Top Picks: Discover the Best Breweries in Ohio for Craft Beer Lovers

Where are the best breweries in Ohio? Our no-nonsense guide brings you straight to the heart of Ohio’s vibrant craft beer scene. Explore our handpicked selection of breweries renowned for their standout IPAs, creative lagers, and bold ales.

Get ready to elevate your palate with our exclusive tour of Ohio’s brewing expertise, from the hidden gems to the boundary-pushing establishments.

Key Takeaways

  • Ohio is a hotspot for craft beer enthusiasts, featuring a diverse range of breweries across different cities, each offering unique beers and experiences like Gongoozlers Brewery with its mix of beers and Wolf’s Ridge Brewing with its Clear Sky Daybreak and culinary pairing.
  • The beer scene in Ohio is dynamic, with old traditions and new trends coexisting. From classics like Great Lakes Brewing Company to innovations from newer breweries like Eleventhree Brewing, there’s a continual introduction of new beer styles like New England IPAs and classic lagers.
  • The craft beer experience in Ohio is about more than just the drinks; it includes food pairings, the ambiance of taprooms, educational brewery tours, and a growing market with an ongoing expansion of breweries and evolving consumer preferences.

Exploring Ohio’s Craft Beer Scene

Drenched in cultural diversity and innovation, Ohio’s craft breweries are a testament to the state’s passion for high-quality, varied beers. From the historic brewery districts in Cincinnati to the new-age brewpubs in Dayton and beer trails in Columbus, Ohio is a paradise for beer lovers.

One such gem is the Gongoozlers Brewery in New Bremen, a serene backdrop that pays tribute to the Miami-Erie canal.

Ohio breweries are renowned for their wide array of beer varieties, including the hop-intense West Coast IPA, rich and dry Steel Valley Stout, and playful seasonals like the Ohiofest and On the Razzle Fruited Sour. Gongoozlers Brewery features an eclectic mix from Ale to Vienna Lager, catering to diverse palates.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing stands as a significant landmark on Columbus’ Craft Beer Trail, representing the city’s bustling craft beer industry. Known for their unique brews, the award-winning Clear Sky Daybreak particularly stands out, providing a sensory journey through a diverse beer selection.

Beyond their commendable New England IPAs, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing enhances the craft beer experience with exquisite dining options. It’s not just about the beer; it’s about pairing it with a culinary masterpiece that elevates the flavors and the experience.

MadTree Brewing

Since its establishment in 2013, MadTree Brewing rapidly emerged as a prominent player in Ohio’s craft beer landscape. Known for its strong commitment to sustainability and community engagement, MadTree Brewing is more than just a brewery – it’s a movement.

Their beer lineup is equally impressive, featuring standout options such as the PsycHOPathy IPA and the Shade blackberry tart ale, among others. This perfect blend of community focus and innovative brewing places MadTree Brewing firmly on the Ohio craft beer map.

A Tour of Local Breweries: City by City

Craft beer taps with various beer styles and flavors

The craft beer culture in Ohio extends beyond a single city or region. From Cleveland’s internationally recognized breweries to Cincinnati’s craft beer gems and Akron’s ale aficionados, each city brings its unique brews and vibes to the table.

So, whether you’re planning a city break to Cleveland, a weekend trip to Cincinnati, or a visit to Akron, the vibrant craft beer scenes in these cities, including the popular Chillicothe Ave, offer a unique blend of flavors and experiences that are sure to leave you wanting more.

Cleveland’s Finest

Cleveland, home to some of Ohio’s earliest craft breweries, serves a blend of tradition and novelty in each pint. The Great Lakes Brewing Company, founded in 1988 by brothers Patrick and Daniel Conway, is a testament to this blend of tradition and innovation, not far from Port Clinton.

But the city’s beer scene is not just about the stalwarts. Newer entrants like Terrestrial Brewing, Saucy Brew Works, and Collision Bend Brewing are pushing the boundaries of innovation, while Bookhouse Brewing offers a unique library-like experience for the literary beer lover.

The city’s breweries also offer immersive tours, allowing visitors to delve into the area’s rich brewing history.

Cincinnati’s Craft Beer Gems

Cincinnati abounds with craft beers, showcasing a variety of IPAs and one-of-a-kind beer styles in age-old establishments.

