Top 100 Worlds Strongest Beers

by Karl | Updated: March 18, 2021

Sitting here in front of the warm glow of my computer screen, enjoying one of my favorite NEIPA’s – I got to thinking…

This beer packs a pretty good punch… I wonder what the highest ABV beer in the world is?

And so, with beer in hand and eyes wide with wonder – I set out in search of the worlds most alcoholic brews.

BREWMEISTER SNAKE VENOMBrewmeisterScotland67.5%
KOELSCHIP START THE FUTUREKoelschipThe Netherlands60%
Schorschbräu Schorschbock 57% finis coronat opus SchorschbräuGermany57.7%
THE END OF HISTORYBrewDogScotland55%
KOELSCHIP OBILIXKoelschipThe Netherlands45%
SCHORSCHBRAU SCHORSCHBOCK 43SchorschbräuGermany43.38%
BrewDog Watt Dickie BrewDogScotland35%
Revelation Cat Freeze the Penguin Revelation Cat Craft BrewingItaly35%
BrewDog Tactical Nuclear PenguinBrewDogScotland32%
Schorschbräu Schorschbock 31SchorschbräuGermany30.86%
Doggerlander Malt LiquorDoggerlander Brewing CompanySangolqui, Ecuador30%
Doggerlander Belgian ShotDoggerlander Brewing CompanySangolqui, Ecuador30%
Schorschbock Ice 30% Kleinbrauerei SchorschbräuGermany30%
Woodman Tennesee Whiskey Ale Woodman BreweryWisconsin (U.S.)30%
Woodman Crystal Ale Woodman BreweryWisconsin (U.S.)30%
Samuel Adams Utopias - 10th AnniversaryBoston Beer CompanyMassachusetts (U.S.)29%
BrewDog Ghost DeerBrewDogScotland28%
Schoppe XXLBrauhaus SüdsternGermany27.6%
Samuel Adams UtopiasBoston Beer CompanyMassachusetts (U.S.)27%
Mikkeller Black FistDe ProefbrouwerijDenmark26.1%
Struise Special Darkest NightDe Struise BrouwersBelgium26%
Struise Black Damnation V - Double BlackDe Struise BrouwersBelgium26%
Struise Five SquaredDe Struise BrouwersBelgium25%
Emelisse XXV Imperial Russian Stout Brouwerij EmelisseNetherlands25%
Emelisse XXV Black & Tan Brouwerij EmelisseNetherlands25%
Ramsbottom Eisbeer 2014 Ramsbottom Craft BreweryEngland24%
Fleurac Octo-Pyroclastic Black IPAFleuracFrance24%
Søgaard IsbukSøgaards BryghusDenmark24%
Blackwell Brewer’s Reserve Bipolar FrostituteBlackwell BrewerySwitzerland23.6%
Herkimer Toripuru Strong BockHerkimer Pub & BreweryMinnesota (U.S.)23%
Franconia Ice BockFranconia Brewing CompanyTexas (U.S.)22%
Brodies ElizabethanBrodiesEngland22%
8 Wired Ice Distilled Bumaye8 Wired BrewingNew Zealand22%
Lagerhaus .44 Magnum AleLagerhaus Brewery and GrillFlorida, (U.S.)22%
Struise Black Damnation XI - Special KDe Struise BrouwersBelgium22%
DuClaw ColossusDuClaw Brewing CompanyMaryland, USA21.92%
West Sixth Experimental Belgian QuadWest Sixth Brewing CompanyKentucky (U.S.)21.38%
Black Bottle Sex PantherBlack Bottle BreweryColorado (U.S.)21.5%
Budweiser Budvar B:CryoBudějovický BudvarCzech Republic21%
Rapp OMG Batch 005Rapp Brewing CompanyFlorida, (U.S.)21%
Blackwell Vanilla Polunocnica Sweet Imperial StoutBlackwell BrewerySwitzerland21%
Rapp OMG Batch 001Rapp Brewing CompanyFlorida, (U.S.)21%
Mikkeller 黑 / Black (Grand Marnier Edition)De ProefbrouwerijDenmark21%
Brasseurs du Monde / Le Picoleur Mauvaises InfluencesBrasseurs du Monde / Le PicoleurCanada20.92%
The Bruery Double Barrel Black TuesdayThe BrueryCalifornia (U.S.)20.8%
Hardknott EisalloyHardknottEngland20.4%
Mikkeller Festival Special Edition 2012 - Stella 3De ProefbrouwerijDenmark20.1%
La Face Cachée de la Pomme Neige NoirLa Face Cachée de la PommeCanada20%
DOGFISH HEAD 120 MINUTE IPADogfish HeadDelaware (U.S.)20%
Arcadia Big DickicleArcadia Brewing CompanyMichigan (U.S.)20%
Mikkeller FramBiigDe ProefbrouwerijDenmark20%
Long Trail Double Eisenbock With MapleLong Trail BreweryVermont (U.S.)20%
Rapp OMG Batch 007Rapp Brewing CompanyFlorida (U.S.)20%
Verger Croque Pomme Croque-et-tombeVerger Croque PommeCanada20%
Rapp OMG Batch 008Rapp Brewing CompanyFlorida, (U.S.)20%
Small Town Not Your Father’s Root BeerSmall Town BreweryIllinois (U.S.)19.5%
The Bruery Chocolate RainThe BrueryCalifornia (U.S.)19.5%
Avery Barrel-Aged Series 22 - 5 MonksAvery Brewing CompanyColorado (U.S.)19.4%
Mikkeller 黑牛 Black BuffaloDe ProefbrouwerijDenmark19.3%
Mikkeller ForêtDe ProefbrouwerijDenmark19.3%
Mikkeller Forêt du CentreDe ProefbrouwerijDenmark19.3%
Mikkeller Forêt de TronçaisDe ProefbrouwerijDenmark19.3%
The Bruery Grey MondayThe BrueryCalifornia (U.S.)19.2%
Mikkeller 黑 / Black (Calvados Edition)De ProefbrouwerijDenmark19.2%
The Bruery Mocha WednesdayThe BrueryCalifornia (U.S.)19.2%
Merciless EpitaphMerciless BrewingNetherlands19%
Berentsens Stelliger Divum JuleølBerentsens BrygghusNorway19%
Avery Barrel-Aged Series 21 - Black EyeAvery Brewing CompanyColorado (U.S.)18.82%
The Bruery Black Tuesday (Rum Barrel Aged)The BrueryCalifornia (U.S.)18.9%
The Bruery Black Tuesday Imperial StoutThe BrueryCalifornia (U.S.)18.9%
Mikkeller 黑 / Black (Tequila/Speyside Edition)De ProefbrouwerijDenmark18.8%
Mikkeller Big Worst Barrel Aged Barley Wine Cognac EditionDe ProefbrouwerijDenmark18.7%
Stronzo Cognac BadgerStronzo Brewing Co.Denmark18.5%
Alley Kat Sherbrooke Glenda SherbrookeAlley Kat Brewing CompanyCanada18.5%
Mikkeller Big Worst Barley WineDe ProefbrouwerijDenmark18.5%
Dogfish Head Raison D ExtraDogfish HeadDelaware, (U.S.)18.5%
Bristol XXX WarlockBristol Brewing CompanyColorado (U.S.)18.4%
BrewDog TokyoBrewDogScotland18.2%
Mikkeller Black On BlackDe ProefbrouwerijDenmark18.1%
Avery RumpkinAvery Brewing CompanyColorado (U.S.)18.1%
Solar Eclipse Imperial Stout - Bourbon BarrelKuhnhenn BrewingMichigan (U.S.)18%
Barley Johns Rosies AleBarley Johns Brew PubMinnesota (U.S.)18%
Avery The Beast Grand Cru AleAvery Brewing CompanyCalifornia (U.S.)18%
De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis Wild Turkey EisbockBrouwerij de MolenNetherlands18%
Southampton Double Ice BockSouthampton Publick HouseNew York (U.S.)18%
Dogfish Head World Wide StoutDogfish HeadDelaware, (U.S.)18%
Kuhnhenn Solar Eclipse Imperial StoutKuhnhenn BrewingMichigan (U.S.)18%
Bluegrass Jeffersons Reserve Big Fella Bourbon Barrel StoutBluegrass Brewing CompanyKentucky (U.S.)18%
Dogfish Head FortDogfish Head BreweryDelaware (U.S.)18%
Drakes Headzo!Drakes Brewing CompanyCalifornia (U.S.)18%
Dark Horse Monster 29Dark Horse Brewing CompanyMichigan (U.S.)17.5%
Stronzo Honey BadgerStronzo Brewing Co.Denmark17.5%
Mohawk Double RocketDe ProefbrouwerijSweden17.2%
Evil Twin Bozo BeerWestbrook BrewingNew York (U.S.)17.2%
Alpine Beer Company GoodAlpine Beer CompanyCalifornia (U.S.)17%
Struise KamikazeDe Struise BrouwersBelgium17%

