Discover the Best Breweries in South Dakota: A Beer Enthusiast’s Guide

If you’re on a quest to pinpoint the best breweries in South Dakota, you’re in the right place.

Our concise guide highlights where to find top-notch craft beer, providing a straightforward look at the state’s premier breweries without unnecessary embellishment.

Key Takeaways

  • South Dakota’s top breweries like Lost Cabin Beer Co. and Zymurcracy Beer Co offer unique flavors and experiences, with each embodying local character and innovation in their craft beers.
  • Various lesser-known breweries such as Miner Brewing Company and Firehouse Smokejumper Station provide distinct and off-the-beaten-path tasting experiences for true beer explorers.
  • Craft beer events, tours, and food pairings are integral parts of the beer culture, with events like the Sioux Falls Craft Beer Expo and venues offering brewery tours and gastronomic experiences enriching the South Dakota beer scene.

Top 10 South Dakota Breweries

South Dakota’s brewing scene is rich and diverse, boasting a selection of breweries each with its unique character and flavors. Exploring the state’s craft beer landscape, we find a range of established favorites and innovative newcomers that make up the top 10 South Dakota breweries.

Lost Cabin Beer Co

Established in 2016, Lost Cabin Beer Co. has quickly carved a niche in the South Dakota craft beer scene.

This microbrewery, located in the heart of Rapid City, is renowned for its Black Hills region-inspired creative small-batch beers. Some of their popular beers include:

  • Dakota Common Lager
  • Black Hills Gold IPA
  • Paha Sapa Pale Ale
  • Black Hills Blonde Ale

Lost Cabin’s beers resonate with local tastes and incorporate local ingredients.

Their cozy and welcoming taproom, coupled with a backdrop of scenic beauty, makes Lost Cabin a beloved spot for both locals and tourists.

Zymurcracy Beer Co

Zymurcracy Beer Co exemplifies community engagement and innovative brewing. Known for its variety of craft beers and unique taproom, this brewery has become a cornerstone of the South Dakota beer scene.

Zymurcracy’s commitment to community and innovative brewing techniques has not only made it a local favorite but has also earned it accolades at prestigious beer competitions.

Crow Peak Brewing Company

Situated in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Crow Peak Brewing Company is a beacon of the Spearfish community. Since its establishment in 2007, it has enticed locals and visitors alike with its variety of beers, including the popular 11th Hour IPA.

Their cozy taproom is a welcoming space where patrons can further enhance their beer tasting experience by savoring these good beer brews and discovering what makes a great beer.

WoodGrain Brewing Company

WoodGrain Brewing Company, located in downtown Sioux Falls, is distinguished by its passion for well-crafted beer. Known for its innovative brewing techniques, WoodGrain offers a rotating lineup of core and seasonal beers that showcase unique flavors and styles.

Their Milk Stout, with its rich and creamy texture, has become a local favorite. The historic building housing the taproom, adorned with custom woodworking, provides a warm ambiance that encourages social gatherings.

Wooden Legs Brewing Company

Wooden Legs Brewing Company, based in the college town of Brookings, has become a social hub. Known for their broad range of beers and particularly excelling in traditional British and Irish style ales, they have garnered a loyal customer base.

Their strong community presence is evident in their weekly trivia nights and unique ‘Community Tap’ program, where proceeds from a specific beer go to local charities.

Hydra Beer Company

Though small in size, Hydra Beer Company offers a diverse beer selection that includes unique options like a Black IPA and a Bourbon Barrel aged stout.

Known for their high-alcohol beers crafted for slow savoring, Hydra Beer Company adds an element of storytelling to their brand with beers named after mythological creatures.

The taproom’s dark and edgy atmosphere aligns with their mythical theme, offering a unique experience for beer aficionados.

Fernson Brewing Company

Combining style and substance, Fernson Brewing Company offers a pet-friendly destination for beer lovers. Their taproom, reminiscent of craft breweries in Portland or Seattle, offers a variety of beers, including a selection of barrel-aged dark beers.

Their commitment to creating beer that brings people together is reflected in their community-oriented approach and South Dakota roots.

Eponymous Brewing Company

Eponymous Brewing Company, founded by a group of beer-loving friends, provides a unique selection of craft beers. From traditional ales to innovative recipes, their beers showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of the brewers, earning them a high rating among beer enthusiasts.

With a strong community presence, the brewery has become a social hub in the Brookings area.

Bill of Rights Brewery

Bill of Rights Brewery is distinct for its historical theme, drawing inspiration from America’s founding principles. The brewery offers a unique blend of traditional American ales and locally sourced ingredients.

The taproom, an educational and enriching site, features decor with historical artifacts, providing an enjoyable visit for patrons.

Fernson on 8th

Fernson on 8th, a popular extension of Fernson Brewing Company, is located in downtown Sioux Falls. Known for its craft beer and welcoming atmosphere, this taproom offers a modern space to enjoy a diverse tasting experience.

