Best Bottle Caps: Crimp-on or Reusable?

by Karl S Updated on March 12, 2020

Guide to Buying the Best Bottle Caps for Homebrewing

Bottle caps have proved to be an extremely useful invention in the history of mankind and his needs for staying hydrated. Bottle caps have proved to be the closure of vessels, especially bottles and prevent spillage of liquids from them. 

From simple water bottles to soda bottles to bottles containing alcoholic beverages, caps have been used to secure the liquids in each one of these containers. Certain bottle caps sport unique designs and have an aura of classiness about them. This vintage feel given off by those bottle caps have often been harvested and these bottle caps have consequently ended as collector’s items or prized personal possessions. 

Now, we will focus our gaze upon certain bottle caps, which are useful for bottling up your favorite homebrewed liquids and even have an extent of uniqueness about them. Use them to sort and store your different batches of brew, or as a way to give your labels a cool and unique touch. Either way, having one more way to make homebrewing fun for you and the ones you enjoy it with. 

homebrewed beer with colored bottle caps

100 Vintage and Vintage inspired bottle caps random mix

100 Vintage and Vintage Inspired Bottle Caps Random Mix
  • Lot of 100 different Vintage Beer, and Soda Pop Bottle...
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Product specifications

The brand new bottle caps brought to you by Bottle Cap Co. is a collector’s delight. The unused bottle caps are fashioned to give you a vintage feel and feature a random mix of 40 brands. These 100 soda caps are basically collectible and feature vintage designs.

Principle of action

The vintage-inspired soda bottle caps are over 40 years old, Interestingly, they still house the liners in them. If you are an antique collector, you would love these. Some of the soda bottle caps even sport the old cork liners. The 100 count bag features 40 random designs inspired by vintage fashion and brands. A few of the soda brands which are featured on these bottle caps will surprise you as these have been out of circulation for decades. 


  • Design: Over 40 vintage and vintage-inspired designs are featured on these 100 soda bottle caps. Some of these designs will wow you and the collectors in general because the soda brands featured on them have been out of circulation for decades.
  • Collectible: These bottle caps which have a random mix of vintage designs have proved to be a great item worth collecting. 
  • New and unused: Though these bottle caps feature vintage designs, they are new and uncrimped. Moreover, some of them even sport old cork liners. 

Disadvantages :

  • The number of bottle caps provided in the set doesn’t add up to 100 often.
  • The designs are not at all bright and vivid and most of the brands are those unheard of. 

Save Brands Silicone Rubber Bottle Caps 

Save Brands Silicone Rubber Bottle Cap (6 Pack), Multicolor
  • Designed to help keep beer fresh and safe
  • Made of food-safe silicone
  • Fits most standard beer bottles and some larger styles
  • Dishwasher safe and reusable
  • Come in multi-colored sets of six (Blue, Red, Orange,...
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Product specifications 

These silicone rubber bottle caps brought to you by Save Brands are the ideal products that keep your beer fresh, safe and secure. These bottle caps are fashioned from safe and hygienic silicone rubber material and come in multicolor packs of six. These bottle caps have the perfect size to fit every standard beer bottle and even certain larger ones and therefore, you can stop worrying about accidentally spilling your beer from the bottle. 

The food-safe silicone design passes a number of safety regulations and keeps your beer fresh and safe for consumption. These bottle caps are even dishwasher safe and reusable. So you won’t have to buy more and more caps for your bottling requirements if you don’t lose these ones.

Principle of action

The Beer Savers bottle caps brought to you by Save Brands is designed to keep your beer fresh even after opening. The super-stretchy silicone rubber material allows you to pop and drink your beer and then recap it after consumption. In this way, you can preserve the freshness and quality of your beer for longer hours. The bottle cap charms are fashioned from durable silicone which is food safe and hence you need not worry about the safety of your beverage. The bottle caps are dishwasher safe and reusable. Now you can secure beer bottles of standard sizes as well as larger ones by bottling them up using these caps. 

Advantages : 

  • Premium silicone material: These Beer Savers bottle caps from Save Brands are made out of premium silicone material. These provide extreme durability to your bottle caps and hence your bottled beer fresh and chilled. 
  • Flexibility: The premium stretchy and durable silicone material ensures a commendable fit on all standard sized beer bottles. You can also bottle up bigger sized beer bottles with extreme ease using these bottle caps.
  • Safety: These bottle caps are food safe and so you need not worry about keeping the quality of your beer intact. Your beer is safe for consumption if you are using the Beer Savers bottle caps for bottling it up.
  • Reusable: These bottle caps are dishwasher safe and are reusable. Hence buying a set of six, will cater to your bottling requirements if you are not prone to losing things.
  • Multicolor: These bottle caps come in a pack of six multicolor variants. 

