Discover the Best Breweries in Indiana for Craft Beer Connoisseurs

Attention craft beer lovers: Indiana is a beer lover’s paradise!

With a thriving craft beer scene and an impressive ranking of 16th in the country for the most number of craft breweries, Indiana offers a diverse range of delicious brews waiting to be discovered.

Ready to embark on a hoppy adventure and explore the best breweries in Indiana? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Indiana’s 195 craft breweries for award-winning brews, unique atmospheres & delicious food pairings!
  • Have a great time while making an impact: discover charities supported by local breweries.
  • Enjoy thrilling activities like axe throwing and corn mazes, just remember to check the rules first!

Indiana’s Craft Beer Scene: A Statewide Tour

The craft beer scene in Indiana genuinely mirrors the state’s rich history, culture, and fondness for quality beer. With 195 breweries scattered throughout the Hoosier State, you’ll find refreshing ales, porters, stouts, and spirits waiting to tantalize your taste buds.

If you’re in Indianapolis, don’t miss out on visiting Taxman City Way, Chilly Water, and Fountain Square for some amazing craft brews. For those who crave something unique, Deviate Brewing is a must-visit destination known for their experimental beers.

For easy navigation through Indiana’s amazing beer landscape, our tour is divided into three regions: Northern, Central, and Southern Indiana.

Each region offers unique flavors and experiences. So, armed with your beer map, embark on this tasting journey!

Northern Indiana Breweries

In Northern Indiana, you’ll find some of the best breweries, including top-notch ones like:

  • 18th Street Brewery , which offers a wide variety of delicious beers and an inviting atmosphere
  • Bare Hands Brewery, which is famous for handcrafting small batches of fantastic beer with the highest quality ingredients
  • 3 Floyds Brewing Co., known for its unique and flavorful brews. These are just a few examples of the amazing breweries in Indiana that you can explore.

With 10 rotating taps, you’ll never run out of options to try.

3 Floyds Brewing Co., a world-renowned brewery since 1996, has a reputation for producing some of the region’s finest beers. Popular picks include:

  • Zombie Dust
  • Dark Lord
  • Gumballhead
  • Dreadnaught
  • Alpha King

All guaranteed to impress even the most discerning beer connoisseur, these best beers are a must-try for anyone seeking the perfect craft brew.

Central Indiana Breweries

Central Indiana is home to some equally popular breweries, such as:

Sun King Brewery, located near College Ave, has been delighting beer enthusiasts with their award-winning Sunlight Cream Ale and various other delicious beers since their humble beginnings in a small twelve tap tasting room. Now, Sun King spans three buildings, offering as many as sixteen beers at a time, including six standard brews along with limited edition beers on a seasonal and monthly basis.

Metazoa Brewing Company is a craft brewery situated in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. They produce an array of traditional lagers and unique, experimental styles.

They take their commitment to community seriously, proudly donating 5% of their profits to animal and wildlife organizations.

On the other hand, Daredevil Brewing Co., renowned for their ‘aggressively fun craft beer,’ specializes in hop-centric ales and is proud to have one of the state’s most diverse German-style lager programs.

Don’t miss their Enjoy a Lift Off IPA, the number one selling Indiana-made IPA.

Southern Indiana Breweries

Southern Indiana also features some standout breweries, like Mad Paddle Brewery, Upland Brewing Company, and Taxman Brewing Company.

Upland Brewing Company is widely known for its exciting seasonal beers; these rotate often, with seven different beers always available on tap.

Their beautiful patio serves as a beer garden, creating an inviting atmosphere for beer lovers.

Mad Paddle Brewery and Taxman Brewing Company are also worth a visit. Mad Paddle Brewery specializes in artisan beer and offers Neapolitan-inspired pizzas, while Taxman Brewing Company produces a wide range of seasonal and limited release offerings.

No matter which brewery you choose to visit in Southern Indiana, you’re bound to find great beer and a welcoming atmosphere.

Award-Winning Brews to Try

Indiana is familiar with award-winning brews, with some of the highest-rated beers originating from Sun King Brewery and Bier Brewery.

Sun King’s Afternoon Delight, a bourbon barrel-aged Doppelbock, has won multiple awards at the Great American Beer Festival® and World Beer Cup®.

Bier Brewery’s European-style creations are also noteworthy, using imported German malt from a 160-year old family-owned Bavarian maltster in Kulmbach, giving their beer an authentic and traditional flavor that sets them apart from others.

So, if you’re in Indiana, make sure to toast to these terrific award-winning brews. You’ll want to hear the satisfying clink of your glass as you savor these delicious and well-deserved champions.

The Art of Barrel-Aged Beers in Indiana

The technique of barrel-aging beers thrives in Indiana, with breweries such as Upland Brewing Company demonstrating their mastery in this craft.

Barrel-aging involves storing beer in wooden barrels for a period, infusing it with unique flavors and characteristics from the wood and its previous contents.

The fruited sours from Upland Brewing Company are a perfect representation of the art of barrel-aging. Aged in oak foeders for eight to twelve months, the flavors of the fruit blend perfectly with the sour base beer, creating a distinct and delicious flavor profile.

