Bottlecap Machines

by Karl S | Updated: August 18, 2019

When it comes to beers, you know you cannot do without a seal container. It’s one of those beverages that go bad quick if you don’t have seal containers with lids. 

Performing this manual activity though can be cumbersome, not to say annoying. You will be spending a lot of time and money on employees. What if you save on the costs the smart way?

Go for a bottle capping machine that inserts the bottle under pressure or gets screwed on depending on the container. The question is, how do you get the one you need?

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You will find a good many machines on the market, ranging from cleaning product containers to alcoholic beverages.

Each device configured for different thickness and type of lid it is essential to be clear before buying one. These machines have different processing speeds, and you should consider this as a production factor.

Bottle Cap Machines Homebrew AcademyWhat is a Bottlecap Machine?

A bottle capping machine, as its name suggests, is a device for automatically inserting bottle caps. The device stores the caps in a tank or container and quickly adds them. It is important to emphasize that the width of the cap and the type of insertion must adjust before starting operation.

The machines operate with a hydraulic system, which inserts the lid under pressure or in a thread in few seconds. The capacity depends on the type of device, as there are models that only work for beer and liquor containers. Others work with larger caps such as juices.

Why do you need a Bottlecapper? 

In the commercial world, there are several reasons to have a bottle capping machine in your inventory. The first is speed – a capping machine does the work of 10 employees in a second turn. You will save money by the number of workers less you require, and apart the device does not get sick as much as the man.

Meeting the needs of your customers is the main thing in any business, and that means a short delivery time. Capping machines process 30 or more containers in one minute of processing. The device will allow you to meet all deliveries and even prepare for expansion.

Bottlecap Machine Characteristics

The operation of the bottle capping machines is effortless, the first thing it does is passing the bottles through the conveyor belt. The bottles pass through and by mechanical action inserts the cap into the bottle, passes the container to the landing area and sends the next one. The process continues quickly until the required quantity reach.

The characteristics of the bottle machines are varied; the first is the adaptability to any insertion system. The second is their speed an extraordinarily fast and useful device. The device allows you to finish an entire liquor load in less than one working day. 


The main advantage is the ability to get the job done quickly and with the least amount of cost. The second advantage is that you will be able to satisfy the demand of your product with a fast production avoiding losing sales. Another advantage is its adaptability to any caps, either by size, or type of insertion.

Another positive feature is the small space they occupy in warehouses or distribution centres. The machines occupy a very reduced space and do not require particular climates for their maintenance. 

The machine does not throw or waste the liquid contained in the containers, the movement, although fast, is precise at all times.

Factors to Consider before Buying One

Among the several factors that you need to consider before buying a bottle capper machine, the first is the cost. Consider your capital and all the resources you must acquire before purchasing the above device. The type of caps to use is another element to take into account, considering the size and the way of inserting it.

In the case of large volume companies, you have to consider the demand for your product and the machine production capacity. The machine must be able to satisfy the market and even be prepared for possible expansion.

Size is the last factor; you must take into account that it will occupy a considerable space depending on the type of device.

The Best Bottlecap Machines for Homebrewing 

Here is a look at some of the better bottlecap machine choices you can get for your homebrew adventures.

Red Baron Bottle Capper
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It is a bottle capper intended for home, due to its characteristic of being a manual capping machine. The machine uses human force as a pressing force to seal the bottles with the cap. The color of the device is red like the Ferrari with a pair of handles to hold it and apply the required force.

The manufacturing material is of hard plastic, resistant to low and medium impact shocks. Its design is for beer bottle caps only of the type of pressure is not suitable for threads or other elements. It is useful for filling an artisanal beer bottle from a personal keg or other home liquor.

The device is easy to store does not require much space because of its small size. Another advantage is that it is light and easy to transport; it does not require any particular transport device for its transfer. Its acquisition is in the public domain; you do not need to go to the factory to buy it or some specialized place.

You will love the lightness and ease of transport. You don’t need unique elements to move the equipment from one place to another. Another decisive factor is its easy implementation. You do not require knowledge or read complicated user manuals to use it.

