Gifts for Homebrewers & Beer Geeks [2023]

by Karl S | Updated: December 30, 2022

What’s the Best Gift for the Homebrewer that has everything?

Better Things.

03/16/2023 09:56 pm GMT Lasso Brag

Buying gifts for avid homebrewers is hard. You should know if you are one. All these different gadgets and trinkets available and only you know which ones you’ve tried before.

Love them, hate them, have trashed 10 of them all before, right? Well this list aims to change that.

These are only some of the unique and clever gifts for homebrewers you can pick up without knowing how to weld, woodwork, or laser engrave it yourself.

Just share it with anyone that you think might be looking for a special gift for you this year, and tell them anything here is fine.

Why? Because you can always have a backup if you already own (and still own) one.

More Beer Themed Gifts for All the Beer Loving Friends and Family

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Christmas Gifts for Homebrewers

Xmas themed Gifts for the homebrewer are always harder to find than brewing related gifts. So when you do, you better grab it quick. This was just too cool not to include in these gift ideas.

Can’t find anything to get for that homebrewer in your life? Check out these Beer Coolers and you’ll be sure to come up with something they’ll get some use out of for sure.

From our friends at the Craft Beer Channel:

Transcript: Hi guys. Welcome back to another episode of low-brau – tech cheats for beer geeks! I don’t need to tell you that being a beer geek is tough, especially when it comes to the holiday buying season.

All of your friends and family, they love you, we know this. But they often try and buy you sort of beer themed gifts, which are generally terrible. Uh, beer fiend socks, for instance, not great. What is great though, is that I have picked my top four beer gadgets that are going to blow your bloody beer fiend socks right off!

So the mistake a lot of people make when they buy you sort of beer thing gifts, uh, is that they, they buy you things that you’re not ever going to use. They’re not practical. They’re not, haven’t got any longevity.

We’re talking sort of silly crash helmets that you mount beers on to. Belts that you can like put your beers in, a little guns that you can fire out. Uh you’re you’re kind of bottle tops in,… nonsense. Nobody needs that stuff. The planet doesn’t need that stuff.

But what we do need are things that have longevity and that are gonna make your beer experience better. So with that in mind, everyone, I think I’ve sold the ultimate beer problem. And that is warm beer. Nobody wants a warm beer, especially when it’s a hot day.

May I present to you the Husky beer cooler? Probably, I’m going to say it definitely the best beer coozie in the world. Let’s get into this.

Best Seller
Huski Beer Cooler 2.0

NEW | Premium Can and Bottle Holder | Triple Insulated Marine Grade Stainless Steel | Detachable 3-in-1 Opener | Works as a Tumbler | (Matte Black + Other Colors Available)

Detail Page

Now. We’ve all seen the neoprene and the foam koozies, and they’re really good. They’re reliable, you can stick them in your pocket. They’re great. They keep your beer pretty cold. This thing takes it to a whole another level.

We are talking a stainless steel vacuum flask, um, that your beer locks into when you put it in and it creates a vacuum inside.

Probably your beer is going to stay the same temperature for an hour. At least if you’re outside, it’s also got loads of other cool stuff built into it.

Like, look at this. This is awesome. This was a lovely little bottle opener. And this is a sort of three in one bottle opener.

Now for our, American buddies, uh, who have twist tops. You can twist the top. Obviously you can pop the top and this little foil bit here that’s for your, if you need, if you have trouble getting a nail underneath, um, your can to open them, you can pop it with this.

You don’t need to take my word for it, guys. I’m going to demonstrate to you how many formats this thing fits and how long it will keep a beer cold for.

First off, we’ve got the classic 500 mil, the big boy will it fit Johnny? Doesn’t look like it’s going to fit does it? Doesn’t look like it’s gonna fit. It looks too big, right? Look at this magic.

You’ve got a really squeeze it, but can you see that? I want you to see this, look at that as it’s going in, can you see the bubbles coming out? Can you hear that thought? Um, that is all of the air escaping, right?

