Unveiling the Best Breweries in Montana: Your Guide to Exceptional Craft Beer

Ah, Montana! Known for its breathtaking landscapes, outdoor adventures, and, of course, its exceptional craft beer scene.

From the bustling city of Bozeman to the charming small towns scattered across the state, Montana is a haven for beer enthusiasts looking to quench their thirst with a diverse range of unique brews.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite beer glass, and let’s embark on a journey to discover the best breweries in Montana.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Montana’s diverse craft beer scene for hoppy IPAs, smooth porters & refreshing pilsners.
  • Visit top breweries like Big Sky Brewing Co., Flathead Lake Brewing Co. and Lewis & Clark Brewing Co.
  • Enjoy unique experiences with food pairings, family outings and exciting events at local festivals!

Montana’s Craft Beer Scene

Montana has long been a destination for craft beer aficionados, boasting numerous top-notch breweries that have gained both local and national recognition.

Many of these breweries use Montana-grown ingredients, ensuring that you’re getting a true taste of the state with every sip. Some of the popular breweries in Montana include:

  • Big Sky Brewing Company, known for their beloved Moose Drool brown ale
  • Neptune’s Brewery, offering the crisp River Nymph Golden Ale
  • Lewis & Clark Brewing Company, known for their hoppy IPAs
  • KettleHouse Brewing Company, offering a variety of smooth porters
  • Bayern Brewing, known for their refreshing pilsners

Montana’s brewing landscape is as diverse as its terrain. Whether you’re a fan of hoppy IPAs, smooth porters, or refreshing pilsners, there’s no shortage of awesome beer to explore in Big Sky Country.

Allow your taste buds to lead the way as we acquaint you with Montana’s finest breweries.

Top Montana Breweries: Our Favorites

Selecting Montana’s best breweries is certainly a challenging task. With so many incredible options, we’ve narrowed it down to our absolute favorites that you simply can’t miss.

From the enchanting city of Missoula to the picturesque shores of Flathead Lake, these breweries offer not only exceptional craft beers but also memorable experiences that will leave you wanting more.

Let us honor Big Sky Brewing Company, Flathead Lake Brewing Company, and Lewis & Clark Brewing Company – our selected top breweries in Montana.

Missoula’s Magic: Big Sky Brewing Company

Nestled in the heart of Missoula, Big Sky Brewing Company has been enchanting beer lovers since its inception. Famous for its flagship beer, Moose Drool, this beloved brewery offers a diverse selection of beers that cater to a wide range of tastes.

Not far away, Mighty Mo Brewing Company also contributes to the thriving local brewing scene.

With wildlife-inspired label artwork and a welcoming taproom, Big Sky Brewing Company is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a refreshing pint of Montana’s finest craft beer.

Scenic Sips: Flathead Lake Brewing Company

Imagine sipping on a delicious craft beer while gazing out at the stunning waters of Flathead Lake. At Flathead Lake Brewing Company, this dream becomes a reality.

Located in Bigfork, this picturesque brewery offers 16 beers on tap, including their popular Bluff Charge Pale Ale and Zero Day Double IPA.

With a cozy taproom and breathtaking views of Flathead Lake, you’ll quickly understand why this brewery is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Capital City Creations: Lewis & Clark Brewing Company

Venture to Montana’s capital city, Helena, and you’ll find the award-winning Lewis & Clark Brewing Company. With a vast selection of craft beers, live music, and exciting events, this brewery has something for everyone.

From the hoppy goodness of their Prickly Pear Pale Ale to the smooth and malty flavors of their Yellowstone Golden Ale, there’s no shortage of exceptional brews to sample.

Gather your friends, relish the vibrant atmosphere, and toast to the finest brews of the capital city.

The Bozeman Beer Trail

If you happen to visit Bozeman, get ready for an unforgettable beer journey – courtesy of the Bozeman Beer Trail. This trail showcases some of the best breweries in the area, including Mountains Walking Brewery & Pub, Bridger Brewing, and MAP Brewing Co.

From unique brews and stunning mountain views to delicious food pairings, the Bozeman Beer Trail offers a diverse and memorable beer experience that will leave you craving more.

Mountains Walking Brewery & Pub

Nestled at the foot of the majestic mountains, Mountains Walking Brewery & Pub in Bozeman offers an unparalleled beer experience.

With an extensive selection of unique beers, such as the Fruited Beer Slush, Barrel Aged Stout with Macadamia Coffee and Coconut, and the Terrible Imperial Stout, you’ll be sure to find something to please your palate. And don’t forget to take in the breathtaking mountain views while you enjoy your brew.

Mountains Walking Brewery & Pub is truly a beer lover’s paradise.

Bridger Brewing

If you’re searching for a brewery that expertly pairs delicious craft beers with mouthwatering food, look no further than Bridger Brewing in Bozeman. From their signature IPA to their rich stout, each beer is crafted to perfection and designed to complement the diverse menu offerings.

