Explore the Top Picks: Best Breweries in Wyoming for Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Seeking the best breweries in Wyoming? From bold IPAs to creative craft experiments, Wyoming’s breweries offer a slice of the state’s pioneering spirit in every glass.

Our expert-picked list leads you straight to the top spots where you can sip on the local atmosphere along with a standout ale. Whether you’re into traditional flavors or seeking something new, get set to navigate the treasures of Wyoming’s breweries, without any wandering around.

Key Takeaways

  • Wyoming’s craft beer scene is booming with over 50 breweries offering unique flavors thanks to ingredients like Rocky Mountain water and local barley, despite challenges like CO2 shortages.
  • Wyoming breweries are not just about beer – they’re community spaces where you can get a taste of the Wild West, join in on trivia nights, enjoy live music, or grab a unique pint like a six-shooter stool.
  • The Wyoming Beer Trail is your ticket to exploring the diverse craft beer landscape, from award-winning breweries to hidden local haunts with their own signature brews and seasonal specialties.

Exploring the Craft Beer Renaissance in Cowboy State

Wyoming, known as the Cowboy State, is experiencing its own kind of renaissance – not in art or literature, but in the realm of craft beer, driven by hops, barley, and the pristine water of the Rockies.

In recent years, Wyoming’s craft beer scene has seen significant growth, with many new breweries opening across the state. What was once a land known for cowboys and rodeos, is now transforming into a hotspot for beer enthusiasts.

But what’s driving this craft beer revolution? For starters, Wyoming’s craft breweries are generating excitement by offering a diverse array of beer styles. From traditional ales to innovative concoctions that challenge the status quo, these breweries cater to a wide range of palettes.

What’s more, the purity of the Rocky Mountains’ water, coupled with locally-sourced ingredients, lends Wyoming’s craft beers a unique, regional flavor profile that’s hard to resist.

The Rise of Craft Brewing in Wyoming

The thriving craft beer scene in Wyoming clearly demonstrates resilience and creativity. Despite challenges such as pandemics, supply chain issues, inflation, and carbon dioxide shortages, the state’s craft beer scene continues to grow.

With over 50 breweries listed and more in the making, the future looks bright for Wyoming’s craft beer community.

Neighborhood craft breweries like Coal Creek Tap in Laramie contribute significantly to the vibrant brewery scene. Other tourist hotspots like Lander, Casper, Jackson, Ten Sleep, and Sheridan also host breweries as major attractions, offering a wide array of flavors to cater to diverse tastes.

From American IPAs, English-style ales to Belgian beers, Wyoming’s smaller breweries are a paradise for beer lovers, preferring classic styles over the national trend of sour and fruity beers.

A Taste of the Rockies: High-Quality Craft Beer

What makes Wyoming’s craft beer of such high quality? The answer lies in the water. More specifically, the glacial water that flows through the state.

This pure, fresh water gives craft beer in Wyoming a unique taste, creating a truly unique tasting experience that’s as refreshing as the Rockies themselves.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. The flavor complexity of Wyoming craft beers is further enhanced by partnerships with local barley farmers. Using high-quality, locally sourced grain ensures authenticity and quality in every sip.

And when national CO2 shortages threatened to disrupt production, Wyoming’s small craft breweries adapted, leveraging regional CO2 suppliers to keep the beer flowing. Talk about resilience!

Taprooms and Pubs: More Than Just a Pint

Visiting a Wyoming brewery provides much more than merely a pint of beer – it’s an immersive, sensory experience. Take, for example, the Frontier Brewing Company & Taproom in Casper. Here, customers can curate their own beer flights, tasters, or full pints with a self-pour system, paying by the ounce.

Surrounding them is a unique decor featuring stools made from six-shooters and patinated saddles, seasonal memorabilia, and big game mounts that create a distinctive Wyoming ambiance in the tap room, complementing the beer tasting experience.

But that’s not all. Frontier Brewing knows how to keep its customers entertained. Weekly trivia nights engage customers in a fun pub quiz, offering entertainment along with the chance to win prizes. And the vibrant taproom atmosphere is further enriched with live music from local artists every Saturday night.

