Kombucha Bottles

by Karl S Updated on July 11, 2019

Are you looking forward to a great party next weekend? Worried about the hangover that follows?

You need to live healthy, and drinking Kombucha in the morning can be a great way to start the way. There is no secret that this beverage is healthy. Research suggests that the drink has the following benefits.

  • A great source of probiotics
  • Can offer you the same benefits as green tea
  • Has antioxidants that can help you rejuvenate your skin
  • Is able to kill off harmful bacteria from within your body
  • May reduce the heart disease risk
  • May help you manage Type 2 diabetes better

If you make the drink the right way, it sure is one of the healthier options for you. That being said, storing the beverage might seem like a challenge for some. How do you ensure the drink doesn’t get contaminated? Or that you do not over ferment them? 

Drinking it the right way is important, especially because there could be some serious health problems otherwise.

Don’t worry, though. Did you know that with the right containers, it’s easy to store them as well? No more getting worked up by seeing your Kombucha in the fridge for a few days. You drink them as you like, in your pace with a kombucha bottle. Also, you can store many of your other favorite beverages like beer in some of these bottles too. 

What are Kombucha Bottles?

These bottles, popular in the brewing market, are containers that make the brewing kombucha and fermentation process much more comfortable. The bottles are specifically made to store and keep the beverage in a perfect state for a longer time. 

There are different types to choose from, considering the shapes, sizes, and materials.  Each one of them has benefits and many circumstances to consider before its purchase and use.

To brew and ferment the best Kombucha, you need to know everything about where you’ll keep it. That’s what we’re doing right now.

Kombucha bottles are containers exclusive to the beverage. While any container may be able to store it, you need an airtight one if you’re looking for longevity.

Storing Kombucha in a specialized container will allow your beverage to obtain the best carbonation level. These bottles are designed to avoid carbon dioxide leaks, which makes your beverage flat. 

Different materials can make kombucha bottles. These containers are made with glass, ceramic, porcelain, plastic, crystal, and metal.  Glass bottles are used among kombucha brewers because it is the most inexpensive and easy to obtain. 

There are many types of containers. However, class, ceramic and porcelain are the safest. These materials are essential for keeping the Kombucha and maintaining its texture and flavors. 

Why are they crucial for brewing Kombucha?

Storing Kombucha in them will allow your beverage to last longer and to keep a frizzy texture.

Storing in other containers will not provide the same benefits, for one.

Why do you need Kombucha Bottles?

  • Improved Carbonation

For this beverage to be carbonated successfully, it must have a pleasant and bubbly texture that does not go away fast. One of the main factors the Kombucha stays carbonated is because of the bottles. 

You may brew your Kombucha correctly but storing it in a well-designed bottle will keep the gasses from leaking, maintaining the bubbly texture.  

  • Sturdier than what you will find elsewhere

Kombucha bottles are known for having a sturdy and robust design. These are made specifically to manage and keep beverages for a longer time without losing its texture and flavors. 

Using other containers with a regular lid does not provide the user with a long-lasting beverage with a bubbly texture.  Kombucha bottles are made to prevent the Kombucha gasses from escaping from the top and losing its carbonation.

  • Withstand any temperature

These resist any temperature. Usually, Kombucha is fermented in high temperatures; it creates better results. These unique containers are excellent for filling with recently made Kombucha and for it to cool down inside. 

These are also resistant to hot and cold temperatures, which allows users to store the beverage without losing its properties. These bottles can be stored in the fridge or at room temperature. 

Characteristics of Good Bottles

The Kombucha bottle is an essential element when brewing this beverage. When the second fermentation phase of the Kombucha comes, it is vital to have a good quality bottle or container. 

It must have specific characteristics to make the fermentation process an effective one. The container should be made with thick glass, and it should be designed for fermentation. 

The top, for instance, should contain a rubber seal to allow an airtight closure and preserve the Kombucha effectively. Lastly, these should be made with high-quality products for reusing them as many times as possible. 