So How The Hell Are They Making 67% ABV Beer?

Some of the more experienced homebrewers amongst you may already know that most yeast strains simply won’t tolerate an environment above certain alcohol concentrations.

Generally speaking, brewers yeast tends to quit at about 14-16% ABV. 

In the case of the worlds highest ABV beer achieved through natural fermentation – Samuel Adams Brewery used champagne yeast to achieve their gloriously high 29% Utopias beer.

Fun Fact: While the version you can purchase off the shelves will run 29% – some of their batches of the Utopias brew actually achieved 33% ABV! Samuel Adams decided to mix the batches for the sake of consistency, ultimately rounding the number down to 29%.

Anything on this list that ranks above Sam Adams Utopias beer (and even a few below the 29% mark) achieved those amazing numbers by using a technique known as fractional freezing.

Here’s a full summary on World’s Strongest Beer at 57.8% ABV.

Essentially the brewers freeze the beer to isolate the water and remove it – repeating the process at varying temperatures until the desired concentration of alcohol is achieved.

While this process may sound rather similar to conventional distillation, the process is meant to concentrate the beer rather than simply isolate the alcohol in and of itself.

In fact, it’s the same exact process that manufacturers use to make juice concentrates.

So whether you consider these insanely high ABV brews as real beers or simply a liquor – In the end you still have admire the brewers out there that are constantly pushing the envelope on what beer can be.

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