Lgbrewingco is now a part of Homebrew Academy

Lgbrewingco.com, or The Los Gatos Brewing Company was established in 1991 to “quench the growing thirst for native Los Gatos Brews.” As news of the Diner’s Pub spread, beer drinkers from far and wide came to sample the delicious lagers and feast from their gourmet menu. The Los Gatos Brewing Company soon became the fashionable watering hole and premier eatery.

Unfortunatley, not all breweries and tap house’s survived the long drought period where we simply could not visit them in person.

Now, Los Gatos Brewing Co is a part of Homebrew Academy, the go-to resource for brewing all types of beer. We hope that you enjoy some of our thirst quenching brews in this rewarding and never-ending hobby.