So now what you’ve done is you’ve created a vacuum seal. So this is like a double wall vacuum, obviously with a big 500 mil. You’re sticking out the top of it. So that is, you know, cooling wise. That’s going to go a little bit faster than other formats.

This is a format that loads of people are drinking in the summertime. Look at how much smaller this is. I’m just going to show you on the camera. That is quite significantly less gurthey than that.

Oh, did you hear that vacuum? It went in a lot easier. There was less resistance, but that is, that is a vacuum seal. Amazing. Okay. I hear you. I hear what you’re saying…. bottles come in weird and wacky format sizes. So I’ll, I’ll deviate from the norm. What about a strange little stubby bowl? Now this one again is wider, but look how short it is.

Will it fit? Yes, it well amazing. And that is kind of the perfect vessel to drink that stubby beer from, I bloody love this thing. It’s so awesome. So now I’m going to show you how great it is and keeping stuff cold, which is what it’s for.

So I’m going to put this here at the start of a video, tasty Pilsner from brick brewery. And, uh, I’m going to be drinking this over the video and I’m going to get a read of how cold it is right now. Can I just use this as well to open up, protect my manicured nails, pop that back under there.

And uh, now I’m going to get a temperature read. Now this, so that’s a 7.5 degrees Celsius drinking temperature. Perfect. Perfect. And we’re going to have this sat over here on the side for the rest of the video and see how much it goes up by.

When I say this, I am not over egging the pudding. This ladies and gentlemen in our humble opinion is the best beer gadget in the world. It’s the Hermitage bottle opener and sealer. What does it do? It hermetically seals, and open beers!

The hermetus allows you to crack a big 750 or something heavy. Um, drink a bit today, go back to it tomorrow, drink a bit more. As long as you keep putting this on, it’s got a hermetic seal. You could go back to it the day after and the day after that and it’s going to taste great.

So this is a big boy. This is a smoke tail from Attic Brewco. It’s delicious. It’s 750 millimeters. I want to drink some of it today. There is no way I’m going to finish it though. Let’s put the hermetus to the test. Nice action.

It’s a bit lively, Johnny. It’s a bit lively. It’s been, it’s been sat in my, a couple of deem for a little while. So it’s a lively guy. Oh, delicious, delicious feeling a bit forward. This is where this comes into play, right? Johnny, can you see these grooves here? They kind of go inwards, right?

And you’ve got this lovely rubber here. That’s got a little bit of give to it. And what you do is basically you slide over these ridges correspond with your bottle cap line on the glass, and then you push it like that from the side onto it. And now you’ve got something that’s a very, very tight seal.

Me and Johnny have both been using this extensively for years without fail it. Never lets us down. It keeps your beers fresh for up to three days, once you’ve cracked them, um, non hoppy beers are better, uh, but it will keep anything fresh for three days.

Obviously the more you drink a bit, the more oxidization is going to come into the mix, but there’s nothing else like it on the market. It works amazingly. It costs you a mere five pounds to buy. In fact, why you still watching this video click on the affiliate link below, go and buy yourself one right now it’s the best five pounds you’re ever going to spend as a beer lover. It’s amazing.

So I think we can all agree. The worst thing about drinking from a can is the fact that you’re drinking from a cap. Um, this thing promises to unlock the aroma. How does it do that you may ask? It cuts the lid of the can off and turns it into the cup. It’s wild. It’s ridiculous. But I think it’s amazing. Okay. Let’s grab a can and give it a go.

The Draft Top Original Beer Can Opener

Soda Can Opener - Topless Can Opener - Handheld Safety Easy Manual Can Opener, Smooth Edge Effortless Rip and Sip Opener, Fully Patented, As Seen on Shark Tank

Detail Page

I’ve got the tickle monster here. Another absolutely massive beer. What am I doing to myself? Um, now I’ll just talk you through how to do this. You just stick it on the top of the can give a little bit of pressure just to make sure you’re locked in. And then what we’re going to do is we’re going to put a lot more pressure on and we’re going to turn the can.