It is recommended for the fermentation process that the bottle should be made of glass. The glass alternatives provide better carbonation, which makes the texture and the flavors last longer.

You also need to ensure that it is thick enough to avoid scratching and breaking. These can cause a mess before, during and after the fermentation process. You must be aware that these accidents may happen and it’s better to purchase a high-quality glass bottle.

Of course, there are other containers made with many materials. You can use them but it will not be the same. 


What should you look for when buying one of these? Here is all that makes for a better buy.

  • Better carbonation

Using a well-designed Kombucha bottle will provide better carbonation storage. These prevent the Kombucha from flattening quickly and to keep a frizzy and bubbly texture. 

An essential benefit for users and home brewers, it keeps the beverage well-carbonated. Other bottles do not offer this same benefit, which makes specialized bottles a critical element when brewing your Kombucha. 

  • Look great

These come in many different designs. The shape, colors and packaging design allows the brew to look sophisticated and refined. 

  • Harder to break

Kombucha bottles are built with many materials. Brewers often use glass containers like this because they are made to keep the beverage safe. However, these are among the strongest and most reliable in the market. The material is sturdy, which prevents any break or scratch. 

Other containers may be more susceptible to breaking and scratching, which makes it challenging to store Kombucha safely. 

Factors to consider before buying one

  • Glass thickness

When brewing your Kombucha, it is vital to consider the thickness of the glass. Brewers recommend a high-quality glass thick enough to handle high pressure. This factor will allow that the Kombucha ferments effectively.

It may be dangerous to use fragile glass for Kombucha. If the pressure builds too high, it may cause a disaster. 

  • Heat resistance

Brewing Kombucha can reach high temperatures. Choosing a heat resistant container will provide safe storage for the hot and recently produced beverage. 

This feature is an essential factor to keep in mind because containers may break when they can’t withstand significant heat. Brewers recommend a thick and resistant glass container for fermenting and brewing your Kombucha successfully. 

  • Shape

Lastly, the shape of the container plays an essential role in the development and storage of your beverage. Brewers have experienced that square-shaped bottles are more likely to explode. 

Any other shape is suggested to brew your Kombucha. Carbonating levels can get too high, and if you are not using a high-quality container, it may not be a fantastic experience.

Best Kombucha Bottles for Homebrewing

Looking to buy kombucha bottles that have what you need? Here is a look at the top popular choices you can get your hands on.

Swing Top Glass Bottles by Otis Classic

Swing Top Glass Bottles with Lids - Set of 6, 16oz with Flip Top Stoppers
$26.99 $20.27 ($3.38 / Count)
  • Safe: Our BPA free, durable, plastic combined with our...
  • Easy To Clean: Once empty, you can just pop our glass...
  • Marker, Labels & More: The 6 pack of swing top glass...
  • Packaged Safely: Our goal is to ensure you receive the...
  • Mix It Up: Need a pretty glass milk bottle for your...
Detail Page
03/17/2023 01:21 am GMT
  • Specifications

What do you look for when it comes to storing your kombucha? Are you looking for something dishwasher safe? Or something that is durable?

The product from Otis Classic is designed with 204 stainless steel and plastic caps that last long. Ideal for Kombucha brewing, this set of heavy-duty clear bottle is designed for high levels of carbonation. The swing top glass bottle has a 16 oz capacity and has durable plastic cups that are dishwasher safe. 

Offering a high-quality package, wrapped with bubble wrap and cardboard dividers, it comes with a full set of six medium pressure gaskets. 

It’s popular among those who are starting to brew their own Kombucha. The design also means that you can store the beverage carbonated for a longer time. 

  • Advantages

The shipping package is highly protective. The protective material allows the product to arrive in excellent condition. The full-style gasket, on the other hand, is better suited for higher carbonation, and each has a gasket attached. The package brings an extra spare of six gaskets. 

They have a long neck that makes cleaning them more comfortable; the closures are also made with stainless steel, so you can leave them in the dishwasher. The bottles come in an amber color; it protects the beverage from the UV lights that can damage it. There are 6 bottles in the box. They’re lightweight without sacrificing sturdiness.

