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Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

How do you like to have your beer? Getting started as a homebrewer can be tricky. For instance, when brewing, there are many tools to improve the quality of your beer. Other tools allow the beer to serve as if it were coming directly out of production. Which one do you choose?

Focusing on the basics tend to help. One of the most important is the pressure filler that helps to bottle your home-brewed beer efficiently and without much effort. Beers tend to lose some of their quality during production and require high pressure to serve it from the barrel to the bottle for storage. The pressure filler solves both problems, and it allows to fill the containers quickly, adding flavor.

There are a great variety of advantages and models that will help you enjoy it more.

Counter Pressure Bottle Filler Homebrew Academy

What are these Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers?

A counter-pressure filler is a device useful for dispensing your new home brew masterpiece into your beer bottles. They’re more prevalent in commercial beer brewing than small crafters, but both can take advantage of this tool.

These fillers work by adding gas to your product after fermentation, and it compensates for the small carbonation levels in some recipes. They’re great for maintaining the carbonation in your beverage while transferring, for it’s common to lose this quality near the end of the production process.

You can also maintain the temperature and foam in your beverage while you transfer it to your bottles.

Why do you need a Counter Pressure Bottle Filler?

Here are a few reasons why getting a counter-pressure bottle filler is a good idea.

You can save money from buying bottles in the long term.

A t-bottle beer filler allows you to save a considerable cost on the ale bottles. Instead of buying new cases of beers that can elevate your costs, you can brew a keg and save a lot of money. A small barrel has an average capacity of 5 liters, and beer six-packs often have just a bit over 2 liters.

When you get larger barrels and kegs, you save more. You can keep your beer inside a corny keg and fill your bottles with fresh carbonation when you need to.

It prevents messy spills and product losses.

Transferring the drink can be one of the most frustrating stages of brewing it yourself. You have funnels and tubes to make it a bit less complicated, but you always run the chance of toppling your beer or it losing balance as liquid pours inside.

The worst part isn’t having to clean up, but losing your product and hard work.

Luckily, counter-pressure fillers help you move your beer around more efficiently and with noticeably less cleaning. All you need to do is set it up, place your bottle, turn a key, and close it once it’s finished. The process is seamless, and the only way you can spill your beer is by taking too long to close the valve and overflowing the bottle.

The filler makes it possible to add more CO2 to beer.

The beer loses many gases during production, including CO2; this leads to a significant loss in taste and texture. The filler uses CO2 as a pressure system to carry the beer from the keg to the bottle. In the process, the beer absorbs some of the CO2 and obtains a unique and attractive concentrated taste.

The filler has a second advantage regarding taste, and that is its effect as a mixer. Draught beer can concentrate the flavor deep down and leave a large part of the water in the mixture on the surface. The filler agitates the beer, mixing the components in a similar and tasty way.

Takes up little space in the Beer/Man Cave.

The crates occupy large spaces within the home, and they accumulate progressively. The dispenser allows you to have only one box of beer and refill it when you want. It’s an effective way to have a permanent beer crate without having to take up a lot of space.

Some people consider that the barrel occupies a significant space that makes the previous statement erroneous. The area occupied by the barrel is indeed considerable, but it is a fixed space for the rest of its existence. The barrel can be filled or changed and will occupy the same area. Instead, the number of boxes will increase depending on your production.

How Does A Counter Pressure Bottle Filler Work?

The filler contains two valves. One is the beer valve while the other depends on the type of dispenser. There are dispensers with a CO2 system that allows the beer to move from the keg to the bottle. The secondary valve connects to a CO2 tank; the CO2 flows into the barrel, pushing the beer.

All you need to do is set up your bottle filler and attach the tubes accordingly; they come with instructions for doing this. After you have your bottle ready, just turn the valves and watch your bottle fill in seconds. Once you see it’s about to overflow, turn the valves again and close the system.


The main advantage is the quality of the beer, which improves its taste by combining it with new CO2 and making up its previous loss. The gas concentrates the flavor of the recipe and improves it, adding a special touch. The texture is considerably better, adding more consistency and thickness to the drink.

Another advantage is its maintenance and space saved. Cleaning is seamless: you need only soap and water. The area it occupies is insignificant, and you can store it on any shelf without fear of degradation or corrosion.

The dispenser works for various beer storage devices. It can adapt to the system of beer kegs, but also storage tanks with cooling systems.

The dispenser allows you to save a considerable amount of resources, especially regarding time and money. The container means you don’t have to buy a case of beer every month, but refill it whenever you want. You’ll save a lot of money and drink a lot more. 

You also get to clean a lot less, for you won’t suffer as many spillages as you would if you transferred beer manually. Again, besides cleaning, you also save money on the quantity of product you won’t lose in accidents.
Here’s How to actually bottle your own Brew:

The Top Factors to Consider When Buying A Counter Pressure Bottle Filter

The first thing to consider is the beer storage system that you have or want. It’s essential to determine how you want your bar to be. For one, it may not make sense to buy this item if you don’t have stored beer. It is recommended to buy a keg or some beer storage equipment first.

