How To Dial In Your Brew System and Hit your Numbers Every Time

How did I miss my Original Gravity? Why did I only end up with 4.5 gallons of wort? I often see first-time homebrewers asking the same questions regarding their recipe “numbers.” There are many answers to the questions above, but I’ll let you in on a little secret – put ANY brewer on a new […]

Return of the White Falcon

A few years back I got to try GumballHead from Three Floyds via beer trade. Back then (and even now) American Wheat is not beer style beer you find a lot of in Southern California.

Simple Crock Pot Yogurt

Allow me to switch things up a little bit. Yes, this is a homebrewing blog. Occasionally you’ll get an alternative fermented drink like Plum Wine (if you haven’t read Robert’s awesome post, go do that now. I’ll wait). But yogurt? Really, yogurt? In a crock pot? Really, crock pot yogurt? Well, yes, yogurt. Crock pot yogurt. Really. […]

Stumble across a good beer recipe online? Now you can buy it.

Here’s how it usually goes… You visit a homebrewing website and start hunting for a recipe. You find one that looks pretty good. A stout perhaps. It’s got clear instructions and the reviews are all superb. So you print off the recipe, drive to the store, and buy the ingredients. And those 2 oz of […]

The Ultimate Guide to Fermentation Temperature Controllers

Whether you are trying your hand at lagers or you live in areas without fermentation-friendly climates, regulating temperature is a full time beast. Or is it? Swamp coolers, ice baths and the like are fan favorites for cooling fermentation on the cheap. To up the ante, however, many have taken it to the next level […]

How to Make Plum Wine

Are you looking to try your hand at an alternative fermentation? How about a fruit wine…and I’m not talking grapes.

Don’t Miss Out on the HomebrewTalk Big Giveaway

My HomebrewTalk profile says that my first post on that forum was in 2009. There were a least 3 years of lurking before that as I built up my confidence as a homebrewer. In those days, I distinctly remember thinking, “Wow, I understand about 1% of what everyone is talking about here. I’ll be spending […]

Is Reinheitsgebot really a four letter word?

“Reinheitsgebot is a four letter word”. I think most homebrewers would agree.

Why You Should Seriously Consider Induction Brewing

From talking to other homebrewers, I sense many of us went through the same and somewhat predictable progression when it came to getting our wort to a boil. Most of us started out on our kitchen stoves and realized bringing 3.5 gallons (or more!) of wort to a boil was a lengthy task. We quickly learned […]