Beer Festivals You Won’t Believe Exist

Beer festivals are celebrated worldwide, with enthusiasts eagerly anticipating these events to sample a vast array of brews, enjoy lively entertainment, and immerse themselves in the rich culture of beer drinking.

However, beyond the well-known Oktoberfest in Munich, there are several beer festivals with unique twists that might surprise even the most seasoned beer aficionados.

From floating down a river with a beer in hand to experiencing a Brazilian take on a German tradition, these festivals offer unforgettable experiences. Let’s dive into a world of beer festivals that are as unconventional as they are captivating.

Oktoberfest, Blumenau, Brazil

When you think of Oktoberfest, Germany immediately comes to mind. However, Blumenau, a city in Brazil, hosts the world’s second-largest Oktoberfest, drawing visitors from all corners of the globe.

Established by German immigrants, this festival embraces traditional German culture while infusing it with a vibrant Brazilian flair. Imagine lederhosen-clad dancers moving to samba rhythms, and you’ve got Oktoberfest in Blumenau.

Beyond its cultural fusion, the festival features an impressive selection of both German and Brazilian beers, making it a must-visit for beer lovers looking for an Oktoberfest experience with a twist.

Great British Beer Festival, London, UK

Organized by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), the Great British Beer Festival is an annual celebration that showcases the best of British ales, ciders, perries, and international beers.

Held in London, this event is a pilgrimage site for beer enthusiasts, offering over a thousand different beers from across the globe. But it’s not just the sheer variety that makes it unique; it’s the festival’s commitment to promoting real ale, cider, and traditional brewing methods that sets it apart.

Attendees can enjoy tutored tastings, meet the brewers sessions, and learn about the art of brewing, making it a comprehensive beer experience.

Great! Let’s continue exploring the unique and intriguing beer festivals around the world, delving into the details of each to capture the essence of what makes them stand out.

Belgian Beer Weekend, Brussels, Belgium

No country is quite as synonymous with beer as Belgium, and the Belgian Beer Weekend, held annually in Brussels, is a testament to this nation’s deep-rooted beer culture.

Taking place in the iconic Grand Place, this event isn’t just a beer festival; it’s a celebration of Belgium’s brewing heritage, recognized by UNESCO. Visitors can explore over 500 different Belgian beers, from world-renowned Trappists to eclectic craft ales.

The festival’s highlights include the Brewers’ Parade in medieval costumes, the blessing of the beer, and the chance to taste some of the rarest and most exclusive brews. The Belgian Beer Weekend is a must for anyone who wants to dive deep into the heart of beer culture.

The Oregon Brewers Festival, Portland, USA

In the craft beer capital of the world, Portland, Oregon, the Oregon Brewers Festival stands out as one of the nation’s longest-running craft beer festivals.

Held at the scenic waterfront park, this festival is a celebration of craft beer’s innovative spirit, featuring over 80 independent craft brewers from across the country.

What sets this festival apart is not just the diversity of the beers offered, including many small-batch and experimental brews, but its commitment to sustainability.

From composting and recycling to using solar power, the festival is as green as it is vibrant. The Oregon Brewers Festival is an essential event for craft beer lovers and those interested in the intersection of sustainability and beer.

Qingdao Beer Festival, Qingdao, China

Dubbed the “Asian Oktoberfest,” the Qingdao Beer Festival is the largest beer festival in Asia, offering an extraordinary blend of Chinese and German beer culture.

Held in Qingdao, home to the famous Tsingtao Brewery, the festival attracts millions of visitors with its lively parades, beer tasting sessions, and carnival-like atmosphere. The event features a vast selection of beers from China and around the world, alongside traditional Chinese and German foods.

The Qingdao Beer Festival provides a unique opportunity to witness the fusion of cultures through the universal language of beer, making it a standout event for both beer lovers and cultural explorers.

Beer Floating, Helsinki, Finland

Perhaps the most unconventional entry on our list, Beer Floating (Kaljakellunta) in Helsinki, Finland, combines the leisure of floating down a river with the pleasure of enjoying beer.

Participants take to the Vantaa River on rafts, inflatable toys, or anything that floats, with a beer in hand, creating a floating party that drifts along the water.

This grassroots event has no official organizer or start time; it’s a spontaneous gathering that has gained popularity through word of mouth and social media. Beer Floating is more than just a beer festival; it’s a unique experience that embodies the Finnish spirit of freedom and fun.


From the lively streets of Blumenau, Brazil, to the serene rivers of Helsinki, Finland, these beer festivals offer more than just the chance to sample a wide array of brews.

They invite visitors to immerse themselves in unique cultures, traditions, and experiences that celebrate the world’s shared love for beer.

Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or simply someone in search of adventure, these festivals promise unforgettable memories and the opportunity to partake in some of the most extraordinary beer-related festivities around the globe.

So, grab your passport and your pint glass, and set off on a journey to explore the incredible world of beer festivals.