The second thing to consider is your available capital at the moment; you require a considerable amount of investment. The barrel, the CO2 pressurization system, all these elements may come with a cost. 

If you’re a craft brewer, then your worries will move from storage to funding and knowledge. Some dispensers are simple, and others may come with more intricate designs. Make sure you’re buying one you can use efficiently and that fits your production size.

Another element to consider is the kind of manufacturer and its adaptation to the different kinds of storage systems. There are barrels with single entrances, which makes it vital to buy the dispenser from the same supplier.

A significant factor is the manufacturing material; the vast majority are stainless steel. However, in some cases, they are made of aluminum or iron with high oxidation capacity. Steel is better recommended; it costs a little more but lasts much longer.

Popular Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers for Homebrewing

Wondering what are the popular options for you? Here is a look.

OneBom Beer Bottle Filler, Food Grade Stainless Steel, Bottling Wand for Beer & Wine.

OneBom Beer Bottle Filler, Food Grade Stainless Steel, Bottling Wand for Beer & Wine (Counter Pressure)
  • ★WELL MADE – Constructed from stainless steel 304....
  • ★1/4’’ Barb – Connect 1/4’’ tubing from...
  • ★SAVE MONEY – With this bottler filler beer...
  • ★EASY TO USE – Sanitize the item, adjust the bleed...
  • ★WORTH TO GET IT - All the ONEBOM products tested...
Detail Page


Made from stainless steel, it offers high durability and secure handling. You have two entrances at the top, one for the CO2 system and one for the beer keg. The upper handle activates the pressurization system to start filling the bottles.

The dispenser contains an ideal purge system for cleaning the machine. The purge system allows gases trapped inside the mechanism to be released and waste to be released inside the pipe.

The system allows filling one beer at a time; it’s like a miniature industrial system, and it brings the same advantages.


  • Durable.

Made from stainless steel, it offers high resistance to corrosion and oxidation. It’s both difficult to degrade and to break with a blow or fall.

  • Visual effect with any keg.

You can use it for any keg, which will allow you to serve carbonated and cold beer. You can use the keg to adjust the temperature of the beer and have the dispenser system add an aesthetic sense to it. With kegs, you set the heat and the dispenser the pressure, and you can create different levels of foam in the beer.

  • Easy maintenance.

The system is easy to maintain; it just needs to be cleaned with any soapy substance. Use a disinfectant or liquid soap diluted in water and the purge system to clean the pipes. Then, soak with water to remove soap residue, and you have the device ready to use.


  • It is a Mono service system.

It can be unproductive for bars because of its low filling capacity. You can only serve one bottle of beer at a time, causing a considerable service queue. Another consequence is the loss due to unrealized sales, as the customer cannot get their service on time.

WilliamsWarn Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

WilliamsWarn Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
  • The best counter-pressure Bottler available to the...
  • Bottle a fully carbonated 5 Gallon Cornelius Keg in...
  • Adjustable height - can accommodate bottles from 205mm...
  • The bottler will allow you to pressurize the bottle...
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Made from stainless steel and plastic, it allows distributing with a CO2 system. The method avoids the loss of carbonation when filling the beer bottle. The system has a height adjustment system, placing the beer mouth glued to the tap. The latter prevents the escape of gas from the beer.

The system isn’t heavy, weighing approximately 9.92 pounds, with a dimension of 20.5×6.3×6 inches. It is adaptable to any keg in the market with a cooling system. It can adapt to CO2 or nitrogen pressurization system.


  • Adaptable.

It can be adjusted to the height of any bottle and fill it, minimizing the escape of gases. The dispenser can adjust the distance from the base to the nozzle, allowing you to change the height.

  • Lightweight and adaptable to any keg.

It is a secure system to handle due to its lightweight and attractive dimensions. It adapts to virtually any keg of the market, so you don’t have to worry about changing yours or having to buy one that’s out of your reach.

  • Maximum carbonated mixture and minimum loss.

The system allows the pressurization gases to mix with the beer optimally. At the moment of serving, it does not lose quality, since it diminishes the amount of carbonation loss to the minimum. 


  • The system is difficult to maintain.

The purge system is somewhat complicated to run, as it requires manual cleaning for each of the hoses. To do the maintenance, you must disassemble the equipment and clean part after part, something monotonous and boring. Another factor when cleaning is the mouth: you must clean it thoroughly to avoid fungus and contamination, especially since it’s the part that goes into your bottle.