So there’s a bit of a knack to this, but hopefully when I take the draft top off the lid, should it be floating in the top or it should have sung to the bottom ready for us to drink. So let’s have a look way. Look at that.

Now this is pretty amazing. This is a big beer and I’m getting so much more aroma off of it. It’s quite incredible. This is a perfect candidate to use the draft top on.

Um, I think the perfect scenario for this is if you’re out on a picnic or you’re out on a camping expedition, you have any, you don’t need to take glassware anymore. Right? What we do is you take your draft top. You take your cans, you’re cracking and you are sipping away like a gooden.

So I’ve taken you on a little bit of a gadget Odyssey here from the sublime to the slightly ridiculous. Now I’m going to talk about quite a serious matter guys. Something that brings me a lot of shame and that is taking out my recycling because I’m telling you, there are a lot of cans and my neighbors must think that I have a slight drinking problem, which I don’t, because it’s all work I’m working. 🙂

But I have got something for you, which is going to make you feel a lot better and help you to recycle. What is it?

It’s a can crusher. Hello. Now this is a lovely can crusher. It’s pretty heavy duty. Bit of a bargain like 10 pounds on Amazon? I think that’s not too bad. It’s also got, can you see that? There’s a bottle opener built into the bottom of it. Not quite sure why when it’s a can crusher.

Metal Can Crusher

Heavy-Duty Wall-Mounted Smasher for Aluminum Seltzer, Soda, Beer Cans and Bottles for Recycling

Detail Page

This thing, ideally should be mounted on a wall. Um, I was going to mount it on my shed outside. I don’t do a lot of drinking on my shed outside though. So anyway, for the purpose of this video, I’m not going to mount it. I’m going to hold it and I’m going to demo how it works. Right?

So Johnny, you hit on the camera. I can just, oh, it’s quite difficult. I’m going to, I’m going to have to come. I’m going to have to get quite okay. You on?

All right, you ready? Oh, bloody hell. Ah, the power, the power, the raw power I’ve displayed here. Look at that. Come on now. I’ll tell you what. That is a, probably a fifth for the size it was a minute ago. That means I can drink five more of these and my neighbors are not going to think I’m a terrible human.

Now there’s one last thing to do here. And that is to test the temperature of this Husky. Now we’ve been recording for a little bit over an hour right now. And we were at 7.5c when I started this, what are we at now? Oh, 8.6c. That has only lost. Hang on. Let me check.

That’s beautiful. That is, I only lost a degree in temperature in an hour. Um, that’s amazing. So it’s that time of the lowbrau video these are my crispy boy ratings out of five for the four gadgets.

Um, first of all, number one, the Husky for value for how amazing it actually functions. I’m giving it five crispy boys out of five. I don’t do that very often, but I’m doing it.

Next. We’ve got the hermetus. This is my all time. Number one G absolutely don. The best beer gadget, the best five pounds, the best $5 you will spend in your life, indispensable MacGyver would have this. Um, it’s the best thing you’re going to buy. This obviously gets at least five out of five crispy boys. If I could give it six out of five, I bloody would cause I love this thing.

So draft top, um, there is a real knack to this and it is pretty pricey, but I think once you get the handle of it and if you find yourself camping a lot, it’s a unique product. I think it’s awesome.

Um, I’m going to give it four out of five crispy boys. Now we’re all trying to do our bit for the planet. Um, I guess this is another object that’s been made that maybe you don’t need, but you know what? I feel like I’m helping the recycling here. I feel like I’m helping. I feel like I’m making a difference. Maybe I’m not. Maybe I’m telling myself, that.,

Whatever the case, um, you know, my walk of shame is made a little bit less shameful. I’m giving it a three and a half out of five crispy boys.

So those are my top four tips for gift buying season for the beer geek in your life. Now there are affiliate links below and we do get a little bit of a kickback, but if you can obviously find these products in independent stores, feel free to buy them. Support independent all the way.

Cheers guys. Thanks for watching lowbrau. You’ve been great. I’ve been Brad. I’m going to drink some tickle monster now and uh, we’ll see you again in the future.