Upland Brewing Company uses a variety of fruits native to Indiana, such as cherries and pawpaws, making their fruited sours truly one-of-a-kind.

Don’t pass up the chance to sample these outstanding barrel-aged brews on your Indiana brewery tour.

Breweries with Unique Atmospheres

Indiana breweries are about more than just beer; they also provide distinctive atmospheres that set them apart.

Guggman Haus Brewery, for instance, brews all their beer in the basement of their Haus and has a spacious taproom with over 15 unique beers on tap. Their family-friendly atmosphere and beer garden make for a delightful visit.

New Day Craft’s modern meadery offers another distinctive experience. Opened in 2006 by Tia Agnew and Brett Canaday, who started producing mead after becoming amateur beekeepers, this innovative meadery offers a fresh perspective on traditional brewing practices.

These breweries with unique atmospheres provide not only great beer but also memorable experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

Pairing Food and Beer: Indiana Breweries with Tasty Menus

Achieving the perfect harmony between food and beer is an art in itself, and numerous Indiana breweries have excelled in this craft. One such brewery is Bad Dad Brewing Co.

They specialize in artisan beer and offer Neapolitan-inspired pizzas that complement their brews beautifully.

Some of their mouth-watering pizza options include:

  • Cup and char pepperoni
  • Leoparding Neapolitan-ish crust
  • Canadian bacon
  • Ricotta

These pizzas pair perfectly with Bad Dad Brewing Co.’s beer selection.

ZwanzigZ Brewery also boasts a tasty menu, offering specialty pizzas that go hand-in-hand with their craft beer offerings.

Half Moon Restaurant and Brewery is another great destination for those looking to enjoy good beer and good food, with their BBQ Ribs served alongside the Half Moon Sampler, a selection of freshly brewed standard and seasonal beers.

These breweries prove that good food and good beer are a match made in heaven.

Community Impact: Breweries Giving Back

Indiana breweries are about more than just brewing excellent beer; they also make positive contributions to their communities.

Metazoa Brewing Company, for example, donates 5% of their profits to animal welfare organizations and animal-centric charities. They take pride in their philanthropic mission and are dedicated to making a difference.

People’s Brewing Co. focuses on giving back to their community by:

  • Educating customers about local beer history
  • Promoting inclusion in their brands
  • Highlighting the contributions of Black individuals and communities to beer and brewing history

This shows their commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive beer culture. Indiana craft breweries, like People’s Brewing Co., demonstrate that it’s possible to enjoy a refreshing brew while also making a positive impact on the community.

Indiana Breweries with Fun Activities

If you seek unique experiences and entertaining activities at Indiana breweries, your search ends here. Hoosier Brewing Company offers beer and band festivals, axe throwing, and Girls Pint Out events, ensuring there’s never a dull moment.

With trained Axe Lane Coaches on hand to teach you how to safely throw axes, you can enjoy this thrilling activity while sipping on their amazing craft beers.

Another exciting event to check out is the 450 North Brewing Company’s Corn Maze Beer Fest, an annual beer festival featuring over 80 top breweries from across the country.

This one-of-a-kind event lets you enjoy craft beer while navigating through a corn maze, making for an unforgettable experience.

Indiana breweries with fun activities provide not only great beer but also lasting memories.

Tips for Visiting Indiana Breweries

To maximize your Indiana brewery visits, forward planning is key. Appoint a driver to guarantee visitor safety, as they will provide a safe journey home for those who have indulged in alcohol.

Designated drivers at Indiana breweries typically receive free non-alcoholic beverages and may even get discounted tickets, making this a great deal.

Explore brewery tours and events, as Indiana breweries offer a variety of guided tours, beer tastings, and educational seminars. Be sure to check with the individual brewery beforehand to confirm their rules and regulations regarding children and pets, as policies may vary.

Equipped with these tips, you’re ready to fully enjoy your visits to Indiana breweries.


In conclusion, Indiana’s thriving craft beer scene offers a diverse range of breweries, from award-winning establishments to those with unique atmospheres and fun activities.

With a focus on quality, community impact, and memorable experiences, Indiana breweries cater to every beer lover’s taste.

So, raise a glass and toast to Indiana’s incredible craft beer scene – cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many breweries in indiana?

With over 200 craft breweries in Indiana, there’s plenty of delicious brews to explore and enjoy!

Which Indiana breweries offer unique atmospheres?

Guggman Haus Brewery and New Day Craft offer unique atmospheres, with a racing museum and modern meadery respectively.

What are some examples of Indiana breweries giving back to their communities?

Metazoa Brewing Company gives back to animal welfare organizations, while People’s Brewing Co. supports local beer history education – both great examples of Indiana breweries giving back to their communities!

What fun activities can I find at Indiana breweries?

Experience the thrill of axe throwing and sip some delicious craft beer at Hoosier Brewing Company, or attend the annual Corn Maze Beer Fest at 450 North Brewing Company for a fun-filled day!

What are some tips for visiting Indiana breweries?

Make sure to plan for a designated driver, explore available brewery tours and events, and check each brewery’s rules regarding children and pets to make the most of your visit to Indiana’s breweries.