YaeBrew Counter Pressure Bottle Filler – Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Filler CO2 Kit

YaeBrew Counter Pressure Bottle Filler - Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Filler CO2 Kit Tool Homebrew
  • Hand held counter pressure filler
  • Fill bottles from keg without loosing carbonation
  • Adjustable pressure relief system
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Flush and fill from the bottom of the bottle.
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It is a system made of 100% stainless steel and weighing less than 2 pounds. The system adapts to any Homebrew barrel and has a pressure regulator system. The system lets you regulate the amount of pressure to limit the amount of foam in the bottle.

The system uses a CO2 pressurization system with a separate valve. You can modify the amount of CO2 per bottle, to increase the taste and concentration of your product. 

The beer serves through the lower side, which means that the bottle must be upside down at the time of serving.


  • A durable and elegant product.

Its stainless steel production makes it one of the most durable products on the market. It is difficult to break, and it hardly oxidizes or corrodes from the beer. Steel has the advantage of being looking elegant and sophisticated when clean. It even adds decorative value to the product. 

  • Light and small.

It is a light system with a weight lower than two pounds; it’s among the lightest on the market. Its dimension is 15.5×5.3×0.9 inches, so it’s easy to handle and occupies very little space.

  • A system to avoid carbon loss.

You can fill your bottle from the bottom, which helps avoid agitating the beer a lot less than from the top. The result is a more fluid process that keeps the carbon dioxide inside the drink, where you want it.


  • A little rough on the edges

This bottle filler has sharp edges with 90-degree corners. If you’re not careful, you can hurt yourself on these, so it may be wise to wear gloves while using it.

Northern Brewer – The Last Straw Stainless Steel Bottle Filler (Ball Lock)

Northern Brewer - The Last Straw Stainless Steel Bottle Filler (Ball Lock)
  • Precise control over carbonation. Dial-in your psi,...
  • Ergonomic, intuitive control and one-handed operation....
  • Ridiculously easy to clean. The Last Straw disassembles...
  • NOTE: You will need two CO2 ports or a wye splitter to...
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It is a system made of stainless steel, long-lasting, and with the advantage of serving with one hand. It weighs 3 pounds and is extremely comfortable for anyone. Another critical factor is that it is easy to clean; it can disassemble rapidly and efficiently.

Another quality is its quality of delimiting the pressure of CO2 being released; you can regulate the carbonation levels in the beer. Another feature is that it limits the amount of foam, making it almost null and maximizing the flavor of the beer. 


  • A light and mobile product.

It is a small and light product, and pretty portable too. It is a device that can be moved from one place to another seamlessly. You can take it anywhere with ease.

  • Easy to clean and maintain.

The system is easy to clean and disassemble: just rotate each of the threads on the hoses and rods. You soak each of the elements in soapy water and then with clean water. 

  • Allows you to serve a beer of intense flavor, without foam.

Regulate the amount of CO2 to combine with the liquid. With the double pressure feature, you get to maximize the effect. The regulator limits the amount of foam, and even with high pressure, the crown is kept to a minimum. The system also prevents carbon loss, increasing the taste and quality of the beer. 


  • Requires twice the amount of CO2.

The pressure system contains two valves and two inlets for pressurization with CO2. Both valves are necessary for serving the beer and preserve its quality and freshness. Another disadvantage is the cost of equipment and space for the CO2 tanks.

Blichmann BeerGun Stainless Bottle Filler & Accessory Kit.


In a portable system that contains all the accessories; it comes with a suitcase for storing all the parts. In the case, it includes several ports, where you connect the hoses, and you can adjust the CO2 pressure. It is equipment that you can use to fill not only beer but bottles of wine and other types of liquors.

Made of stainless steel, it’s pretty durable. It is also easy to disassemble – for maintenance and cleaning. The product works with barrels. You connect both the barrel and the CO2 equipment, and you are done. It does not produce any foam, in turn maximizing the taste of the drink. 


  • A light and mobile product.

Its suitcase construction makes it manageable. Plus, it’s lightweight, weighing lesser than five pounds. The equipment is easy to handle, store, and you can move it anywhere. 

  • Versatility with any beverage.

The product is versatile: not only used to serve beer, but you can also dispense other types of liquors. You can set the CO2 pressure, depending on the kind of alcohol to transfer. Another advantage is that it does not foam when served, regardless of the drink. 

  • Easy to clean and maintain.

The equipment is easily disassembled; all you need to do is unscrew each piece and soak it in soapy water. You can add disinfectant to remove bacteria and fungi.


  • Little adaptability to large brands.

It doesn’t work with many of the more renowned brands on the market, so you need to study your other accessories if you’re going to use this product.

Which Counter Pressure Bottle Filler Should You Use?

When looking for a good choice, you shouldn’t just look at the features. Instead, look at the versatility and how easy it is to clean. The Blichmann BeerGun Bottle Filler & Accessory Kit does seem to score high on these points.

If you are looking for one that helps you get a more flavorful experience, you might want to try out the one from Northern Brewer. Which one are you going to pick for your home?

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