With amenities like sports viewing, pool, chess, and of course, savoring craft beers, Frontier Brewing offers a relaxed environment that enhances the overall pub experience.

The Trailblazers of Wyoming’s Craft Beer Scene

As we traverse the Wyoming craft beer landscape, it’s essential to recognize the pioneering breweries that have blazed the trail. Take Melvin Brewing, for instance.

This powerhouse has made a significant impact on the craft beer scene, winning the title of Brewery Group of the Year at the 2017 Great American Beer Festival.

Then there’s Frontier Brewing Company, embodying the spirit of innovation that Wyoming’s craft beer scene is known for. By brewing small-batch craft beers weekly, they ensure a constantly fresh and rotating selection for their patrons.

It’s these trailblazers that have set the bar high, contributing to the rise and recognition of Wyoming as a craft beer paradise.

Black Tooth Brewing Co.: A Decade of Brewing Excellence

Black Tooth Brewing Co. is a shining example of Wyoming’s brewing prowess. Launched in 2010 in Sheridan, Wyoming, by Tim Barnes and Travis Zeilstra, Black Tooth has grown into a significant presence in the regional craft beer scene.

The expansion of satellite locations in Cheyenne and Casper, and the inauguration of a new production facility in 2015, reflect the brewery’s growth and its ability to meet the growing demand for their beers.

With 19 different beers on tap at the Cheyenne location, Black Tooth caters to local tastes with a trend towards fruity beers. Their staple beers such as Saddle Bronc Brown, Hot Streak IPA, and Bomber Mountain Amber reflect their diverse product offerings.

And their commitment to brewing excellence is evident in the multiple regional and national awards their beers have earned.

Melvin Brewing: The Original Melvin IPA and Beyond

Melvin Brewing is another force to reckon with in Wyoming’s craft beer scene. Known for their award-winning American IPA, Melvin Brewing is a testament to their brewing excellence and innovative approach.

Their * (Asterisk) Double IPA is a notable beer, created as a result of the brewery being barred from the Great American Beer Festival in a particular year.

What could have been a setback turned into an opportunity for innovation, demonstrating the brewery’s resilience and creativity.

Seasonal Sips and Year-Round Favorites

The diversity of Wyoming’s craft beer scene mirrors the variety of its landscape. It offers an array of seasonal beers alongside year-round favorites, giving beer enthusiasts a variety of flavors to enjoy throughout the year.

From frosty winter ales to refreshing summer brews, Wyoming breweries cater to a diverse palette with their selection of seasonal brews.

And let’s not forget the year-round favorites. Despite a national trend towards fruity beers, IPAs remain a significant part of Wyoming’s craft beer purchases, with many customers opting for six-packs of IPAs to take home.

And beers like the White Buffalo beer, 307 Lager, and Night Herder Stout from Snowy Mountain Brewery are particularly favorite amongst visitors.

Accomplice Beer Company: Masters of Seasonality

Accomplice Beer Company is renowned for its mastery in producing seasonally inspired beers. Located in Cheyenne, they ensure a constantly fresh and relevant beer selection by rotating offerings that harmonize with the seasons.

From a crisp, refreshing summer ale to a cozy, spiced winter stout, Accomplice Beer Company’s line-up of seasonal brews is a testament to their creativity and attention to detail.

Their expertise is most evident in the creation of seasonal beers that embody the distinct flavors associated with each time of year. So, whether you’re seeking the warmth of a spiced winter ale or the refreshment of a crisp summer lager, Accomplice Beer Company has got you covered.

Sleep Brewing Company: Innovators of Flavor

With diverse year-round selections and bold flavor innovations, Sleep Brewing Company is a standout in Wyoming’s craft beer landscape.

Their offerings include:

  • Speed Goat Golden Ale
  • Pack Saddle Porter
  • Outlaw Amber
  • The IPA with No Name
  • Huck n’ Tuck Wheat

Catering to different taste preferences of beer lovers, including great craft beer, award winning beers, handcrafted beers, and India Pale Ale.