  • Disadvantages

Although it is a highly purchased product, experts consider this suited more towards learning brewers. 

Also, the glass container is not as big as other competitors. Each ahs a capacity of 16oz, while other containers have a larger size for this beverage.

Swing Top Bottles by Estilo

Estilo Swing Top Easy Cap Clear Glass Beer Bottles, Round, 16 oz, Set of 12
  • High-Quality Glass Bottles - Set of 6 refillable...
  • Leakproof and Airtight Cap - Keep contents inside fresh...
  • Environmentally Friendly - Cut down on your use of...
  • Versatile Bottle - Not only are these bottles suitable...
  • High-Quality - These multi-use bottles are crafted of...
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  • Specifications. 

Worried about leakage? Don’t be, with this set from Estilo. Leakproof, it ensures that your favorite drink stays right where it is supposed to be till you drink it – inside!

Also, Swing top bottles are a great choice not only for Kombucha but also for vinaigrettes, wines, beers, and teas. With a set that comes with as many as twelve of them, these have a unique leak-proof metal clamp with a silicone stopper seal. 

They are designed with a classic clear glass and a complete seal that allows the beverage fresh for a longer time. These are dishwasher free, which makes it easy to clean and ready to reuse.

The Swing Top Bottles by Estilo are highly recommended between brewers to store adequately high carbonated beverages, especially Kombucha.

  • Advantages

The package includes 12 clear and heavy glass bottles. They’re great for keeping your beverage fresh and check on it while brewing it. The seals in them are tight for avoiding gas leaks; they’re great for any carbonated beverage.

With a capacity of 16oz, it’s 10” tall and 2 5/8” wide. They’re shipped carefully and come stored in protective materials to keep them from even scratching. You can clean them easily in the dishwasher, so that’s one worry less.

  • Disadvantages

While you do get a seal, some users have commented that the seal may not work properly at times. This disadvantage makes the gasses of the beverage escape quickly and flattens the drink. Some brewers don’t recommend this product for carbonated beverages at all.

Users have also said that these bottles are cheap and “don’t provide a fresh and carbonated beverage”.

32-ounce Amber Bottles

32-Ounce Amber Kombucha Growler Bottles (4-Pack); 1 Quart Boston Round Glass Bottles w/ 6 Polycone Phenolic Lids for Home Brewing
  • VALUE FOUR-PACK: You get four growler bottles and SIX...
  • MULTI-USE: Great for Kombucha, water kefir, juicing,...
  • CAPACITY: 32 oz = 1 quart = 4 cups = 950 ml; SIZE:...
  • UV PROTECTION: Amber brown glass protects from...
  • 2ND FERMENT SIZE: For kombucha, doing a 2nd ferment...
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  • Specifications.

Looking for a set with fewer bottles? This one from Cornucopia comes with just four.

This high capacity 950 ml bottle is used for homebrewing, iced tea, juice, and also for Kombucha, if you are doing a second fermentation. The brand offers bottles with a capacity of 32 ounces, which is almost 4 cups. 

The amber color of these bottles allows high UV protection from the sun and light. The brand offers a value pack of 4 bottles and six phenolic plastic caps. The plastic caps, additionally, have an inner cone that allows a better tight seal. 

These are a perfect fit for Kombucha brewing and are ideal containers for storing flavored and carbonated Kombucha.  Plus, if you are looking for a second fermentation for your beverage, this is the one to try out as well. The 32 ounce container blends in perfectly for the purpose.

Do note though that these containers may not be optimal for the highest temperatures your Kombucha may reach. If you overdo it, you may run the risk of it breaking.

  • Advantages

These are packaged expertly to provide safety. The amber spout is great for funneling Kombucha, and these are durable.

The glass, amber brown in color, helps protect the drink from the sun’s UV rays and allows the beverage to stay fresh for longer. 

The cap features an inner core design offering a tight seal. It’s also durable, so you can reuse them. It’s also airtight, help you keep the air outside and the gasses inside.

