Discover the Best Breweries in West Virginia: A Craft Beer Enthusiast’s Guide

Searching for top-tier craft beer destinations in the Appalachians? Our definitive guide spotlights the best breweries in West Virginia, where the blend of tradition and innovation brews a memorable experience.

Uncover the state’s must-visit breweries that deliver exceptional ales and a true taste of local hospitality, all without filler or fluff. Ready to raise a glass?

Key Takeaways

  • West Virginia boasts a rich craft beer scene, featuring historic breweries like North End Tavern and Brewery along with others offering Belgian-style and handcrafted beers like Bridge Brew Works and Mountain State Brewing Company.
  • Foodies and beer lovers are in for a treat with breweries such as Dobra Zupas, Abolitionist Ale Works, and Weathered Ground Brewery providing a delicious pairing of gourmet food and unique brews.
  • West Virginia’s breweries offer an array of seasonal beers that reflect local traditions and flavors, with even lesser-known hidden gems providing eclectic and innovative beer experiences.

Top-Rated West Virginia Breweries

When it comes to top-rated breweries, West Virginia has a compelling line-up. These breweries are recognized both for their exceptional craft beer and the rich histories that add to their allure.

Whether you’re a fan of a hearty stout or a crisp pale ale, these breweries have something to tantalize your taste buds.

We’ll explore three of the state’s most highly-rated breweries: North End Tavern and Brewery, Bridge Brew Works, and Mountain State Brewing Company.

North End Tavern and Brewery

As West Virginia’s oldest brewery, North End Tavern and Brewery (aka ‘The NET’) has been delighting the Parkersburg community since 1899. The NET takes pride in handcrafting beers using locally sourced, natural ingredients, and West Virginia spring water.

Their Almost Heaven Amber Ale, Roedy’s Red, is a patron favorite, encapsulating the brewery’s long-standing traditions and dedication to quality brewing, including their signature Heaven Amber Ale and the unique Scrappy Rye Pale Ale.

Bridge Brew Works

Bridge Brew Works, nestled in Fayetteville, specializes in Belgian-style beers. This local brewery is renowned for its signature brews like the Mountain Momma Pale Ale and Moxxee Coffee Stout.

And it’s not just the beer that’s attractive, the brewery’s location near the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve makes it an ideal spot for combining outdoor adventures with a refreshing craft beer experience.

Mountain State Brewing Company

Mountain State Brewing Company, one of the oldest distributing microbreweries in West Virginia, stands tall with its handcrafted beers. Founded in 2005, it now boasts brew pubs in Morgantown, Bridgeport, and Thomas, alongside the popular Bavarian Brothers Brewing.

The Thomas location, sitting over 3,000 ft above sea level, offers an elevated beer experience with a taproom and music hall. Their notable offerings like Miner’s Daughter Stout and Dolly Sods Cranberry Wheat are a testament to their brewing prowess.

Must-Visit Breweries with Delicious Food

The joy of sipping a well-crafted beer is often amplified when paired with delicious food. In West Virginia, several breweries master this art, offering menus that complement their craft beers. Some of the food options include:

  • Gourmet pizzas
  • Comfort food
  • Burgers and fries
  • Tacos and nachos
  • BBQ and smoked meats

The diverse food options are sure to satisfy any craving while enjoying a cold beer.

We’ll examine three breweries that offer both tempting brews and delectable food: Dobra Zupas, Abolitionist Ale Works, and Weathered Ground Brewery.

Dobra Zupas

Located in Beckley, Dobra Zupas offers a unique micro-brew pub experience. Their commitment to creative brewing is evident in their signature beers like RaisON Saison and Lunar Eclipse Stout. They’re also celebrated for their artisanal flatbreads, baked to perfection in wood-fired ovens.

Their hot Hawaiian pizza and special beer mustard are particularly known for pairing beautifully with their handcrafted beers.

Abolitionist Ale Works

Abolitionist Ale Works is all about rebellion – against the norms of the beer industry. Their fruity IPA, Pale the Funky, and Blue and Gold n’ Delicious saison are just a few of their unique brews.

But they don’t stop at beer; they also serve gourmet pizzas, including a sumptuous pork BBQ pizza that pairs wonderfully with their craft beers.

Weathered Ground Brewery

Weathered Ground Brewery, based in Cool Ridge, offers a range of farmhouse ales alongside a delicious variety of food. Their Sour Kid, a light, refreshing, and tart sour blonde ale, is a crowd favorite.

The brewery also crafts a malted rye ale, providing a unique experience of enjoying West Virginia farmhouse ales paired with savory food, from classic mozzarella sticks to gourmet brick oven pizzas.

Seasonal Beer Highlights from West Virginia Breweries

Seasonal beer highlights at West Virginia breweries

Seasonal brews add a unique flavor to any beer enthusiast’s journey. They reflect local events, produce, and traditions, providing a taste of the state’s culture in a glass. These seasonal specialties are often eagerly awaited and quickly become the talk of the town.

We’ll delve into the seasonal offerings of three West Virginia breweries: Parkersburg Brewing Company, Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company, and Stumptown Ales.

Parkersburg Brewing Company

Parkersburg Brewing Company stands out with its unique seasonal specialties. Think chocolate donut coffee milk stout for a comforting winter drink, or light hoppy ales to celebrate the warmth of summer.

