Extra Malty Oatmeal Stout

It was 2005 and the craft beer bug had a firm grip on me. This new world of beer was something I could get used to.

Group Brew with Four Brewers

If you are like me, you have way too many homebrew ideas and yet you are still trying to figure out what to do next. So how about a Group Brew?

How a Precision Hydrometer Made my Brewing More Enjoyable

I was kinda shocked when I read my original gravity reading -> 1.064.

That was 4 points higher than my target and I had tracked the gravity throughout the boil with a refractometer. The gravity was right on track, so why the discrepancy when I gave the finished batch one final check with the hydrometer?

A simple test gave me my answer.

Speidel Fermenter Review

Check out the video above for my Speidel Fermenter review. I bought the 30L version from MoreBeer, which is 7.9 gallons. The next size down is 5.3 gallons which is a little tight if you’re doing 5 gallon batches. Personally, I do 6 gallon batches with 5.5 going into the fermenter, so the 30L version […]

Barrel Fermented French Saison

When you get the chance to use a whiskey barrel in your homebrewing adventures, you really need to make the most if it.

How to Convert a Fridge to a Kegerator

Maybe you don’t want to build a keezer. After all, it is more expensive and you have to do a little woodworking – not everyone’s cup of tea.

Plus a lot of guys have an old fridge in the garage just itchin’ to be turned into a kegerator. Like my buddy Forrest.

Watch the video below where us knuckleheads convert his fridge into a kegerator.

Convert a Sanke Keg to Ball Lock

Want to convert sanke keg to ball lock? Doing so allows you to use your ball lock quick disconnects with both commercial sanke kegs and homebrew cornelius kegs.

Bavarian Weissbier (with a fruit beer option)

How could the cabbie not know Weihenstephan?! He thought it was a milk factory. A milk factory!!

The UK’s Home Brew Revolution

The UK is in the midst of a home brew revolution, with an ever increasing amount of youngsters taking up the hobby. I’m a part of that. A few short years ago I knew next to nothing about making your own beer at home but now I’m tweaking recipes and sharing tips with friends. There […]