Top Picks: Discover the Best Breweries in New York for Craft Beer Lovers

Seeking the best breweries in New York? Cut to the chase with our curated selection where quality, creativity, and local flavors meld to define New York’s craft beer scene.

Dive into this straightforward guide for a taste of the top brewing destinations and what makes each stand out.

Key Takeaways

  • NYC’s craft beer scene is booming, with each borough offering a unique vibe and a diverse selection of brews, from The Bronx’s community-driven breweries to Staten Island’s innovative blends.
  • Women are making their mark in the industry, leading breweries like Talea Beer Co. and Simple Motive Brewing, and focusing on community, quality, and female empowerment in beer creation.
  • The city’s beer culture extends beyond breweries, with beer gardens for relaxation, can design as an art form, and inclusive events like beer festivals and brew tours showcasing the vibrant beer scene.

Craft Beer Gems: Exploring the Five Boroughs

Craft beer lovers, rejoice! New York City’s craft beer landscape is a treasure trove of unique brews and atmospheres. From casual tasting rooms to elaborate brewpubs, each of NYC’s five boroughs offers its own flavor and flair to the craft beer scene.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, exploring these craft beer gems will give you an enlightening glimpse into the city’s vibrant beer culture.

Without further ado, let’s explore each borough and their unique offerings!

The Bronx

The journey begins in The Bronx, home to breweries such as The Bronx Brewery and Gun Hill Brewing Company, both making significant strides. With a variety of award-winning beers, including stout, IPA, and saison, Gun Hill Brewing Company has been a part of The Bronx’s craft beer revolution for almost a decade.

The Bronx Brewery, known for its Hazy IPA, Imperial Pilsner, and West Coast-style Pale Ale, is a testament to the creativity, community, and inclusivity that defines this borough’s brewing scene.

Not only do these breweries serve up unique and flavorful brews, but they also foster a deep sense of community. The Bronx Brewery, for example, aligns with Gun Hill Brewing Company’s commitment to serving high-quality, fresh local brews, making them both standout destinations on any beer lover’s NYC itinerary.

Whether you’re a Bronx native or a curious beer explorer, these breweries offer an eclectic taste of the borough’s vibrant beer culture.


Moving on to Brooklyn, this borough proves to be a haven for craft beer enthusiasts, housing popular spots such as Brooklyn Brewery, Threes Brewing, and Other Half Brewing Company. These breweries are magnets for beer lovers, known for their unique brews and relaxed atmospheres.

Some of the top breweries in Brooklyn include:

  • Brooklyn Brewery, offering a selection of beers that caters to a wide range of tastes
  • Threes Brewing, known for their innovative brews
  • Other Half Brewing Company, also known for their innovative brews

Whether you’re looking to sip a classic pilsner or venture into the world of hazy IPAs, Brooklyn has a brew for you.


Next, we venture to Manhattan, home to Torch & Crown Brewing Company, the only large-scale brewery in the borough. Torch & Crown Brewing Company is renowned for its standout brews, such as the ‘Almost Famous’ hazy IPA and ‘Tenement’ Pilsner.

These brews serve as a testament to the brewery’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Manhattan also houses a unique nano-brewery, That Witch Ales You. This brewery delights craft beer enthusiasts with its creative beer flavors like Ginger IPA, Lychee Red, and Coconut Potion.

The combination of Torch & Crown Brewing Company’s large-scale operation and That Witch Ales You’s nano-brewery charm makes Manhattan a must-visit destination for any beer lover.


The journey continues to Queens, accommodating breweries like Big aLICe Brewing, Alewife Brewing, and Evil Twin Brewing. Each of these breweries adds a unique touch to Queens’ craft beer scene, creating brews that are as diverse as the borough itself.

Evil Twin Brewing, for example, offers an eclectic beer selection, including oak-aged lagers, hazy and hoppy IPAs, fruited sours, and pastry stouts. Alewife Brewing stands out with its microbrew menu, featuring small batch specialties such as beer aged in Mezcal barrels, funky IPAs, and kettle soured brews.

These breweries, especially those in Long Island City, are known for their great taplists and cozy spaces, making Queens a must-visit destination for craft beer enthusiasts.

