Firestone Walker – Barrelworks Q & A: The Origins

As a long time homebrewer, I sometimes think this whole brewing thing is pretty easy.  That’s until you run into guys as passionate and knowledgable as Firestone Walker’s Jeffers Richardson, Barrelmeister & Barrelworks Director and Jim Crooks (AKA Sour Jim) Master Blender. It’s truly humbling talking beer with these guys. They are knowledgable, without a […]

Review: Stainless Steel Brew Bucket and FTSs Temp Control

Check out the video above to see my full review of these two items from Ss Brewing Technologies: The Brew Bucket and the FTSs Fermentation Temperature Control System.

Ask the Experts: What’s the Most Overlooked Item in Beer Recipe Development?

When planning your next homebrew, have you ever thought: If I could just ask a professional this question, I would nail my next batch? While some are lucky enough to have a pro to ask questions to, others rely on what they can find: the internet, books and other homebrewers. While these provide great and accurate […]

What’s New in Homebrewing?

Homebrewing has gone through a massive evolution. One need only look at the landscape. Companies like Blichmann Engineering, Polar Ware and SS Brewing Technologies, just to name a few, have helped take homebrewing to the wonderful world that it is today. That world continues to expand even today. In the first of a continuing series, […]

Why This Denver Homebrew Store is the Total Package

Here in Denver, anticipation among the local beer drinkers is usually fueled by the opening of a new brewery. But this time was different. I was waiting for the opening of a homebrew store. Its name is CO-Brew. I met the owners, Jamie and Janna Williams, through my longtime friend Forrest Bassett. He’s a commercial […]

How To Dial In Your Brew System and Hit your Numbers Every Time

How did I miss my Original Gravity? Why did I only end up with 4.5 gallons of wort? I often see first-time homebrewers asking the same questions regarding their recipe “numbers.” There are many answers to the questions above, but I’ll let you in on a little secret – put ANY brewer on a new […]

Return of the White Falcon

A few years back I got to try GumballHead from Three Floyds via beer trade. Back then (and even now) American Wheat is not beer style beer you find a lot of in Southern California.

Simple Crock Pot Yogurt

Allow me to switch things up a little bit. Yes, this is a homebrewing blog. Occasionally you’ll get an alternative fermented drink like Plum Wine (if you haven’t read Robert’s awesome post, go do that now. I’ll wait). But yogurt? Really, yogurt? In a crock pot? Really, crock pot yogurt? Well, yes, yogurt. Crock pot yogurt. Really. […]

Stumble across a good beer recipe online? Now you can buy it.

Here’s how it usually goes… You visit a homebrewing website and start hunting for a recipe. You find one that looks pretty good. A stout perhaps. It’s got clear instructions and the reviews are all superb. So you print off the recipe, drive to the store, and buy the ingredients. And those 2 oz of […]