Rhinegeist Brewery, for instance, boasts a diverse beer lineup, including the well-known Truth IPA, and a selection of hazy IPAs such as Saber Tooth Tiger, Cloud Harvest, Feeling Good, and Astro Dwarf.

Breweries in Cincinnati that offer a unique taste experience include:

  • Nine Giant
  • High Grain Brewing Company
  • Rhinegeist Brewery (located in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood)
  • Taft’s Ale House (set in a historic 19th-century church)

These breweries are expanding Cincinnati’s IPA repertoire and provide a taste of history.

Listermann Brewing Company’s portfolio underscores Cincinnati’s creative beer scene with innovative offerings like the NutCase Peanut Butter Porter and unique variations of Milkshake IPAs and Double New Englands.

Akron’s Ale Aficionados

Akron-based breweries such as Ignite Brewing Company and R. Shea Brewing are capturing both awards and affection with their innovative beers and community involvement.

HiHO Brewing Company combines regional pride and West Coast styles, with the Gorges Blonde Ale exemplifying a beer inspired by the local Gorge Metro Park.

Missing Mountain Brewing Company showcases the brewery’s creativity with inventive beers such as the Zwickel Trickle Hazy IPA and Mustaches & Man Buns Double IPA.

Perched on the picturesque Cuyahoga River banks, Missing Mountain Brewing Company provides customers with impressive views while enjoying their outdoor-themed beers. In addition to their own creations, they also serve selections from Maumee Bay Brewing Company.

Delightful Beer Flavors: From IPAs to Lagers

Breweries in Ohio present an enjoyable exploration across a broad spectrum of beer styles, encompassing everything from robust IPAs, including the popular England IPA, to classic American Lagers and distinctive ales.

Take Fat Head’s Brewery, for instance, that is internationally recognized for its German wheat ale Alpenglow and American IPA Head Hunter.

Branch & Bones Artisan Ales showcases the diversity in Ohio’s beer flavors, offering a diverse line-up including:

  • Lagers
  • Ales
  • IPAs
  • Stouts
  • Berliner Weisse

Whether you’re a fan of the hop-intense IPAs, including the popular New England IPA, or have a soft spot for the classic American Lagers, Ohio’s breweries have got you covered.

The Rise of New England IPAs

The surging popularity of hazy IPAs in Ohio is unquestionably noticeable. For those who prefer a more hop-forward profile, breweries offer hoppy beers like their HAZY IPA.

Eleventhree Brewing, known for its double dry hopped hazy IPAs, is a new player to watch in Ohio’s rising IPA scene. As the popularity of this beer style continues to rise, so does the creativity and innovation of Ohio’s breweries.

Classic American Lagers

Even though the introduction of new beer styles is thrilling, a classic American Lager offers a sense of soothing familiarity. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing presents Ohio’s admiration for this timeless beer style through its beverages, including the malt-forward 614 Lager and Gold Standard.

These lagers embody the essence of traditional brewing, offering a refreshing yet nuanced flavor profile that appeals to both the beer connoisseur and the casual drinker. After all, a classic never goes out of style.

Unique Ales and Beyond

Ohio’s craft beer scene showcases an extensive range of ale styles, from cream ales and IPAs to sour beers, Mexican-style lagers, and stouts.

Breweries like Noble Creature Cask House exemplify innovation, with their practice of spontaneous fermentation and by responding to consumer demand with products like canned dry-hopped black lagers and breakfast stouts.

Whether you’re an ale aficionado or just starting your craft beer journey, Ohio’s diverse range of ales offers a flavor for every palate.

Brewery Experiences: More Than Just Beer

Enjoying craft beer in Ohio transcends the beverage itself; it encompasses the whole experience. From food pairings and historic settings to educational opportunities, Ohio breweries offer an immersive experience that goes beyond the pint.

Whether you’re savoring a meticulously crafted meal that complements your beer, exploring the historic building that houses the brewery, or learning about the intricacies of the brewing process on an educational tour, these experiences add a new dimension to your craft beer journey.

Food Pairings and Culinary Delights

Ohio breweries acknowledge the inseparable pairing of food and beer. Breweries like Noble Beast Brewing Co. and Lock 15 Brewing Company offer innovative food options that complement their craft beers, elevating the culinary experience.

Whether it’s the inventive food pairings at Noble Beast Brewing Co., the rustic eats at Butcher and the Brewer, or the food and beer experience that pays homage to Akron’s past at Lock 15 Brewing Company, these breweries ensure that your palate is just as delighted by the food as it is by the beer.