You can seal the beers under vacuum, without leaving gaps of CO2 escape, which can cause loss of quality in the drink. The pliers enable maximizing the efforts provoking more significant pressure on the part of the device and greater effectiveness.

As it is of plastic, there is less risk of oxidation and corrosion of metals due to contact with the beer. As an additional condition, the metal parts are made of stainless steel, allowing the durability of the equipment.

The maintenance of the equipment is minimal. You only need to clean it and add a little grease from time to time. You don’t need special oils or fluids to keep the mechanism running.

The main disadvantage is the low production capacity and efficiency of the device. The equipment requires a direct human activity for its operation; therefore, its limit to the ability of its operator. 

Additionally, it does not contain any automation or quality control technology certifying the quality of the compression.

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It is a home-made device, made almost entirely of stainless steel, used manually. The machine has two plastic handles to hold it and exert pressure to seal the bottle. The equipment takes advantage of human force and maximizes it by placing the cap without openings or voids, where the CO2 escapes.

Another essential element to mention is the magnet in the base, which holds the lid until it place. It is a vital piece since it allows to place the cover in the correct way, or in a uniform way. The magnet is made of metal resistant to oxidation and welded to the base to prevent loss or detachment.

Highly durable, the Capper Tool comes with a hard alloy and is resistant to oxidation and wear. The plastic is impact-resistant, as it is a hardened and thick material.

The size of the machine is small, with dimensions of 18×3.8×2.5 inches and a weight of 10.2 ounces. The equipment is lightweight, easy to transport and store, and with the ease of storing it anywhere you want.

The main advantage is its durability due to its stainless-steel manufacturing material and the hardened plastic of exceptional thickness. 

The device resists medium and high impact shocks. Plus, it is resistant to corrosion by liquids. You don’t have to worry about the weather too. Whether cold or hot, the metal doesn’t corrode.

Another advantage is its lightness and flexibility of transport. You can move the small device by hand, without the need for pulleys or special equipment to load it. 

The seal is one hundred per cent uniform due to the magnet on the base that holds the lid all over the surface. The device guarantees its effectiveness and prevents the beer from being damaged by the escape of CO2 gases. 

The device is easy to apply and grip avoiding damage to hands by its implementation. The surface of the plastic is not rustic to the contact with the skin nor with the force application. The arrangement of the handles is suitable for a comfortable grip and effective use of force.

The main disadvantage is the time required to seal a beer bottle as it is a purely manual device. Another problem is that it is only valid with metal lids, with plastic or cork lids it is not as efficient. The reason is simple since these materials are not electrically conductive; therefore, they do not stick to the magnet. 

Colt Strong Bench Capper
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A metal press type device, this Capper has a manufacturing material made from 95% stainless steel alloy. The grip bar is the only plastic area of the equipment, for better firmness and protection of the user’s hand. The machine has a graduated pressure bar to exert, to effectively seal a container without damaging it.

The operation of the machine is simple; the size and pressure adjust by placing the container on the base. The crown is used to set the cork, metal or plastic lid and operate with the lever. The equipment seals the container uniformly avoiding that the content of the same one is damaged.

The machine allows the sealing of caps with a diameter 26 mm, beyond that it is impossible due to the size of the crown. In the case of being less, it is possible; however, it can cause a lousy sealing by placing the cap when sealing.

The machine is light and small, measuring one inch high by one inch wide. The metal is a light alloy that gives it an approximate weight of 4 pounds, or two kilograms.

The main advantage is the convenience to use the device, since only low a lever and ready. The force you must exert is not much, and you do not need to place the equipment in an ideal position to use it.

Another advantage is its lightness and maneuverability. You can carry it or store it in a bag and move it wherever you want without running the risk of damaging it or damaging yourself.

The manufacturing material of the machine makes it resistant and user-friendly. The metals are resistant to both shock and corrosion caused by the liquid, or the air itself. Another element is the comfort and grip of the lever that prevents its user from damaging the hand

Another essential quality is that it is suitable for lids of any material, whether metallic, cork or plastic. The reason is simple, the crown or bra fits any content.

The main disadvantage of this sealer is the size of the lids it allows to place. The caps have a limited capacity of 26 mm, where if more do not fit into the crown. Either way, it loses a lot of efficiencies when sealing caps with a different diameter than the one indicated.

