Top Picks: Discover the Best Breweries in Tennessee for Craft Beer Lovers

In quest of the best breweries in Tennessee, our guide zeroes in on the premier spots for craft beer aficionados. You’ll find insights into the breweries that are must-visits, from tucked-away gems to trailblazing outposts revolutionizing the local beer scene.

Cut through the noise and join us on a journey to where quality brews and unique drinking experiences await.

Key Takeaways

  • Tennessee’s craft beer scene is booming, with a noteworthy economic impact and a steadfast increase in artisanal and innovative breweries.
  • Yee Haw Brewing and Blackberry Farm Brewery are highlights among the state’s offerings, providing distinctive experiences that combine modern brewing techniques with traditional flavors and sophisticated pairings.
  • The Volunteer State’s microbreweries play a significant role in community building, offering unique and diverse brews in spaces that prioritize inclusivity and camaraderie.

Craft Beer Havens in the Volunteer State

Tennessee, lovingly known as the Volunteer State, has a craft beer scene as diverse and captivating as its rich cultural heritage. Here, you’ll find a plethora of breweries, each with its unique charm and distinctive brewing style.

Southern Grist Brewing Co., Printshop Beer Co., and Johnson City Brewing Company are a few names that stand out in the crowd for their outstanding craft beer.

Whether it’s the family and pet-friendly spaces at Southern Grist Brewing Co., the riverfront location of Printshop Beer Co., or the classic brews at Johnson City Brewing Company, there’s something for every beer enthusiast in Tennessee.

The Rise of Craft Brews in Tennessee

Recent years have witnessed a craft beer renaissance in Tennessee. While it stands at 38th in terms of the number of craft breweries, and 49th in breweries per capita rate, the Volunteer State’s craft beer industry holds economic significance, contributing a whopping $652 million to the economy. Annually, Tennessee craft breweries churn out 95,185 barrels of brew.

The growth has been steady and shows no signs of slowing down, making Tennessee a promising land for craft beer lovers.

A Toast to Quality and Creativity

In Tennessee’s craft beer realm, quality and creativity transcend beyond being mere buzzwords—they form the very foundation of the industry. Breweries like Harding House Brewing Co. and Buck Bald Brewing exemplify this commitment to artisanal beer-making.

Using seasonal, local ingredients, these breweries consistently aim to create beers of the highest quality.

Whether it’s Harding House’s Nashville-brewed beers or Buck Bald’s dedicated craft, you can taste the love and passion in every sip.

Yee Haw Brewing: A Johnson City Gem

Nestled in the heart of downtown Johnson City, in a renovated 130-year-old train station, you’ll find a charming gem—Yee Haw Brewing. This brewery is a testament to the character of Johnson City, radiating both charm and character.

With an expansive beer lineup and an onsite White Duck Taco Shop, Yee Haw Brewing offers a delightful blend of robust flavors and memorable experiences.

Core Brews and Seasonal Selections

At Yee Haw Brewing, the beer menu offers something for every palate, including a delicious India Pale Ale and a rich Russian Imperial Stout.

Their year-round core beers—‘Easy’ American Craft Lager, ‘Cerveza’ Mexican-style Lager, ‘Pilsner’ American Pilsner, ‘Kölsch’ Kolsch-style beer, and the ‘Dunkel’ Munich Dunkel—cater to a broad range of tastes.

In addition, the brewery’s seasonal selections add a refreshing variety to the mix, featuring the ‘Hefe’ Hefeweizen, ‘Blackberry Beret’, ‘Oktoberfest’ Märzen, and ‘Chillbilly’ Cold IPA.

Ultramodern Brewing Meets Traditional Flavors

Yee Haw Brewing represents the fascinating intersection of tradition and innovation. Their state-of-the-art brewing facilities are the birthplace of unique and exceptional beers that illustrate a blend of tradition and innovation.

By honoring traditional methods and incorporating modern techniques, they’ve garnered a reputation for producing distinctive brews that have put them on the map in the Tennessee craft beer scene.

Blackberry Farm Brewery: Savor the Sophistication

If you’re looking for sophistication in your brew, Blackberry Farm Brewery in Maryville, Tennessee, is the place to be. Known for its finely crafted beers, the brewery focuses on styles tied to Tennessee Farm traditions, such as farm ales, table beers, and Belgian-inspired ales.

But the Blackberry Farm Brewery experience doesn’t stop at the beer—it extends to curated events that offer a multisensory experience.

Artisanal Beers with a Luxurious Twist

The beer at Blackberry Farm Brewery transcends being a mere beverage—it manifests as an artisanal creation. The skilled team at the brewery emphasizes traditional brewing methods to create handcrafted, artisanal beers.

The result? A luxurious twist to farm ales, table beers, and Belgian-inspired brews that sets them apart in the Tennessee craft beer scene.

From Pints to Pairings: An Elevated Experience

A pint of beer at the Blackberry Farm Brewery is more than just a pint—it’s an experience. The beers are designed to pair well with a variety of experiences, from dining at upscale restaurants to enjoying casual backyard gatherings.

Whether you’re savoring a pint in their taproom or at home, the beers from Blackberry Farm Brewery elevate the moment, making it all the more memorable.

Nashville’s Craft Beer Scene: A Tour of Local Favorites

Step into Nashville, Tennessee’s pulsating hub of craft beer scene. Here, the streets are lined with innovative breweries, each adding its unique flavor to the city’s vibrant beer culture.