Disadvantages :

  • Lightly carbonated beers or other carbonated drinks cause an effervescence that pops off the caps from the bottles.
  • These bottle caps do not work well with threaded bottles.

L D Carlson Hop Cone bottle caps 144 counts

Hop Cone Bottle Caps 144 Count
  • Hop Cone Crown Caps with Oxy-liner
  • 144 count package
  • Pry off caps
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Product specifications :

If you were looking for a solution to preserve the freshness and the vigor of your bottled beer, then this product has been ideally fashioned for your requirements. L D Carlson is a name of repute in the capping game and hence these Hop Cone bottle caps take care of all your beer bottling needs with ease. These bottle caps are available in a pack of 144 and hence rids you of all the tension you had while capping your beer bottles. 

These bottle caps provide an extremely useful oxygen barrier. Thus you can prevent your bottled beer from undergoing the staling effects of oxidation. If your beer is one that needs long-term aging or bottle conditioning, then the L D Carlson Hop Cone bottle cap is the ideal for you. The oxygen barrier helps in the aging and conditioning of your beer.

Principle of action :

The 144 number of premium bottle caps brought to you by L D Carlson provides a one-stop solution for all your bottling and sealing requirements. Now you can effectively bottle up your beers and secure them with the Hop Cone bottle caps and forget about preserving their freshness and vigor. The oxygen barrier characteristic which is presented by these bottle caps prevents oxygen from entering your beer and rendering it stale due to oxidation. This is also particularly useful in aging your beer for prolonged durations or bottle conditioning your beer. 

Advantages :

  • Safety: The Hop Cone bottle caps brought to you by L D Carlson are the finest products amongst the similar ones. These provide impeccable safety to the beer you are consuming. 
  • Preservation of quality and taste: The Hop Cone bottle caps act as tremendously useful beer bottle caps. This is because of their oxygen barrier characteristic. Because of this property, your beer does not undergo any staling effect owing to oxidation and its quality and taste remain unchanged.
  • Maturing: Certain types of beers need to be aged or undergo bottle conditioning. The oxygen barrier characteristic of the Hop Cone bottle caps facilitates this action. 

Disadvantages :

  • The Hop Cone bottle caps do not work with screw-top bottles.
  • You need a beer bottle capper to put on the bottle caps atop your beer bottles.
Homebrew Colored Bottle Caps with Numbers for Organizing Batches
A row of bottles as far as the eye can see.

Beer Bottle Crown Caps- Oxygen Absorbing for homebrew 

Beer Bottle Crown Caps-Oxygen Absorbing for Homebrew-144 Count(Black)
  • Intermediate size Pry off crowns caps 26mm
  • Excellent reliability and compatibility with the glass...
  • Oxygen Scavenger. Oxygen Barrier.
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Product specifications :

If you are a homebrewer who is extremely enthusiastic about his craft and takes immense pride in producing the finest of beers and lagers at home, then this product is suited for your needs. The Lonely Mountain Homebrew and Winemaking company is known for its products and this one also adds a feather to their crown. The premium beer bottle crown caps are known for their excellent compatibility with glass bottles and the tremendous reliability that comes along with them. 

The oxygen scavenging ability of these crown caps prevents any trace of oxygen presence in your homebrew which might deteriorate the taste and quality of your hand-crafted excellence. The oxygen barrier provided by these caps prevents oxygen from entering the beer bottle and making it stale in the process. These crown caps are of intermediate sizes and work well with almost all types of glass bottles. You can pry these off from the top of the beer bottle and quietly enjoy your homebrew.

Principle of action :

Bottling your brew was never this easy! With the invention of this beer bottle crown cap, preserving the freshness and taste of your homebrew has become effortless. Now you can bank upon these dependable crown caps which are fit for almost every beer bottle and are easy to pop onto any pry-off style bottle. These bottle caps crimp over the edge of the beer bottle with the help of the capper and absorb any trace of moisture and oxygen present inside the beer bottle. The oxygen barrier characteristic also helps in preventing excess oxygen from entering and spoiling your indigenous drafts. 

Advantages :

  • Hassle-free: These beer bottle caps by Lonely Mountain Homebrew and Winemaking are the best in class and a must-have for you if you want to take good care of your drafts. The hassle-free action lets you cap your pry-off beer bottles with the help of a capper. 
  • Design: The unique design of this crown cap helps in crimping it up along the edges of the beer bottle. These caps work equally well with bottles of almost all dimensions.
  • Oxygen scavenger cum barrier: The oxygen scavenging quality of these crown caps prevents any presence of oxygen inside the beer bottle which might be spoiling the taste and freshness of your beer. The oxygen barrier provided by these crown caps prevents entry of oxygen and the staling of beer due to oxidation. 

