Review: Ultimate Whirlpool & Aeration Paddle

by Jessi Boehme | Updated: January 12, 2017

What better way to start the New Year than to try out new brewing products?! We thought so too!

We were sent the Jaybird Aeration Beer Brewing Paddle to test out. We developed our recipe, okay Steve (my boyfriend) made the recipe, picked up our grains and started brewing an oatmeal stout.

Steve had never done a whirlpool during home brewing before and when he read about Norcal’s equipment we wanted to give it a try. After grabbing our drill, the set-up was pretty simple. Step one, attach paddle to your drill, as it has a built-in 3/8” drill chuck bit. Step two, brew you beer and after the boil get ready to create your whirlpool. Check out the video below to see it in action.

As you can see, it took a steady hand to control the drill and paddle. You want to be careful with the speed of the drill so that you didn’t lose control and scratch the sides of the kettle. After whirl pooling for 1-2 minutes, you remove the paddle quickly and wait for it to settle.

The only issue we potentially could see was with the way we cooled down the wort. We have always used an immersion wort chiller so we had to be careful not to disturb the pile of hop trub in the center of our pot. After opening the valve and transferring the wart to the fermenter, we noticed a big and improved difference in the clarity of our wart. The hop trub left over was left in the center of our boil kettle just like the paddle was intended for.

Though we didn’t videotape it, once our beer was in the fermenter we used the paddle once more to aerate it. This promotes a better environment for the yeast to flourish and was the most efficient method for aerating our beer.

Lastly, we liked that the paddle has a black plastic plug at the end of it. Not only does this keep beer/sediment from getting up in your paddle but it also prevents any scratching of your kettles. All in all, we love the product! It’s a simple tool with little learning curve and will definitely be whirlpooling our homebrews for years to come.

Jessi Boehme (pronounced like fame) is a registered dietitian and a recent graduate of Central Michigan University’s Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, living in Beer City USA, Grand Rapids, Michigan. She works locally as a dietitian by day and by night you can find her getting flights of beer with friends and family. She’s excited to bring a nutrition and science background to the Homebrew Academy. Cheers!