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It is a very resistant device, and friendly to the user in a design similar to the previous article. It is of a press type design with adjustable height and pressure, with a lever for the execution of the force. The gear has a plastic handle to avoid damaging the hands when executing the action.

The device contains a magnet in the base of the lid fastener; additionally, you can screw the lid. It is a preventive measure so that the lid seals the container uniformly avoiding the loss of CO2 of the drink. Another step is a non-slip surface on the base to prevent movement of the tank during sealing. 

The lever uses a unique spring system, to maximize the execution of the force, allowing to apply much power exerting little. 

The crown is a maximum of 26 mm; you can not use a larger cap. The smaller ones, if possible, although they are challenging to fit in the top bottle. 

Comfort is one of the most outstanding positive aspects since you only have to lower a lever to act. Adjustment is made only by moving the top bar to the desired height. 

Another advantage is its design, both visually and practically for its execution. Did we talk about how great it looks?

In case you want to keep them, you can save it on any shelf or store. Another advantage is its mobility because of its small size and its approximate weight of 4 pounds. 

Adaptability to any material is another useful quality for sealing liquors. It allows sealing not only beer but wines, whisky, rums of extended maceration, among others.

The crown is designed to attract with the magnet the metallic elements, and with screws and fasteners, cork covers and plastics.

The adaptability is not only applied to the type of material of the lid, but also the container size. The equipment adjusts to the height of the bottle, to exert the proper pressure and seal the vessel without damaging it.

The main disadvantage is the feature of sealing a bottle with human action. The current models are more automatic that the only work the person does is to turn on the machine. 

Another disadvantage of the equipment is the ease of visual damage to the machine by scratches. The metal is resistant to blows, but the paint, on the other hand, can be peeled by a blast and even by the passage of time.  

It is a bottle sealing equipment made of solid stainless metal, press type. It can adjust to the height of the bottle. For this has a lock, which, when removed, can lower and raise the crown. 

It is a small element, but also heavy with a nominal weight of more than 22 pounds. It is an element that requires a transfer element such as a wheelbarrow to avoid damage to people. Another option is to load it among several to distribute the weight of the same and prevent damage to the cervical or spine.

The crown has a magnet to secure the metal caps and cause them to place evenly. As a secondary method, it has a latch to hold non-metallic lids such as cork or plastic. The crown is attached to a pulley with a powerful spring that guarantees the necessary pressure to seal the container.

This equipment does not have a lever to exert the action of movement; instead, you only have to press the crown bar. When using the pressure, the spring is activated exerting a tremendous force and closing the beer. 

The main advantage is its durability, for its robust stainless steel constitution makes it resistant to shocks and degradation. 

The machine can withstand medium and high impact shocks and falls without breaking or denting. 

Plus, the metal is resistant to oxidation and corrosion by contact with liquids or air, either regular or salty.

Another quality is its adaptability. We love that it can adapt to the height of any bottle on the market. You can also place any cap and set any seal homogeneously – without losing effectiveness.

You do not require specialized or complicated maintenance. If you spill liquor, just go ahead and clean it. You do not need any oil or fluid for its operation.

It’s pretty small too, and a perfect decorative element for a bar. The exterior is painted to make it striking and eye-catching, mixing in well with the theme of liquor.   

The disadvantage with this equipment is its weight, for its constitution of solid metal extra heavy, weighs more than 10 kg. The weight either makes it difficult to move to require two or more people or a transport element such as a wheelbarrow to run it. 

Also, since there is no handle to hold it, you need to carry it by the base, which can damage the lumbar area. 

Final Thoughts

Bottle capping machines are an indispensable element for filling and refilling beer. Whether at home or in commerce, when it comes to beers, you need to look to prevent CO2 loss. Sealing the container is what you need to look at – exactly what these bottlecap machines deliver.

You can use the machines commercially or at home. If you’re looking to use it for yourselves, you can look to go the manual way, simply because there is a smaller number of bottles to seal.

However, when it comes to bottling in larger quantities, you need an automatic equipment that can process, on average, thirty bottles per hour to prevent working (and not drinking) all day and night long. That’s where these powerhouse machines come in.