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Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

Blood Alcohol content is measured by the amount of ethanol (aka – alcohol) that is present in one’s bloodstream. The Federal legal limit for operating a vehicle requires that you be under .08 to legally drive.

However, it should be noted that impaired driving typically begins to occur between .05 – .08. To help put this into perspective, The National Transportation Safety Board reported that Europe saw the number of traffic deaths caused by drunk drivers reduced by more than half since lowering their nations legal limit to .05.


Our Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) calculator is designed exclusively for informational and educational use. The calculator’s outputs, along with any accompanying information, should not be used as a substitute for the professional advice of your doctor, health care provider, or legal advisor.

Always seek the advice of these professionals for medical conditions and legal inquiries. No BAC calculator can claim absolute accuracy, given the myriad factors and complexities surrounding individual alcohol consumption.

Factors such as one’s sex, body weight, quantity of alcohol intake, metabolism rate, health conditions, medication use, alcohol consumption history, and the quantity and timing of food and non-alcoholic beverages consumed all play a role in determining an individual’s BAC.

Consequently, our calculator can only offer a broad approximation of a BAC level, grounded in the inputs provided.