HALO Brewing pH Meter Review

Looking to make your beer taste better? Don’t leave it out to luck. The HALO wireless brewing pH meter is the one to keep your beer under your kind consideration. If you have made the jump to All-Grain brewing then probably, at some point, you have considered getting a pH meter. I was recently sent the HALO wireless pH sensor for testing and reviewing.

Knowing how to read and adjust the pH of your brewing water and mash can set apart good beer and great beer. It can also aide in re-creating a batch, if that’s your thing.

The Haloo Wireless Beer pH Meter

Now you can easily measure pH in mash or wort with the FC2142 Wireless beer pH meter. Designed for home and craft beer makers, the Haloo wireless beer pH meter offers built-in electrode features, a titanium body, and a flat glass tip with renewable cloth junction. It’s ideal for measuring the pH of mash or wort during the beer-making process. 

All readings are transmitted directly to your Apple or Android device in real-time. Take laboratory grade pH and temperature measurements using your smartphones. HALO’s smart system tells you when the electrode needs cleaning or calibration. It is considered great for any type be it a brewery, kitchen, or food laboratory. 

The HALO wireless beer pH meter incorporates Bluetooth Smart technology with an application-specifically designed to measure beer pH. This makes it exceptional to work. It is portable so you can carry it or take it to your friends’. It comes with many more features and benefits. Here is what makes it ideal for measuring the pH in beer, mash, and wort. 

Benefits of Haloo Wireless Beer pH meter

Hanna HALO ph meter wireless

Here is why you want a Haloo wireless beer pH meter.

  • Calibration Reminder

Most of the beer pH meters may not be smart enough to give the remainder for calibration. However, you need to know the precision and accuracy – something that you will get with the Hale wireless beer pH meter. 

Connect it to Hanna Lab app with a compatible Apple or Android device via Bluetooth. It has up to five-point pH calibration with seven standard pH buffers. You are alerted when halo needs calibration or if a measurement threshold is exceeded. There is also an appropriate pre-programmed calibration buffer set for application-specific Halo pH electrodes. 

  • Basic GLP (Good Laboratory Practise)

The device is a complete set. Unlike other beer pH meters, this one displays date and time of current calibration along with offset and average slopes along with calibrated buffers, mV values, temperature, and slopes between each buffer. 

Know when was the last time you used it and thus, you can work accordingly. 

  • Real-Time Data

The beer pH meter gives you updated information real-time displaying pH and temperature updated every second. It’s easy to keep a time check.

  • Fluid, Dynamic Graphing

The pH meter doesn’t only give you the data in figures but offers measurements that you can see with tabulated data or as a graph. You can also expand the graph axes using pinch-to-zoom technology for enhanced viewing. 

Get precise information and a better understanding of the dynamics using tabular data and graphs.

  • Measurement Alarms

The measurement alarms installed alerts you if you exceed the measurement threshold. It’s simple, and it’s automatic

  • Access to Data Sharing and Saving 

Save the data in a timed interval since the last autosave with annotations and a timed interval. You can share your data through email in CSV format and share it with your friends or colleagues. 

  • One Button Sample Tagging

Either press the icon in Hanna lab App or press the button on the HALO to tag sample data for easy reference. You can also do data logging with custom annotations. 

The saved log files may be annotated with measurement specific information to make the data appear more transparent. The data is auto-saved every hour. So no problem even if you forget to save the data. 

  • Compatibility

HALO is compatible with several devices like Android, iOS, and HI2202 edge meter.

On Android, it works best to have Bluetooth off and letting the Hana app connect to Bluetooth and find the probe. Then it can be connected to other Bluetooth devices. It is very easy to calibrate and pair to iPhone taking measurements and logging.

Additional Features

hanna halo ph meter review

Here are a few other features you will love about it.

  • Cloth Junction 

Fed up with small particles in your beer? The FC2142 features a cloth or fiber wick junction offering a larger surface area than a standard ceramic junction. This is useful when measuring the pH of liquid samples with higher solid content – such as mash, wort, or beer. 

  • Flat Glass Tip

Want a less maintenance device with active features and proactive sense technology? You got it here in this device. 

The flat glass tip is easy to clean and prevents solids in mash and wort samples from collecting on the sensor for less maintenance. A built-in temperature sensor ensures fast, accurately compensated readings even during sudden temperature fluctuations. 

  • Titanium Body 

The beer pH meter body is designed to grab the attention of its customers. With sleek and stylish body design, it becomes attractive for potential customers. 

Made up of titanium body offers increased that is ideal for rough environments. So you don’t need to worry even if you drop it by mistake. Its outer body can stand these tough scenarios. 

  • Help and Tutorials 

Though it is super simple to use, the device comes with a series of demos to help you with its functioning and management. You can explore various features and get your queries clear with it. 

The demo mode helps you to have a better look at the features of the Hanna Lab App information. Know about HALO information, pH tutorial, maintenance tutorial, and contact information in a few clicks. 

Final verdict

The pH meter works great for the brewery or even in your home. It produces fast, accurate results and the fact it is wireless and super portable makes it even better. This meter is convenient to use and has the features of more expensive features.

If you are considering a pH meter then most likely you already realize that most manufacturers recommend regular calibration, therefore you have already accepted the fact you will need buffer liquid, so I won’t be covering the buffers, however I was sent the proper buffers to calibrate the demo unit.

It should be noted that the meter also comes with small packets of buffer fluid (enough for two calibrations). 

Is this the best ph meter for brewing? You decide.


Personally I liked this meter. The integration with my phone was cool and because the app keeps record of the readings, I do not even have to remember to write them down.

  • The calibration was simple and I found the app easy to use.
  • The app is compatible with Android and IOS.
  • The construction is elegant and there is just something pretty damn cool about seeing the little blue ring light up when I push the button.
  • The body is titanium and it has a built in temperature sensor to do automatic temperature conversions.
  • The glass inside is high-temp glass so it should stand up to your mash temperatures.

Let me just say it was a pleasure to use.

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