How to Build a Keezer Style Kegerator

Picture of a keezer with collar for homebrewing

When you think of a kegerator, you normally think of an old clunker of a fridge in the corner of a frat house, covered in bumper stickers and stale Natty.

Your kegerator should add style to your place. It should turn heads and get people talking. The type of kegerator I will teach you to build, known as a keezer, will do just that. Then it’s up to you to fill it with great beer, but I’m sure you can handle that.

This page is the starting point for building your keezer. What follows are the three blog posts I wrote about the build as well as parts lists for the kegging setup I use. Make sure to scroll the the bottom of the page to check out pictures of the build as well as keezer picture submitted by readers who built theirs from my instructions.

Blog Posts

  1. The blueprint for a badass kegerator
  2. How to build the keezer collar
  3. How to add a fan and other updates
  4. Insulating the keezer collar

Parts for the gas side

Parts for the beer side


Other Accessories and Resources