But what really sets Sleep Brewing apart is their anticipation for seasonal and special release beers such as Red Cliff Red ale, Total Blackout Stout, and Whiskey Barrel Stout. These offerings showcase their dynamic range and keep patrons eagerly returning.

Add to that their innovative creations like the Double Tap Lager and Double OO Honey Double IPA, and it’s clear that Sleep Brewing Company is a haven for craft beer enthusiasts.

And for those with adventurous palettes, their bold flavor innovations are a must-try. Some of their unique beer flavors include:

  • Peanut butter and chocolate
  • Margarita
  • Pumpkin ale
  • Grapefruit saison
  • Hot chilies

Wyoming’s Hidden Gems: Small Town Breweries with Big Flavors

While Wyoming’s small town breweries may not have the same renown as their larger counterparts, they undoubtedly brew beers of comparable quality and flavor, earning them well-deserved accolades.

From lesser-known Wyoming breweries, like the one that first brewed the Mastodon Baltic Porter, to beers that pay homage to local history and landscape, there’s plenty of hidden gems to discover.

These breweries also infuse local character into their beers. For example, the Woolly Mammoth Barrel Aged Baltic Porter, aged in Wyoming Whiskey Barrels, is a testament to the rich heritage and spirit of the Cowboy State. So, if you’re looking for a taste of true Wyoming, these small town breweries are worth a visit.

Snowy Mountain Brewery: Serenity and Suds

Nestled in the charming Saratoga Hot Springs Resort, Snowy Mountain Brewery offers visitors the chance to enjoy craft beers in a picturesque setting. It’s more than just a brewery, it’s a unique dining and drinking experience that marries a sports pub atmosphere with an authentic Wild West theme.

Whether you’re unwinding after a day of exploration or seeking a cozy spot to savor a pint, Snowy Mountain Brewery offers practical amenities like wheelchair access, the convenience of takeout, and the availability of free WiFi, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.

Gruner Brothers Brewing Casper: Crafting Community

Located in Casper, Gruner Brothers Brewing has established itself as more than just a place to grab a pint. It’s a part of the local community, a place where locals can gather, enjoy great beer, and share in the camaraderie that craft beer fosters.

Beyond just brewing great beer, the brewery also hosts events and believes in contributing to the community, further cementing its role as a local gathering spot in Casper. Set on top of a hill with scenic views, in a building that once housed the Casper Petroleum Club, Gruner Brothers Brewing is a testament to the vibrant craft beer community that thrives in Wyoming.

The Art of Brewing in the Cowboy State

Brewmaster inspecting ingredients

Wyoming’s brewing artistry skillfully merges audacious experimentation with a respect for enduring traditions. Wyoming’s craft brewers pride themselves on pushing the boundaries with unique ingredients and brewing methods while also paying homage to the timeless art of beer making.

Local ingredients, such as Wyoming-grown hops and grains, play a crucial role in creating the distinctive flavors that characterize the brews from the region. At the same time, breweries often act as community hubs, bringing together beer aficionados and fostering culture.

This blend of age-old recipes with new twists, bridging the gap between past and present, is what makes brewing in the Cowboy State a truly unique experience.

Bitter Creek Brewing: A Symphony of Hops and Barley

At Bitter Creek Brewing, quality ingredients are key. They pride themselves on using the purest Rocky Mountain water, ensuring that each brew starts with the best possible base ingredient. The hops used in their beers are carefully selected for their aromatic qualities, sourced from places renowned for their hop production.

But it’s not just about the ingredients. Bitter Creek’s head brewer brings years of experience and a passion for innovation, ensuring quality and creativity in every batch. The brewery employs traditional brewing methods coupled with modern techniques to enhance flavor and establish a distinctive beer profile.

From their staple beers to their special seasonal offerings, Bitter Creek Brewing is a testament to the symphony of hops and barley that defines Wyoming’s craft beer scene.