Staten Island

The final destination in the Five Boroughs is Staten Island, a borough often overlooked, yet it boasts a unique and burgeoning craft beer scene. Standout breweries like Flagship Brewing Company and Kills Boro Brewing Company are making their mark here.

Flagship Brewing Company has cemented its position as a staple in the Staten Island craft beer market, garnering attention from locals and visitors alike. Kills Boro Brewing Company, on the other hand, is known for its innovative approach to brewing, consistently experimenting with new flavors and styles.

Whether you’re a Staten Island resident or just passing through, these breweries offer a taste of the borough’s burgeoning craft beer scene.

Women-Owned Breweries Making Waves

Continuing through NYC’s craft beer landscape, it’s necessary to acknowledge the women pioneering change in this historically male-dominated industry. Breweries like Talea Beer Co. and Simple Motive Brewing Company are not only producing exceptional brews but also fostering community and empowerment.

Founded in 2019, Talea Beer Co. is:

  • community-oriented
  • serving fruit-forward beers
  • located in Williamsburg and Cobble Hill
  • showcasing its commitment to female empowerment by employing all-female teams in its design and construction process.

Simple Motive Brewing Company in Yonkers is another trailblazer, highlighting women’s prowess in the beer industry with a range of hop-forward beers, kölsch, and porter. These breweries are not just making exceptional beers; they’re also reshaping the industry.

Farmhouse Ales and Sour Beers: NYC’s Unique Brews

Delving into NYC’s craft beer scene, it’s interesting to explore the distinctive realm of farmhouse ales and sour beers. Wild East Brewing Company is leading the way in this niche, specializing in crafting saisons, pale ales, and sour beers that offer a distinct taste of NYC.

Take, for instance, Wild East Brewing Company’s Saudade Blue, a foeder-aged mixed-fermentation rye saison infused with blueberries. Or their lambic-inspired ale, Ordered States of Nature: Kriek 2023, aged on cherries and offering a unique sour taste with high acidity.

These craft brews showcase how NYC breweries are pushing the boundaries of traditional beer flavors and styles.

The Ultimate Beer Garden Experience

Scenic view of Brooklyn Beer Garden

Having discovered NYC’s diverse craft beer landscape, there’s no better way to relax than in a picturesque beer garden. Breweries across the city, including Brooklyn Beer Garden, Spuyten Duyvil, and Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, offer the perfect setting to savor a pint amidst nature’s beauty in Carroll Gardens.

Some popular beer gardens in New York City include:

  • The Brooklyn Beer Garden, which blends local beer enjoyment with an artistic backdrop of vibrant murals crafted by neighborhood artists
  • Spuyten Duyvil, located in Brooklyn, which boasts a selection of over 100 predominantly European beers in a scenic back garden setting
  • Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, which offers an authentic Czech beer garden ambiance in Queens

These beer gardens are not just about serving great beer; they’re about creating memorable experiences.

Commercial Breweries with a Local Touch

Venturing deeper into NYC’s craft beer scene, it becomes apparent that larger-scale breweries are leaving an indelible mark. Breweries like Bronx Brewery have managed to achieve commercial success while maintaining the intimate feel of a neighborhood brewery, even in locations such as the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Bronx Brewery, for instance, has an outpost in the East Village and is an example of a commercial brewery that prioritizes community engagement. By hosting food partners like Bastard Burgers, Bronx Brewery integrates local businesses into its community-driven approach.

This balance between commercial success and community engagement is what makes NYC’s craft beer scene truly unique.

A Taste of New York State: Breweries Using Local Ingredients

In our ongoing exploration of NYC’s craft beer scene, it’s worth focusing on breweries that commit to using 100% local ingredients. Breweries like Arrowood Farms Brewery and Cool Cousin Brewing are offering a taste of New York State in every pint.

Arrowood Farms Brewery, for example, produces brews made with 100% New York ingredients, some grown on their own land nestled between the Catskill Mountains and Shawangunk Ridge.

Cool Cousin Brewing’s beers, including their flagship German-style Kolsch, are only available in New York State and are made with barley sourced locally from New York or Pennsylvania. These breweries showcase the farm-to-glass movement, celebrating the rich agricultural heritage of New York State.

