Barrel Fermented French Saison

When you get the chance to use a whiskey barrel in your homebrewing adventures, you really need to make the most if it.

Bavarian Weissbier (with a fruit beer option)

How could the cabbie not know Weihenstephan?! He thought it was a milk factory. A milk factory!!

The UK’s Home Brew Revolution

The UK is in the midst of a home brew revolution, with an ever increasing amount of youngsters taking up the hobby. I’m a part of that. A few short years ago I knew next to nothing about making your own beer at home but now I’m tweaking recipes and sharing tips with friends. There […]

Win It! Homebrewing Book Giveaway

Here’s your chance to win one of three copies of Craft Beer for the Homebrewer, a book that I co-authored earlier this year.

The Homebrewer’s Guide to Tubing

Homebrew needs to be transferred. Sometimes we can get away with pouring wort or beer manually, but for the most part the best way to move liquid around is with a hose or tube. When you get into homebrewing you’ll become intimately familiar with tubing. Sometimes you bless it for saving your aching back the […]

Interview with Chris White of White Labs

When you get the chance to interview someone you really look up to you have to jump on it. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of those people in my life – Chris White, the founder and CEO of White Labs. We had a great chat and talked about a bunch of things […]

Gose Homebrew Recipe

The picture of the guy above struggling to stir a 3 BBl mash tun is me brewing a gose with my homebrew club (The Denver Homebrew Club) at Our Mutual Friend Brewery in downtown Denver. A gose is one of my favorite beers and I may have suggested that we brew one for our club’s […]

Dry Hopping Bud Light to Test New Varieties

I have always felt that the descriptions of hops often don’t match my expectations of what I should get in the final beer. Some of that has to do with the amount hops, freshness, the recipe, but I also think one person’s description may differ greatly from another’s. A while back, I saw a post […]

Homebrewing Book Giveaway

Cool news: A homebrewing book that I co-authored recently hit the shelves: Craft Beer for the Homebrewer: Recipes from America’s Top Brewmasters. I’m giving away three copies over on my main beer blog, Visit the post and read the rules on how you can enter to win a copy. After finally getting the finished […]