From the creative ambitions of Southern Grist Brewing Company to the city’s first craft cidery, Diskin Cider, to the craft ethos of Czann’s Brewing Company, Nashville is a treasure trove of craft beer experiences waiting to be discovered.

Tailgate Brewery: Pizza, Pints, and Pleasure

Tailgate Brewery’s West Nashville location offers:

  • Craft pizza
  • Ice cream
  • Stunning sunset views
  • Excellent craft beers

It is a haven for beer enthusiasts and those seeking good food alike, offering a selection of great beer in an outdoor beer garden.

The family-friendly atmosphere and live music make it a perfect spot for a relaxed evening out with loved ones.

Blackstone Brewing Company: The Pioneer’s Legacy

As Nashville’s oldest brewery, Blackstone Brewing Company holds a special place in the city’s craft beer history. Established in 1994, the brewery has been a pioneer in the local beer scene, contributing significantly to its growth and diversity.

Today, they continue to craft high-quality brewing beers that are recognized among the top beers in the state.

The Microbrewery Movement: Small Batches, Big Impact

Tennessee’s microbreweries are creating substantial ripples, one small batch after another. By revitalizing old buildings and stimulating economic development, these breweries are breathing new life into their local communities.

Breweries like Harding House Brewing Co. and Red Silo Brewing Company exemplify the microbrewery movement’s commitment to quality and community growth, setting them apart from other breweries.

Spotlight on Innovation: Unique Brews on Tap

Innovation rules the roost in Tennessee’s microbrewery landscape, with the Tennessee brew scene offering a diverse range of flavors. Breweries like Orange Hat Brewing Company and Barrique Brewing and Blending are pushing the boundaries of conventional brewing, offering distinctive craft beers that stand out in a crowded market.

From fruited sours to barrel-aged beers to dessert-inspired brews, there’s a unique brew on tap for every adventurous palate.

Community and Craft: More Than Just a Brewery

For many of Tennessee’s microbreweries, brewing beer is more than just a business—it’s a way to bring people together and give back to the community.

Breweries like Alliance Brewing Company and Harding House Brewing Co. have cultivated a community-focused ethos, creating welcoming environments that foster camaraderie and encourage social engagement.

The Perfect Pair: Breweries and Gastronomy

Food and beer—a divine pairing. In Tennessee, this perfect pair comes to life in breweries that offer crafted food menus alongside their quality craft beers. Breweries like Abridged Beer Company and Fat Bottom Brewing Co. are leading the way, offering an enriched social and dining experience that goes beyond the brew.

Culinary Delights Meet Craft Excellence

At breweries like East Nashville Beer Works and Fat Bottom Brewing Co., culinary delights meet craft excellence.

Here, you’ll find a diverse array of appetizing options—from pizzas to appetizers to salads—all crafted to complement the flavors of their craft beers. It’s a gastronomic experience that delights the palate and nourishes the soul.

A Pint and a Bite: Best Brewpub Combos

In Tennessee, brewpub combos offer the best of both worlds—a pint of expertly crafted beer and a bite of delicious food. Whether you’re in the mood for a robust stout paired with a hearty beef chili or a light lager to complement a fresh salad, there’s a brewpub combo that’s sure to satisfy.

Fireside Sips: Breweries with Cozy Ambiances

As daylight fades into the evening, the comfort of nestling by the fire with a pint of craft beer is unparalleled. In Tennessee, breweries like Schulz Bräu Brewing Company and Living Waters Brewing offer cozy atmospheres perfect for fireside sips and intimate gatherings.

Schulz Bräu Brewing Company: German Charm in Tennessee

At Schulz Bräu Brewing Company, you’ll experience the charm of a German Biergarten right in the heart of Tennessee.

This family and dog-friendly brewery is known for its authentic atmosphere and warm fire pits—making it the perfect place to enjoy a pint during the chillier seasons.

Ebony & Ivory Brewing: Inclusivity and Comfort

Ebony & Ivory Brewing, Knoxville’s first Black-owned brewery, is a testament to the inclusivity of Tennessee’s craft beer community.

With its comfortable atmosphere and dedication to fostering diversity, this brewery offers a unique and welcoming space for all patrons to enjoy their craft beers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Tennessee’s craft beer scene unique?

Tennessee’s craft beer scene is unique because of its diverse, innovative, and high-quality artisanal beers crafted with traditional methods and local ingredients. Embrace the variety and quality of Tennessee’s breweries.

Are there any family-friendly breweries in Tennessee?

Yes, many breweries in Tennessee, such as Southern Grist Brewing Co. and Schulz Bräu Brewing Company, offer family and pet-friendly spaces for guests to enjoy. So, you can enjoy a good brew with your family and furry friends!

What types of beers can I expect to find in Tennessee breweries?

In Tennessee breweries, you can find a variety of beers including traditional styles like pilsners and lagers, as well as unique offerings like fruited sours and dessert-inspired brews. You’re sure to find a beer that suits your taste!

Do breweries in Tennessee offer food options?

Absolutely! Many breweries in Tennessee offer delicious food options to complement their wide range of craft beers. Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, appetizers, or salads, there’s something for everyone to enjoy alongside a cold brew.

Are there any Black-owned breweries in Tennessee?

Yes, Ebony & Ivory Brewing in Knoxville is Tennessee’s first Black-owned brewery, fostering diversity, inclusion, and communal growth in the craft beer community.