Keg Management System by Plaato Keg

by Karl S | Updated: November 10, 2021


Who doesn’t like their beer cold and fresh? I am sure all of us must love having a beer with friends, every now and then. So, why should you look to get a keg management system?

For one, you would know when you need to restock. You don’t want your party night to run dry.

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PLAATO Keg - The Keg Management System

First all-in-one system that keeps a track of how much is left in your kegs, the volume of each poor and detects leaks. WIFI-CONNECTED. Get access to your beer stats straight on your phone from wherever you are.

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03/16/2023 08:32 pm GMT

Don’t worry – you can keep a check on your beer by the PLAATO Keg. Know more about your beer and your kegerator. Here is what works for the PLAATO Keg.

The Top Benefits of the PLAATO Keg

What would you love about this keg management system? Here is a look.


Unlike any other mere keg, it comes with extraordinary features. The PLAATO keg is waterproof enclosed and operates even in the toughest of environments. The cherry on the cake? You don’t need any maintenance or cleaning.

High standard accuracy

High quality, full-bridge load cells makes the PLAATO keg highly accurate, even on the smallest pours – and on the bigger ones too. It shows you pouring in real-time and measures each pour. The high-tech helps you to get an accurate measure, including knowing the beer’s gravity – so that you aren’t left in the lurch. Don’t worry about any spillovers too – there is automatic leak detection to help keep your beer safe.

Share access to your inventory

Keep your friends included and grant them access to your account, so they can remind you to run another batch when you are running low (Even though that might be annoying sometimes).

Get Full Control

Is the room temperature getting a tad bit high? Do you need to adjust the thermostat? It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or not. You can get real-time notifications should the thermostat go wild, thanks to the built-in temperature sensor and Wi-Fi connection.You have full control over batch-specific details, real-time measurements, and kegerator dashboard. The free PLAATO-app lets you have all your kegs in the same place.

Each keg has its own dashboard, letting you type in batch-specific data, including Last Pour Size, batch name, kegging date, OG, and FG, the built-in calculator, automatically calculate the ABV%, Real-Time Tap Status.

The app automatically calculates the volume of the beer in keg. You can choose between Metric and US customary units.

Enables and monitors the CO2 mode and CO2 Bottle

If we can measure the real-time levels of beer, then we can do the same thing with CO2. Here presenting you the CO2 version of PLAATO Keg. Enable CO2-mode in the Platoo-app, and turn one of your keg-devices into your CO2-bottle monitor, checking the remaining level of gas in real-time.

Use it to have control over the remaining level of CO2 to make sure you have enough for the upcoming brew-day or use it to detect a CO2-leak from a connector. Thus, enabling your Co2 check.

Additional Features

Did you know that the PLAATO keg fits over 99% of all kegs? Here are a few other features you would like.

Technology Comparison

There are two leading technologies used to monitor beer kegs – load cells and flow-meters. As beer brewers, this was a natural choice. Load cells are non-invasive and maintenance-free, whereas flow-meter is invasive and needs inline cleaning. Load cells measure directly remaining beer in the keg.

On the other hand, flow-meters measure initial volume to know the remaining volume. Cells are suitable for all weight-measurements while meter is suitable for liquid.

Also, load cells have flexible placement while the latter has a stationary placement. You do have a clear winner here. With no maintenance and cleaning,

Designed to last 

You will find kegs with various unique designs and different setups for the kegs. Made of impact-resistant polycarbonate body, it can withstand even the roughest environments. Don’t get fooled by the sleek design. The PLAATO keg is small, but it’s ready for a big keg full of beer. High-performance materials combined with thought-through solutions make it durable, waterproof, and ready to handle kegs up to 13 US gallons/50 L.

Detect leaks

CO2 bottles lose mass as the CO2 is used by carbonation, tapping, or leaks. This means that by placing a CO2 bottle on top of your PLAATO keg, you will get precise estimates of the remaining level of CO2. This feature is used to detect leaks.

Most CO2 bottles fit directly onto the PLAATO keg, in just a few seconds. You can get A notification in the app if the leak is detected. PLAATO Keg is internet-connected, so you will get the notification wherever you are.

Monitor it and get notifications

PLAATO Keg shows you pouring in real-time and notifies you INSTANTLY. It is an all-in-one system that keeps track of important aspects of your keg, including what’s left and the volume of each pour.

With a built-in temperature sensor and wifi connection, you can remotely monitor your kegerator. By enabling push notifications, you will get notified when something goes wrong example- an opened door or thermostat running wild.

Satisfaction guaranteed

PLAATO is developed with feedback from over 350 ambassadors enrolled in PLAATO test user program ensuring it fits 99% of the most used keg out there. We think you will love PLAATO airlock. Try it for 30 days. In the unlikely event that you want to return it, the company offers a free return and a full refund.

Better pick up a few 🙂

Keg Management System by Plaato Keg Review

Final verdict

Did you know that you could buy multiple of these, add them to the same account and track together?

With so many benefits and added features, the PLAATO keg is what you need when it comes to using a keezer instead of a kegerator. Never worry about your beer being not as chilled as you wanted it.

Use the PLAATO keg to get timely notifications, stylish and strong body with no maintenance and accurate calculations.

Homebrewers' Choice
PLAATO Keg - The Keg Management System

First all-in-one system that keeps a track of how much is left in your kegs, the volume of each poor and detects leaks. WIFI-CONNECTED. Get access to your beer stats straight on your phone from wherever you are.

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03/16/2023 08:32 pm GMT