Taproom Ambiance

The vibe of a taproom significantly contributes to the holistic craft beer experience. Breweries like Urban Artifact, GlendAlehouse Brewery, and HiHO Brewing Company offer unique atmospheres that make each visit memorable.

Some taprooms that provide a comforting backdrop to your craft beer adventure include:

  • Urban Artifact’s historic church setting
  • GlendAlehouse Brewery’s homey feel
  • HiHO Brewing Company’s sense of community
  • Municipal Brew Works’ laid-back ambiance, complemented by the availability of food trucks

These taprooms, often part of a local brewery, allow patrons to enjoy craft beer with various food options.

Brewery Tours and Educational Opportunities

Breweries serve not only as venues for beer consumption but also as educational centers where one can acquire knowledge about the brewing process and the craft’s history. Breweries like Great Lakes Brewing Company and BrewDog offer informative and engaging tours that enhance the craft beer experience.

Whether it’s the immersive history tour at Great Lakes Brewing Company or the unique brewery tour experience that includes accommodation at BrewDog, these opportunities provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the craft beer you enjoy.

The Future of Ohio’s Brewery Market

The craft beer scene in Ohio is flourishing and expanding. In 2023, the Ohio Craft Brewers Association reported the opening of a series of new breweries across the state, and with at least 68 breweries in planning as of 2023, Ohio is anticipated to continue its expansion in the brewery sector.

To sustain this growth, the Ohio Craft Brewers Association emphasizes the necessity of connecting with local communities and engaging previously untapped customer bases. As Ohio’s brewery market continues to evolve and expand, so does the variety and innovation in its craft beer offerings.

Emerging Breweries to Watch

Dayton’s burgeoning craft beer culture distinguishes itself by:

  • Prioritizing high-quality local ingredients
  • Fostering a cooperative community spirit
  • Emphasizing a balance of brewing heritage and progressive innovation.

Breweries like Braxton Brewing Company are gaining attention for their original and inventive beer creations, contributing to the wave of up-and-coming breweries in Ohio. As the craft beer scene in Ohio continues to grow, here are some breweries to watch:

  • Braxton Brewing Company
  • Rhinegeist Brewery
  • Platform Beer Co.
  • Great Lakes Brewing Company
  • Jackie O’s Brewery

Ohio’s breweries adapt their offerings in line with the evolution of consumer preferences. Some examples of these adaptations include:

  • Introducing innovative products like alcoholic seltzers and pre-made cocktails
  • Creating special limited beers or ‘one-offs’
  • Offering seasonal beers that vary throughout the year

These adaptations reflect the evolving beer styles and trends in the Ohio brewery market.

The growth of taproom retail in Ohio reflects newer breweries’ preference for taproom sales over wholesale due to higher profit margins and the opportunity for direct customer engagement. As the craft beer industry continues to evolve, Ohio’s breweries are poised to adapt and innovate, keeping their offerings fresh and exciting.


From innovative brews and diverse beer styles to unique brewery experiences and a growing craft beer scene, Ohio offers a rich and vibrant craft beer landscape.

Whether you’re exploring Ohio’s craft beer scene city by city, savoring delightful beer flavors from IPAs to lagers, or looking forward to the future of Ohio’s brewery market, one thing is certain – Ohio’s breweries offer an enticing blend of tradition, innovation, and community that is sure to captivate any beer lover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many breweries in ohio?

There are 420 breweries in Ohio as of 2022, showing an 18% increase from 2020.

What makes Ohio’s craft beer scene unique?

Ohio’s craft beer scene is unique because it blends traditional brewing techniques with modern innovation, offering a diverse range of beer styles to try. Cheers to that!

What are some notable breweries in Ohio?

Ohio is home to several notable breweries, including Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, MadTree Brewing, Great Lakes Brewing Company, and Rhinegeist Brewery. These spots offer a range of unique and flavorful beers to try out.

In Ohio, popular beer styles include IPAs, lagers, and ales, with New England IPAs and American Lagers being notably favored. So, if you’re in Ohio, be sure to try out these local favorites!

How are Ohio breweries enhancing the craft beer experience?

Ohio breweries are enhancing the craft beer experience by offering unique experiences like food pairings, historic settings, brewery tours, and educational opportunities. They provide more than just great beer, creating an all-encompassing experience for visitors.