Savor a plate of smothered fries or indulge in their bison pepperoni pizza as you sip on your favorite brew.

With a cozy atmosphere and a commitment to quality, Bridger Brewing is a must-visit destination on the Bozeman Beer Trail.

MAP Brewing Co.

Situated in Bozeman, MAP Brewing Co. is a gem that should not be missed. Known for its highly ranked beers, such as Midas Crush and Strange Cattle, MAP Brewing Co. offers an impressive selection of brews for every beer lover.

The taproom, with its stunning views of Glen Lake and the Bridger Mountain Range, provides a picturesque backdrop for enjoying your favorite pint.

Don’t forget to check out their full-service kitchen, sundeck, and beer garden, making MAP Brewing Co. an unforgettable stop on the Bozeman Beer Trail.

Small Town Gems: Exceptional Breweries Off the Beaten Path

If you’re looking to venture off the beaten path and discover some hidden gems, Montana’s small towns have plenty to offer.

With exceptional breweries like Busted Knuckle Brewery, Beaver Creek Brewery, and Philipsburg Brewing Company, you’ll find that these small-town establishments pack a big punch when it comes to craft beer. So, get your map ready and set out to explore these less-famed but equally outstanding breweries.

Busted Knuckle Brewery

Located in Glasgow, Busted Knuckle Brewery offers a unique backstory and a cozy tasting room for visitors to enjoy.

Founded by a former car mechanic turned passionate brewer, this small-town brewery has a range of creative beers on tap, such as Hot Rod Jalapeno Amber, Rusted Nut Amber Ale, and Castor Mexican Amber Ale. With its welcoming atmosphere and diverse selection of brews, Busted Knuckle Brewery is a hidden gem worth discovering.

Beaver Creek Brewery

In the charming town of Wibaux, Beaver Creek Brewery is another small-town brewery that should not be overlooked. Known for its craft beer made from Montana-grown barley, Beaver Creek Brewery offers a range of delectable beers, such as Rusty Beaver Wheat Ale, Red Headed India Pale Ale, and the popular Beaver Creek Pale Ale.

With its historic atmosphere and commitment to using local ingredients, Beaver Creek Brewery is a must-visit destination for any craft beer enthusiast.

Philipsburg Brewing Company

Philipsburg Brewing Company is:

  • a small-town gem
  • a community-oriented and eco-friendly establishment
  • located in Philipsburg
  • known for its locally sourced ingredients
  • known for its award-winning operations

With a range of beers to choose from and a commitment to sustainability, Philipsburg Brewing Company is a brewery you won’t want to miss.

Breweries with a Twist: Unique Montana Beer Experiences

For those seeking a one-of-a-kind beer experience, Montana’s breweries have plenty to offer. Here are some unique breweries to check out:

  1. Neptune’s Brewery – Known for its sea-inspired brews
  2. Bayern Brewing, Inc. – Authentic German-style beer
  3. Draught Works Brewery – Lively atmosphere and diverse selection of beers on tap

Let’s dive deeper into these exceptional breweries and discover what sets them apart.

Neptune’s Brewery

Venture into the enchanting world of Neptune’s Brewery, where the ocean’s magic comes to life in every sip. With captivating brews like Siren Song Honey Rye and River Nymph Golden Ale, Neptune’s Brewery offers a whimsical escape for beer lovers in search of something different.

Located in Livingston, Madison River Brewing Company is a charming brewery that is sure to make a splash in your craft beer journey.

Bayern Brewing, Inc.

For a taste of authentic German-style beer, look no further than Bayern Brewing, Inc. in Missoula. This German-inspired brewery adheres to the Reinheitsgebot, the German beer purity law, ensuring that each brew is crafted using only:

  • malted barley
  • yeast
  • hops
  • water

With a range of traditional Bavarian beers, such as Pilsner, Doppel Weizen, and Hefeweizen, Bayern Brewing, Inc. offers a unique and delicious beer experience that’s sure to transport you to the heart of Germany.

Draught Works Brewery

Draught Works Brewery in Missoula is the perfect destination for those seeking a lively atmosphere, diverse beer selection, and exciting seasonal events.

With 22 beers on tap, including a nonalcoholic option, Draught Works Brewery has something for everyone. From live music to bingo nights, there’s never a dull moment at this bustling brewery.

So, grab a pint and join in the fun at Draught Works Brewery.

Family-Friendly Breweries in Montana

Montana’s breweries aren’t just for the adults, as many offer family-friendly atmospheres that cater to all ages. Whether you’re enjoying a pint at Bozeman Brewing Company or sipping on a cold brew at KettleHouse Brewing Company, these breweries provide a welcoming environment for the whole family.

And don’t forget about Shred Monk Brewery and Coffeehouse, where you can enjoy craft beer, coffee, and farm-to-table cuisine in a lively setting.

Let’s explore these family-friendly breweries in more detail.

