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CBD Beer: The Perfect Blend for a Mind-Blowing Chill Session [Game Changer]

There’s a new player in the brewing industry! CBD has recently made its way in an array of products. From CBD infused oils, lotions, soaps, pastries, and now, even your favorite drink. With hemp from beer and CBD from cannabis, it makes a lot of sense these two would eventually mesh. They have related tastes and similar effects to your body.

Check out this interesting read on everything you need to know about CBD infused beer. Who knows, you might consider grabbing one yourself tonight!

What is CBD?

CBD beers are the latest thing in the United States, and it’s only a matter of time before it hits worldwide.

CBD is actually considered a health supplement. It does not give you the same high as THC, both of which are extracted from the cannabis plant.

CBD is also known as Cannabidiol. It is the natural extract found in the Cannabis sativa herb, widely known as hemp or marijuana.

It only has minimal amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the active component of the hemp that drives one high and intoxicated.

The CBD infused in various products is often mixed with other ingredients like palm, coconut, olive, or hemp seed oil. This allows it to be not so potent and relatively safe to use. It has gained wide popularity among health junkies because of its amazing wellness benefits. It is even made available in forms of oils, sprays, capsules, and shots.

Many people love CBD because it is said to help in pain management, get you better-looking skin, and relieve stress and anxiety. That’s something you wanna take after a tiring day at work for sure!

Other than that, breweries infusing CBD in their craft beer creations has well made CBD beer the new “hip” in the drinking scene.

Is CBD legal?

For as long as these hemp-derived CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC, they are legal at the federal level of the United States. But may still be illegal in some state laws. Take note that marijuana-derived CBD products are illegal on a federal level, but are legal under some state laws.

To make sure you can buy, intake, or travel with CBD, check the regulation of the place you are about to visit first.

How did CBD beer get into the market?

The first company to gain commercial approval for CBD beer is Coalition Brewing. These brewers put out the Two Flowers IPA on tap at the Southeast Portland brewery in 2016. Since then, they have been a game-changer and head-turner in the food and beverage industry.

Many competitive breweries soon created their own CBD infused craft beers too. Coalition Brewing has long sold IPAs, stouts, reds, and saisons just like everybody else. This bold infused beer was new, interesting, and enticing.

Of course, they also had their fair share of dealings with regulation and marketing. With proper research and education through various events, they were able to resolve people’s misconceptions and taboos with CBD.

Does CBD beer get you high?

When first introduced to the thought of CBD infused beer, this would be the first question that’s going to pop in every person’s mind.

To quickly answer you – No, CBD infused beer is actually non-intoxicating and non-alcoholic.

CBD beer will not make you cannabis dependent or an alcoholic. Per the experience of the many who have consumed this product, they have reported feelings of relaxation and positive moods.

Brewing THC infused beer would definitely give you a good high that most people associate with when we talk about cannabis in general.

It’s well to be wary though to consider the right dosage and consumption. This is no regular drink or alcohol.

Does CBD beer have alcohol?

You’d be surprised, but CBD infused beer contains little to no alcohol. The process of brewing CBD beer involves de-alcoholization, usually found in traditional homebrewing methods.

A cannabis nano emulsification is then added into the mixture. This develops into its non-alcoholic tasting flavor. Many alcohol consumers actually look for CBD beer as their beverage alternative. It’s a great choice if you want to minimize your alcohol consumption or work on an alcohol allergy.

This way, you still get to enjoy a delicious beverage at a party or at a barbecue with family and friends without risking one’s health.

What are the effects of CBD and beer?

CBD and beer as separate entities have well-meaning effects on one’s body.

Whether we take them individually or together, studies have shown them to be safe enough to take.

Feelings of Relaxation

Beer, in general, is known to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

That’s exactly why you see a lot of people heading down to the pub after a working day, or poppin’ a bottle or two in front of the television at home, right before hitting the bed.

CBD provides similar effects. High-quality researches have proven CBD to calm one’s nerves.

One study had 72 people take 25-75 mg of CBD daily for a month. The respondents have shown improved quality of sleep and reduced anxiety. It is safe to say then, that combining both beer and CBD could amplify these effects.

They can change one’s mood and make one calm. But it can also potentially cause sleepiness and sedation depending on your consumption and tolerance.

In another study, they gave participants 200 mg of CBD with 1 gram of alcohol for every kilogram of their body weight. It did result in poor motor performance and grogginess you wouldn’t experience if you took CBD alone. Although they did have lower blood alcohol concentration (BAC). It’s different for everyone.

There is only so little research you can find on the effects of CBD and beer taken together. Nonetheless, in the right quantities, they are harmless.

CBD Protects Against Alcohol Side Effects

In promising studies, although limited, CBD has shown to counter the side effects of alcohol. This even including the infamous hangover.

In 2014, some animal lab tests showed CBD beer to reduce oxidative liver stress. CBD can protect one from acquiring the fatty liver disease caused by excessive drinking. It has also slowed down neuro-degeneration.

The test says CBD’s antioxidant properties may be the culprit to preventing fat build-up in the body of an alcoholic.

CBD Prevents Cell Damage and Disease

Apart from liver disease mentioned above, excessive alcohol intake can also cause pancreatitis, inflammations, and some forms of cancer.

Several animal conducted tests have observed CBD to increase the body’s process of autophagy and cell repair. Shifting to this cannabis-infused alternative would be slow but sure progress to your alcohol woes.

However, we would like to note that not enough studies are available to prove that the mice’s results will have the same effects on human beings.

CBD as an Alcohol Addiction Therapy

Although this has not been confirmed, premature lab studies have indicated that CBD helps fix addiction and reduce symptoms from withdrawals.

Should you drink CBD and beer together?

Cannabis is a great ingredient you can use for so many purposes. It’s by far taken leaps in terms of drinks. Should you consider trying the CBD and beer combination?

A lot of studies are promising. More extensive studies have to be done to further affirm their claims. It’s different for every person, and it’s difficult to find correlations to the results.

Given what many have experienced, giving CBD beer a shot is not a bad idea. Also check out cannabis beer. Just make sure to take it in moderation.


The market for CBD infused drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, is growing greatly. Everyone is coming up with the coolest concoctions knowing how CBD can help one’s health. It would be a shame not to be able to give it a try at least once.

What’s important is to be aware of what and how much you are taking in whether that’s CBD infused beer, coffee, or whatever cocktail. Everything in moderation.

Besides, with all this trend, surely interest in more studies are on its way! Have you given CBD beer any thoughts? Did our article help you learn a thing or two about this hot trend? Would you brew it at home?

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