Disadvantages :

  • The variety pack and all the other packs with assorted colors come with numbers less than 144. 
  • It is often found that a few bottle caps have leaks and breakages owing to faults in design.

Silver Oxygen Barrier crown caps 144 number 

Silver Oxygen Barrier Crown Caps 144 Count
  • Compatible with 26mm US Standard Bottles: Pry off beer...
  • Oxygen Scavenger - Oxygen Barrier: With 144 metal crown...
  • Keep Beer Fresh longer! Thinking of using cork stoppers...
  • Perfect for DIY projects: The Fastrack Crown cap is not...
  • 100% Standard Size - Quality Guaranteed: Our 26mm pry...
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Product specifications :

If you are someone who takes a lot of interest in brewing his original line of drafts and lagers or someone who has his own soda bottling factory, then this is the product that will satisfy all your requirements. Learn to Brew LLC is a pioneer in the homebrewing front and has made its name with the production of the finest kegerator kits. 

Now if you are someone who prefers bottling up his crafted beers rather than kegging them, then all you need is the Silver Oxygen Barrier crown caps. These silver crown caps are extremely easy to use and compatible with most glass bottles. They also help in alleviating your troubles over oxidation. Now you don’t have to worry anymore about your beers getting stale prematurely because of oxidation. The oxygen barrier property helps to age certain beers of your choice and heighten their taste.

Principle of action :

Ready to Brew LLC has brought out this perfect product that will cater to all your bottling needs. If you are a person who is obsessed with his homebrewing craft and you prefer bottling your hand-crafted beers rather than kegging them up, then this is the ideal product for you. 

The Silver Oxygen Barrier crown cap has an extremely easy operation and can be put on any pry-off glass bottle with ease. This nifty thing is the ultimate weapon that will help you to prevent oxidation in your brew and the premature staling that sets as a result. This product is the perfect one that takes care of the aging of your hand-crafted beers if you plan to condition them inside bottles and age them slowly. 

Advantages :

  • Oxygen barrier: The oxygen barrier is an interesting property that enhances the quality of this product. Now, these silver crown caps will be the ultimate products that will prevent oxidation in your bottled brew and therefore preserve their tastes and qualities. This also helps in resisting premature staling of your homebrew.
  • Maturation: The oxygen barrier and the oxygen scavenging property of the silver crown caps brought to you by Ready to Brew LLC is an important factor that helps in aging certain types of beers. This also helps in bottle-conditioning of specific beer types. Now you are always one step ahead because you have opted to use these silver crown caps.
  • Hassle-free: These silver crown caps are hassle-free and easy to use. You can pair them over any pry-off glass bottle using a capper and be sure of keeping the liquid inside- safe and shielded. 

Disadvantages :

  • It has been witnessed that these products do not allow the carbon dioxide to stay inside and release it along with excess oxygen. Therefore, if you are concerned about carbonation and keeping the freshness intact for your cola, soda, kombucha, bottled cider, wine or champagne, then you should never use this product.
  • Rusted caps are an ugly sight. Apart from being an eyesore, they cannot function properly and cannot absorb excess oxygen.

Conclusions :

Apart from the usual applications of keeping the content inside the glass bottles protected and safe for consumption later, it is often found that these bottle caps have a lot of serious advantages. The most common ones include acting as an oxygen barrier and oxygen scavenger too. 

The oxygen barrier property helps to prevent the entry of oxygen into the bottle. The oxygen scavenging property helps to absorb any trace of oxygen that might have entered the bottle by fluke or due to some manual error. Any presence of oxygen will end up causing oxidation and this results in the staling of your bottled product prematurely. If it is your hand-crafted homebrew, then you will be particularly upset. Therefore, these bottle caps are of tremendous usage as they help in keeping the freshness and the taste of your brew intact.

Moreover, bottle caps are often fashioned from high-quality rubber or silicone materials. These materials provide sustainable advantages over others as these can be easily popped off from the glass bottle, washed using dishwashers or detergents, and then reused. The food safety regulations and compliances that these bottle caps have to abide by ensuring that the liquid inside the bottle is safe for consumption. 

Apart from all of the above-mentioned advantages, bottle caps are extremely easy to use. They can be capped on the mouths of pry-off glass bottles with the help of a capper. These caps get crimped along the edges of the bottle and keep the liquid intact. Bottle caps that come in various colors and designs can prove to be items worth collecting. Therefore, it is no surprise that you might often find stashes of bottle caps in any ardent collector’s chest.