With a selection of core beers and seasonal rotations, it’s a must-visit venue for beer enthusiasts.

Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Breweries

South Dakota, while home to many renowned breweries, also features lesser-known gems that contribute a unique flavor to the state’s beer culture. These hidden breweries, often found off the beaten path, offer distinct experiences and flavors that cater to a wide array of beer enthusiasts.

Miner Brewing Company and Prairie Berry Winery Taproom

Nestled in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Miner Brewing Company offers scenic views alongside an extensive selection of crafted beers, seasonal specialties, seltzers, sours, ciders, and meads.

This hidden treasure is worth a visit for beer enthusiasts in search of a distinct tasting experience.

Firehouse Smokejumper Station

Strategically located in the scenic Black Hills, Firehouse Smokejumper Station is a hidden gem offering a distinctive range of beer styles. From IPA to stout, this brewery provides a unique tasting experience for beer lovers seeking new flavors.

Sick N Twisted Brewing Co

Sick N Twisted Brewing Co, located in Hill City, offers a selection of over a dozen in-house brewed beers on tap. With its unique beer wall, customers can create their own six-pack from a variety of over 100 beers, making it an exciting spot for beer enthusiasts.

Hay Camp Brewing Company

Hay Camp Brewing Company, Rapid City’s first production brewery, offers a unique experience for beer lovers with its hand-crafted small batch ales. Not only does it provide a wide range of distinct flavors, but it also takes visitors back in time with its homage to Rapid City’s historical moniker, ‘Hay Camp’.

Dakota Shivers Brewing

Located in Lead, Dakota Shivers Brewing offers:

  • A vintage charm
  • A wide variety of unique beers
  • Over 30 years of home brewing experience
  • A distinct tasting experience, despite its limited tasting hours.

A Taste of Local Flavor: Breweries with Food Offerings

In South Dakota, the pleasure of savoring a glass of craft beer is often complemented by a plate of delicious food. Many breweries in the state offer a variety of dishes that pair beautifully with their beer offerings, creating a gastronomic experience that is both delightful and memorable.

Main St Breweries

Main St Breweries are renowned for their wide selection of local craft beers and delicious food options. Look’s Beer Co. pairs its lineup of core beers with an assortment of foods like sandwiches, pizzas, and ice cream, creating a harmony of flavors for every palate.

Re-Opened Breweries

Reopened breweries in South Dakota tantalize the taste buds with not only new brews but also their culinary offerings.

These breweries provide a seamless beer and dining experience, offering some of the best beers and creating a harmony of flavors that leaves a lasting impression.

Brewery Restaurants

Brewery restaurants in South Dakota merge cultural heritage with modern brewing techniques to offer a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience. Firehouse Brewing Company, for instance, serves house-made craft beers and a full menu in Rapid City’s original fire station, offering patrons a blend of history and flavor.

Craft Beer Events in South Dakota

A variety of beer events in South Dakota showcase the state’s vibrant brewing culture. Some of these events include:

  • Large-scale beer festivals
  • Intimate beer tastings
  • Brewery tours
  • Beer pairing dinners
  • Homebrew competitions

These events provide beer enthusiasts with the opportunity to sample a wide variety of brews, engage with brewers, and learn more about the art of brewing.

Sioux Falls Craft Beer Expo

The Sioux Falls Craft Beer Expo serves as an annual showcase of South Dakota’s thriving craft beer industry. Held in downtown Sioux Falls, this event offers beer lovers the opportunity to explore numerous booths and activities, including beer tasting, brewing demonstrations, and educational sessions.

Black Hills Beer Run

The Black Hills Beer Run is a unique event that combines outdoor adventure and physical activity with craft beer tasting. Several popular breweries in the Black Hills area participate in this event, creating a dynamic beer sampling experience for attendees.

Hops & Grapes Festival

The Hops & Grapes Festival in Deadwood is a two-day event that pairs craft beer with unique bacon dishes. This festival not only provides a gastronomic delight for attendees but also offers a unique open container policy, making it a must-attend event for beer lovers.

Brewery Tours: Experience the Art of Brewing

Brewery tours in South Dakota provide a unique window into the hands-on art of brewing. These tours provide an insider’s look into the brewing process, including:

  • The selection of ingredients
  • The brewing equipment and techniques used
  • The fermentation and aging process
  • The packaging and distribution of the beer

By taking a brewery tour, you can gain a fascinating glimpse into the world of craft beer and learn about the passion and craftsmanship that goes into each pint.

Rapid City Brewery Tours

Rapid City offers a range of brewery tours that introduce visitors to the unique flavors of local breweries and a winery. These tours provide a unique opportunity to taste distinct flavors, learn about the brewing process, and enjoy the vibrant brewing scene in Rapid City.