Bozeman Brewing Company

Bozeman Brewing Company, the oldest craft brewing joint in town, offers a family-friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. With a variety of ales, lagers, and seasonal brews, there’s no shortage of delicious beer to savor.

Assemble your family and visit Bozeman Brewing Company for a day filled with fun, craft beer and memorable moments with your loved ones.

KettleHouse Brewing Company

Located in Missoula, KettleHouse Brewing Company provides a welcoming environment for families to enjoy together. With a diverse selection of beers crafted with Montana-grown ingredients and a comfortable taproom, KettleHouse Brewing Company is the perfect spot for families to relax and enjoy a cold brew.

Assemble your relatives and visit this family-friendly brewery.

Shred Monk Brewery and Coffeehouse

For a family-friendly brewery that offers more than just beer, look no further than Shred Monk Brewery and Coffeehouse. Here’s what they have to offer:

  • A lively atmosphere
  • Craft beer
  • Freshly brewed coffee
  • Farm-to-table food

Shred Monk has something for everyone in the family.

Whether you plan a morning coffee stop or an evening pint, Shred Monk Brewery and Coffeehouse is a delightful place for family gatherings.

Montana Breweries with Delectable Food Pairings

There’s nothing quite like savoring a delicious meal perfectly paired with a refreshing craft beer, and Montana’s breweries have plenty of delectable pairings to offer.

Some examples include:

  • Tamarack Brewing Company’s mouthwatering Brie Chicken Sandwich
  • Meadowlark Brewing & Public House’s warm and satisfying dishes
  • Blackfoot River Brewing Company, where you can enjoy Bavarian-style brews alongside tasty menu options.

Prepare for a culinary adventure as we uncover these mouth-watering pairings.

Tamarack Brewing Company

Sit back and savor the mouthwatering food and beer pairings at Tamarack Brewing Company. Known for its delicious brews and diverse menu, Tamarack Brewing Company offers a range of options for pairing with their beers, such as Sip ‘N’ Go Naked Berry Crisp cooked with berries braised in apricot ale and beer-battered fries.

With a beer pairing menu to guide you through the perfect combinations, Tamarack Brewing Company is a must-visit destination for food and beer enthusiasts alike.

Meadowlark Brewing & Public House

Located in Sidney, Meadowlark Brewing & Public House offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy their varied selection of beers with comforting food from the kitchen.

With options like burgers, chili dogs, and fish tacos, Meadowlark Brewing & Public House provides the perfect setting for a delicious meal paired with a refreshing beer.

Visit Meadowlark Brewing & Public House and indulge in a fulfilling food and beer pairing.

Blackfoot River Brewing Company

Discover the delightful food and beer pairings at Blackfoot River Brewing Company in Helena. Known for its Bavarian-style brews and tasty menu options, Blackfoot River Brewing Company offers a unique and enjoyable experience for those seeking delicious food paired with quality beer.

With recommendations for pairing their Cream Ale with chicken, salmon, and salads, or their Blue Collar ESB with fish & chips and roasted chicken, you’ll find a perfect match for your taste buds at Blackfoot River Brewing Company.

Don’t forget to try their Cold Smoke Scotch Ale for a unique flavor experience, and give their Painted Rock Porter a taste as well.

Beer Festivals and Events in Montana

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Montana’s thriving craft beer culture, attending one of the many beer festivals and events throughout the year is a must.

From the prestigious Montana Beer Awards to the lively Montana Brew Fest, these events celebrate the state’s exceptional breweries and showcase the best beers that Montana has to offer. Mark your calendars, prepare to toast and celebrate Montana’s lively beer culture at these thrilling festivals and events.


From the bustling cities to the quaint small towns, Montana’s craft beer scene offers an incredible range of breweries, each with its unique charm and exceptional brews.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or just discovering the world of craft beer, Montana is the perfect destination to explore a diverse selection of flavors, styles, and experiences.

So, gather your friends, raise a glass, and celebrate the vibrant and thriving world of Montana’s craft beer scene. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many breweries in montana?

With over 100 craft breweries in the state, Montana’s brewing sector is booming, representing one of the fastest growing manufacturing divisions in the area.

What are some of the best breweries in Montana?

For great craft beer in Montana, Big Sky Brewing Company, Flathead Lake Brewing Company, and Lewis & Clark Brewing Company are all excellent options.

What types of beers can I expect to find in Montana breweries?

You’ll find a great selection of beers at Montana breweries, including IPAs, stouts, porters, pilsners, and even seasonal brews.

Are there any family-friendly breweries in Montana?

Yes, there are family-friendly breweries in Montana such as Bozeman Brewing Company, KettleHouse Brewing Company and Shred Monk Brewery and Coffeehouse.

Are there any unique beer experiences in Montana?

Yes, Montana has unique beer experiences available at breweries like Neptune’s, Bayern Brewing, and Draught Works.