Mega Pints Explained: Understanding the Size & Variations

The phrase “Mega Pint” comes from the now famous defamation trial between actor Johnny Depp and wife, actor Amber Heard.

Mega Pint: A very large or huge measurement of Alcohol.

In use: I poured myself a Mega Pint of Wine.

Up to this moment or point in time, there hasn’t been such a thing or anyone to refer to a glass of wine by this term. Drinking a ‘pint’ typically refers to drinking a glass of beer, not large glass of wine.

A regular glass of wine is anywhere between 6-12 ounces large glass, respectively.

Drinking at home? Maybe a little more. Getting served at brunch menu that high-dollar reservation only 5 star joint? Probably a little less.

Drinking at home? Maybe a little more. Getting served a brunch menu at that high-dollar reservation only 5 star joint? Probably a little less.

But when you are trying to make someone look like they were drunk for drinking more than you think they should have drunk, those numbers tend to get heavily inflated.

Especially after an argument.

Especially after an argument that ends up in court proceedings.

But, I love the internets perspective on it of course;

Source: Etsy

Here’s the full video clip:

And I hope the term will continue to live on and I’m sure that it will start popping up on local breweries beer size names you can order very soon too. Certainly not your typical type of beer glass.

The next time you are at the pub, sports bar, or even having a homebrew at your buddies place, order the MegaPint!

Here’s to you Johhny 😉

Ok, ok, just one more….


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Mega Pint equivalent to a beer pint?

No, the term “Mega Pint” specifically originated in the context of wine, especially during the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial. A typical beer pint refers to a measurement 16 ounces (or 20 ounces in some countries) for beer.

Is “megapint” and “mega-pint” the same?

Yes, “megapint”, “mega-pint”, and “Mega Pint” all refer to the same concept. The hyphenation or joining of words is often a matter of stylistic preference.

Can I order a Mega Pint of beer?

While the term originally referred to a large quantity of wine, with its growing popularity, some breweries and bars might introduce “Mega Pint” as a cheeky option for beer. Always check the specific volume before ordering to ensure you know how much you’re getting.

Why was Johnny Depp associated with Mega Pint?

Johnny Depp was associated with the term “Mega Pint” during his defamation trial with Amber Heard. The term was used to describe his consumption of a large amount of red wine, leading to its widespread recognition.

What does “Mega Pint of wine” mean?

A “Mega Pint of wine” indicates a larger-than-usual amount of wine poured out, far exceeding the standard serving size. Its exact volume is not strictly defined but is commonly understood to be considerably more than a standard glass.

If someone says, “It’s time for a Mega Pint,” what do they mean?

If someone uses the phrase, “It’s time for a Mega Pint,” they could be humorously referencing the infamous term from the Johnny Depp trial video. This could imply a desire to have a hefty drink, whether that be wine or another beverage.

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