These creative brews not only cater to various holiday celebrations but also provide an opportunity to taste different styles of beer.

Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company

At Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company, local folklore and traditions inspire their seasonal offerings. Their Green Bank Gose, which includes local West Virginia produce, has rapidly gained popularity thanks to its unique berry flavors and wine-like appearance.

The brewery’s location near White Sulphur Springs makes it an attractive destination, especially for those planning a brewery tour.

Stumptown Ales

Stumptown Ales, based in Davis, offers a distinctive range of beers, including porters, stouts, and Indian Pale Ales. Their unique offering, the Muck Savage Irish Braggot, is a traditional Irish braggot available seasonally, providing a taste of Ireland in West Virginia.

The craft brewery also offers local food selections, taking the craft beer experience a notch higher.

Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known West Virginia Breweries

West Virginia’s craft beer scene isn’t just about the well-known breweries. There are several lesser-known breweries offering unique and compelling brews, each with a fascinating story to tell. These hidden gems add to the diversity of the craft beer landscape in the state.

We’ll reveal three of these hidden gems: Short Story Brewing, Big Timber Brewing, and Hawk Knob Cidery and Meadery.

Short Story Brewing

Short Story Brewing in Rivesville is a family-owned brewery with a unique twist: a literature theme. This family-run brewery offers a range of beers, including the notable Forward IPA and Lamplight Pilsner. And their innovative presentation of beer sampler flights in repurposed card catalog drawers only adds to the brewery’s charm.

Big Timber Brewing

Big Timber Brewing, nestled in Elkins, offers a taproom that pays homage to the local forestry industry. Their Logger Lager and Bourbon Barrel Porter are just a couple of their craft beer offerings. And the riverfront taproom isn’t just about sipping beer; it also features games like cornhole and live local music.

Hawk Knob Cidery and Meadery

Hawk Knob Cidery and Meadery offers a selection of ciders and meads that are locally sourced. They are known for their unique bourbon barrel-aged ciders and meads, and also offer a fresh form of mead called ‘Cyser.’

If you’re looking for a change of pace from the usual hoppy brews, Hawk Knob is a must-visit.

Non-Alcoholic Options at West Virginia Breweries

While craft beer might be the star of the show at these breweries, non-alcoholic options are not forgotten. These breweries understand that not everyone is a beer drinker and have curated a selection of alcohol-free options to cater to a broader range of preferences.

We’ll investigate the non-alcoholic options at Mountain State Brewing Company, Weathered Ground Brewery, and North End Tavern and Brewery.

Mountain State Brewing Company

Mountain State Brewing Company, one of the oldest distributing microbreweries in the state, caters to a wide range of preferences with their non-alcoholic options.

Weathered Ground Brewery

Weathered Ground Brewery goes beyond farmhouse ales by also serving wine, coffee, and other non-alcoholic drinks, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

North End Tavern and Brewery

At North End Tavern and Brewery, West Virginia’s oldest brewery, you can enjoy house-made root beer and ginger ale among its non-alcoholic options.

West Virginia Brewery Road Trip Ideas

With such a diverse array of breweries, a road trip across West Virginia can be quite the adventure for craft beer enthusiasts. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these journeys offer a chance to explore the state’s rich craft beer scene.

Here are three itinerary suggestions for road trips through the Eastern Panhandle, Central West Virginia, and Southern West Virginia.

Eastern Panhandle Tour

The Eastern Panhandle features prominent breweries such as Abolitionist Ale Works. Visitors can enrich their brewery tours with scheduled tours to gain a deeper understanding of the brewing process and the local beer culture.

Central West Virginia Loop

Central West Virginia is home to several must-visit breweries. Bridge Brew Works in Fayetteville and Mountain State Brewing Company in Thomas are notable for their craft beer offerings and the attractions in the surrounding areas.

Southern West Virginia Adventure

Starting at Weathered Ground Brewery in Cool Ridge and exploring the attractions in Beckley, a Southern West Virginia brewery tour offers a blend of craft beer and local culture.


From top-rated breweries to hidden gems, West Virginia’s craft beer scene is as diverse as it is exciting. Whether you’re indulging in a seasonal brew, savoring a beer and food pairing, or exploring non-alcoholic options, there’s something for everyone.

And with the state’s beautiful landscapes serving as a backdrop, a West Virginia brewery road trip is an adventure worth embarking on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top-rated breweries in West Virginia?

You should check out North End Tavern and Brewery, Bridge Brew Works, and Mountain State Brewing Company for some of the top-rated breweries in West Virginia. Enjoy your visit!

Which West Virginia breweries offer food along with their beer?

Check out Dobra Zupas, Abolitionist Ale Works, and Weathered Ground Brewery for a great combination of tasty food and craft beer!

What are some examples of seasonal beers from West Virginia breweries?

If you’re looking for some seasonal beers from West Virginia breweries, you might want to check out Parkersburg Brewing Company’s chocolate donut coffee milk stout and Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company’s Green Bank Gose made with local produce. Cheers!

Are there non-alcoholic options at West Virginia breweries?

Yes, West Virginia breweries offer non-alcoholic options like craft sodas, mocktails, and non-alcoholic beers. So, you can still enjoy the brewery experience without alcohol.

You should consider the Eastern Panhandle Tour, Central West Virginia Loop, and Southern West Virginia Adventure for your brewery road trip. These routes offer a diverse range of breweries to explore.