Snake River Brewing: Jackson Hole’s Award-Winning Microbrewery

Jackson Hole’s Snake River Brewing is a testament to the tradition of quality microbrewery in Wyoming. Known for sourcing authentic ingredients from around the world, Snake River Brewing has established itself as a leader in the craft beer industry.

Their commitment to quality is not just about the ingredients they use, but also how they use them. Utilizing a blend of traditional brewing techniques with modern innovations, Snake River Brewing creates a diverse array of beers that cater to a wide range of palettes.

From their acclaimed American Amber Lager to their unique Le Serpent Cerise, each beer reflects the brewery’s dedication to craftsmanship and quality.

The Wyoming Beer Trail: A Journey Through Local Craftsmanship

The Wyoming Beer Trail, an adventurous route designed for beer enthusiasts, showcases the state’s vibrant craft beer culture. Spanning from Cheyenne to Casper to Cody, the Wyoming Beer Trail guides visitors through a journey across the state’s diverse beer landscape.

Along this trail, aficionados can indulge in a wide selection of beers, experiencing the best of local IPAs, Ales, and Stouts.

The Wyoming Beer Trail:

  • Serves as a comprehensive resource
  • Provides information on local breweries and tap offerings
  • Enhances the visitor experience with responsible enjoyment
  • Connects beer enthusiasts to the state’s vibrant craft beer scene

From well-established breweries to hidden gems, the Wyoming Beer Trail has it all.

Brewery Laramie to Brewery Cody: A Craft Beer Experience

Stops on the Wyoming Beer Trail include bustling towns like Laramie and historic locales such as Cody, connecting beer enthusiasts to premier craft beer destinations across the state.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer lover or a curious newbie, the trail offers a craft beer experience that’s as diverse as the state itself.

So, whether you’re indulging in a pint at a bustling brewery in Laramie or savoring the flavors of a craft beer in Cody, the Wyoming Beer Trail offers an immersive journey through the state’s vibrant craft beer scene.

Anchor Brewpub and Beyond: Discovering New Flavors

But the Wyoming Beer Trail isn’t just about the big names. It also promotes visiting lesser-known brewpubs such as Cody Craft Brewing and WYOld West Brewing Company to uncover new and unique beer flavors.

It’s these hidden gems that often surprise visitors with their innovative brews and warm, welcoming atmosphere.

One such treasure is the Mountain Hops Brewery. Known for its ever-evolving beer selection and cozy aura away from crowded settings, it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to discover new flavors.

And let’s not forget the innovative beer creations featured in events like the Wyoming Brewers Festival, though they are not yet commercially available.


From the bustling breweries of Laramie to the hidden gems of Cody, the craft beer scene in Wyoming is a vibrant blend of tradition, innovation, and community spirit. Whether you’re a craft beer connoisseur or a casual beer lover, Wyoming’s craft beer landscape offers a wealth of flavors to explore and enjoy.

So why wait? Embark on your craft beer journey in the Cowboy State, and discover the unique flavors, passionate brewers, and welcoming communities that make Wyoming’s craft beer scene truly special.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular beer in Wyoming is Snake River, which is based in Jackson.

How many breweries are in Wyoming?

Wyoming has 40 active microbreweries as of August 2022, showing a 32% increase in craft beer production from 2011 to 2012.

What is the oldest brewery in Wyoming?

The oldest brewery in Wyoming is Snake River Brewing, located in Jackson Hole. It is a favorite for locals and visitors, and it is known for its Jenny Lake Lager.

What makes Wyoming’s craft beer unique?

Wyoming’s craft beer is unique because it uses glacial water, adding a distinct taste from the Rockies, and partners with local barley farmers for high-quality, locally sourced grain. Enjoy a brew that truly captures the essence of Wyoming!

What are some of the innovative flavors offered by Wyoming breweries?

Wyoming breweries offer a wide range of innovative flavors, including beers infused with peanut butter and chocolate, margarita, pumpkin ale, grapefruit saison, and hot chilies. So, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds!