a new […]