The Hazy IPA Craze: Where to Find the Best Hazy IPAs in NYC

Navigating NYC’s craft beer scene, the hazy IPA trend is undeniably captivating. Breweries like Grimm Artisanal Ales and Other Half Brewing Company are leading the way in this trend, offering some of the best hazy IPAs in the city.

Other Half Brewing Company’s Hazy IPAs, such as All Citra Everything, Space Diamonds, and Mylar Bags, feature an array of hops and boast high ABVs ranging from 7.9% to 10.5%.

Grimm Artisanal Ales contributes to the Hazy IPA scene with their flagship hoppy offering, Wavetable, and other notable IPAs like Lumen and Magnetic Compass. These brews are a testament to the creativity and innovation that’s driving NYC’s craft beer scene.

Breweries with a View: Scenic Spots to Enjoy a Pint

Having experienced the diverse flavors and styles of NYC’s craft beer scene, it’s an opportune moment to enjoy a pint amidst a picturesque view. Breweries like Strong Rope Brewery, West Kill Brewing, and Heritage Hill Brewhouse offer the perfect setting to enjoy a brew with a view.

Some scenic breweries to visit include:

  • Strong Rope Brewery, which offers a view of the New York Harbor
  • West Kill Brewing, which provides a cozy, lodge-like taproom experience with stunning views of tree-covered mountains
  • Heritage Hill Brewhouse, which boasts a hilltop setting with panoramic views of the Syracuse skyline

Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or a casual beer drinker, these best breweries offer a unique and memorable beer-tasting experience.

The Art of Can Design: Creative Packaging in NYC Breweries

Continuing our journey through NYC’s craft beer scene, we should appreciate the creativity involved in can design. Creative can design plays a significant role in the identity and brand appeal of craft breweries in the city.

Take, for instance, Tesseract by Grimm Artisanal Ales. This beer not only features a notable hazy golden color with complex hoppy flavors but is also presented in distinctive packaging that captures consumer attention.

The unique and artistic approach to can design enhances the overall drinking experience, making it a crucial aspect of the craft beer industry.

New York City’s Beer Scene: Beyond the Breweries

The beer culture in New York City goes beyond just the breweries. City Brew Tours NYC provides an all-inclusive tour to explore the beer brewing roots of Brooklyn and Queens, including VIP tours of facilities, 12 different beer tastings, and a curated gourmet meal.

Beer festivals in NYC host a gathering of craft beer enthusiasts, offering over 150 styles of beer, live entertainment, and food.

With multiple dates throughout the year, these festivals and brewery tours present numerous opportunities for both residents and visitors to deepen their connection with the local craft beer scene.


NYC’s craft beer scene is a flavorful journey through diverse brews, creative spaces, and vibrant beer culture. From the unique offerings of each of the five boroughs to the trailblazing women-owned breweries, NYC’s beer landscape is as dynamic as the city itself.

Whether you’re sipping a pint amidst scenic views, exploring the craze for hazy IPAs, or appreciating the art of can design, NYC’s craft beer scene has something for everyone.

So, the next time you’re in the city, why not embark on your own craft beer adventure?

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of beers are commonly brewed in NYC breweries?

NYC breweries brew a diverse range of beers, including hazy IPAs, farmhouse ales, sour beers, and pale ales. Enjoy exploring the different flavors!

Are there any women-owned breweries in NYC?

Yes, there are several women-owned breweries in NYC, like Talea Beer Co. and Simple Motive Brewing Company. Enjoy exploring them!

What is a unique feature of NYC’s breweries?

NYC’s breweries often use 100% local ingredients, showcasing the state’s agricultural heritage. This adds a unique and local flavor to their beers.

Where can I find the best hazy IPAs in NYC?

You can find the best hazy IPAs in NYC at breweries like Grimm Artisanal Ales and Other Half Brewing Company. Enjoy exploring!

Are there any breweries in NYC that offer scenic views?

Yes, Strong Rope Brewery, West Kill Brewing, and Heritage Hill Brewhouse are some breweries in NYC that offer scenic views for enjoying a pint.