Lastly, you will love the capacity, suited for a large group of people.

  • Disadvantages

Some users say that the extra caps don’t come inside the package. Others do not like the robust odor. 

The caps also come with different sizes and some users report that they don’t fit the bottles. 

16 oz. Amber Boston Round Bottle by GBO

(12 Pack) 16 oz. Amber Boston Round with Black Poly Cone Cap
  • (12 Pack) GBO 16 oz. Amber Boston Round Glass with...
  • The rich, amber color safeguards bottle's contents from...
  • These brown, apothecary bottles effectively store...
  • The black poly cone cap (28/400) is high quality and...
  • Proudly packaged in the USA by Americans!
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  • Specifications. 

Looking for something that can help you with your home brewing endeavors? Try this one from GBO.

Made with amber glass, it offers the best protection possible against UV light. The package comes with a black poly cone cap that can store a large number of liquids and beverages. 

The brand also includes ridges on the caps, which allows brewers a tight grip and close the bottle with ease. 

Besides, you can also use these for storing and keeping fresh Kombucha. Or, try them out for storing extracts, essential oils, scented creams, lotions, and cleaning solutions.

Glass Bottle Outlet provides a large number of bottles to store any liquid or beverage safely. 

  • Advantages 

These are durable, and built on high-quality material. The caps make it easy to open them for consumption. They’re also effective at keeping carbonation effectively; you don’t have to worry about a flat drink.

Their shape is comfortable, and they’re really sturdy, which protects them against blows. They can withstand most of the accidents of the brewing process thanks to their thickness. Additionally, these are thick enough to be resistant but not enough to make them uncomfortable.

Finally, it’s easy to use and reliable. Cleaning them is also seamless, so they’re great for amateur brewers. You can also store different liquids in them.

  • Disadvantages 

While these containers by themselves are excellent, many users complain about the caps breaking easily. Use them too much, and you’ll probably have to change them.

Some of these seem to scratch easily despite their general sturdiness, so you may want to be a little careful.

16 oz. Cobalt Blue Grolsch-Style Bottle by North Mountain Supply

North Mountain Supply Cobalt Blue Coated Glass Grolsch-Style Beer Brewing Fermenting Bottles - with Ceramic Swing Top Caps - Case of 12
  • Case of 12 grolsch-style swing top beer bottles with...
  • Perfect for storing: beer, kombucha, soda, condiments,...
  • Our bottles come individually wrapped in bubble padding...
  • Not dishwasher safe - we that our products will arrive...
  • Included components: Groslch Bottles and Caps
Detail Page

You get a case of 12 bottles with ceramic swing top caps. The ceramic caps provide a better quality compared to the plastic ones. The caps provide a reliable seal and more extended durability over time. 

You can also use it to store beverages such as beers, Kombucha, soda, sauces, and more.

The packaging system provides all the containers wholly covered in bubble wrap to ensure that the product arrives undamaged.

However, these containers are not dishwasher safe. It’s a good idea to clean them manually to ensure extended durability and to be able to reuse them. 


The design is excellent, and the color provides unique style to your beverage. The caps are very durable, which is hard to find in similar products. You will have a hard time damaging them.

The blue color also makes it easier to keep them safe from sunlight. It’ll take a bit longer for the sun to degrade your drink. These are excellent for brewing Kombucha or even storing beer.

The thickness also helps preserve the right carbonation levels. They include a silicone gasket for leak prevention; the seal is excellent.

  • Disadvantages

These are not made with blue glass, having a blue coating that covers the container. The problem is, when sanitizing them, the blue coat easily peels off, something you wouldn’t like.


There are many different choices you have here, with features that allow a better storage and fermentation process. No matter what highly carbonated beverage you want to store, you don’t have to worry. 

From the lids to the color of the glass, these are essential features and factors to keep in mind before buying these.

Although these bottles are designed to maintain and store the fizzy and bubbly texture of the Kombucha, users often use these to store many other fluids and get excellent results.