Hill City Brewery Tours

Hill City brewery tours offer a scenic route through the Black Hills, enhancing the beer tasting experience with beautiful views. These tours offer a unique experience for beer enthusiasts, combining the beauty of nature with the art of beer crafting.

Sioux Falls Brewery Tours

Sioux Falls Brewery Tours offer an immersive experience into the world of brewing. From A Homestead Brew, renowned for growing its own hops and creating distinctive beers, to Fernson Brewing Company and its family-friendly environment, these tours provide a comprehensive overview of the Sioux Falls brewing scene.

The Taproom Experience: Best Venues for Beer Lovers

Stepping into the taproom is an essential part of any brewery visit. South Dakota brewery taprooms provide a unique atmosphere for patrons to relax, socialize, and savor their favorite brews. From rustic to modern, these taprooms provide a variety of experiences for beer lovers.

Main St Taprooms

Main St Taprooms offer a unique experience, with each providing a distinct atmosphere that caters to different tastes. From the heavy metal twist of Hydra Beer Company to the vintage charm of Dakota Shivers Brewing, these taprooms offer a unique blend of ambiance and craft beers.

Regional Taprooms

Regional taprooms in the Black Hills offer a variety of craft beers with many providing unique experiences such as combined winery and brewery establishments.

Whether it’s the relaxed rural charm of Miner Brewing Company or the unique industrial bar setting of Hay Camp Brewing Company, these taprooms offer a unique experience for beer lovers.

World-Class Taprooms

World-class taprooms in South Dakota offer an unforgettable experience for beer lovers. From the cozy ambiance of Remedy Brewing Company to the unique ‘Pints for People’ program at Severance Brewing Co., these taprooms offer a unique blend of community engagement and innovative craft beers.

Craft Beer Pairings: Food and Drink Recommendations

Pairing beer with food is a culinary adventure that can elevate your dining experience significantly. Understanding how different beers complement different foods can transform a simple meal into a gastronomic delight.

In South Dakota, breweries offer a diverse range of beers that pair beautifully with a variety of dishes.

Appetizers and Light Bites

When it comes to pairing beers with appetizers and light bites, the options are endless. Here are some suggestions:

  • South Dakota’s light lagers go well with buffalo wings or French fries
  • Wheat beers complement spicy noodles and salads
  • IPAs, with their characteristic bitterness, cut through the richness of appetizers like hot dogs and nachos.

Main Courses

South Dakota breweries offer a variety of beers that pair beautifully with main courses. Here are some examples:

  • IPAs go well with steak, barbecue, and Mexican dishes
  • Amber ales offer a perfect complement to barbecue pulled pork and brisket
  • Dark lagers match the hearty flavors of stews and burgers, making them a suitable choice for these flavorful main courses.


When it comes to desserts, South Dakota’s craft beers offer a spectrum of flavors that can complement and enhance the experience. Here are some recommended pairings:

  • Wheat beers: Pair with fruit tarts and pastries
  • Brown ales: Enjoy with chocolate-based desserts
  • Stouts: Make an excellent partner for chocolate truffles and chocolate mousse


From bustling cities to tranquil hills, South Dakota’s brewing scene is as diverse and exciting as its landscapes. The state’s breweries offer a fascinating journey of discovery, showcasing unique flavors and innovative brewing techniques.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or a curious newcomer, South Dakota’s vibrant brewing culture offers an experience to remember.

So, why not embark on a beer adventure in South Dakota and discover the rich flavors and experiences that await?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the top breweries in South Dakota?

Check out Lost Cabin Beer Co, Zymurcracy Beer Co, Crow Peak Brewing Company, WoodGrain Brewing Company, and Wooden Legs Brewing Company for some of the top breweries in South Dakota. Cheers!

Are there any lesser-known breweries in South Dakota worth visiting?

Absolutely, South Dakota has some lesser-known breweries like Miner Brewing Company and Prairie Berry Winery Taproom, Firehouse Smokejumper Station, Sick N Twisted Brewing Co, Hay Camp Brewing Company, and Dakota Shivers Brewing that offer unique experiences and flavors.

Are there food offerings at South Dakota breweries?

Yes, many breweries in South Dakota offer a variety of dishes that pair beautifully with their beer offerings, creating a delightful gastronomic experience.

Are there any beer events in South Dakota?

Yes, South Dakota hosts several beer events such as the Sioux Falls Craft Beer Expo, Black Hills Beer Run, and Hops & Grapes Festival, showcasing the state’s brewing culture.

If you’re looking for beer and food pairings, try matching light lagers with buffalo wings or French fries, wheat beers with spicy noodles and salads, IPAs with steak, barbecue, and Mexican dishes, amber ales with barbecue pulled pork and brisket, dark lagers with stews and burgers, and stouts with chocolate desserts. Enjoy your meal!