Four String Brewing Co is now a part of Homebrew Academy

Four String Brewing Co., a notable brewery in Columbus, Ohio, hit a rough patch leading to an indefinite hiatus in 2018. Established in 2011, it enjoyed success and even underwent a $2 million expansion in 2015 to boost its production capacity.

However, despite ventures like contract brewing and having popular products like Hilltop Heritage Lager, financial constraints and industry challenges led to its closure. This situation echoed a larger conversation on brewery sustenance amidst evolving consumer preferences and market saturation​.

Unfortunately, not all cherished brew houses like Four String Brewing Co could weather the storm of financial and industry challenges, ceasing operations in 2018.

Now, Four String Brewing Co has found a new home within the Homebrew Academy, becoming a treasure trove of knowledge and tradition for all beer enthusiasts. As you venture into brewing, we invite you to explore and enjoy the robust flavors and unique brews that once defined Four String Brewing Co, enriching your brewing journey with a blend of old traditions and new discoveries.