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Best Yeast Starter Stir Plates

Making beer is a lot more fun when you have the right equipement. Increase cell-count to make better tasting beer, improve the quality of your yeast starter itself, and save yourself some money on each batch by making your own yeast starters.

What else can you could you ask for? (Free beer tomorrow?)

Quick Look at the Top 5:

  1. INTLLAB Magnetic Stirrer
  2. HYCC MX-3K Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer
  3. Northern Brewer – Maelstrom Stir Plate
  4. Apera Instruments AI2801 Powerful Magnetic Lab Stirrer
  5. Four E’s 5 Inch LED Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

Inspect the yeast culture as it grows, and ensure everything’s as it should be. These are machines that have an electromagnet at its base and a steel plate on top. The steel plate is generally covered with ceramic to increase resistance to corrosion. The heat and revolutions per minute of the liquid(s) can be controlled with the buttons given on the machine.

Best Yeast Starter Stir Plates - Homebrew Academy

Interestingly, the function of a magnetic stir plate is not limited to creating a homogeneous mixture of two low-viscosity liquids. It has sneakily seeped into the food industry especially in homebrewing, while making the yeast starter for the wort. Most of these stir plates hold 3-4 l of liquid, which makes them ideal for experimentation for beer lovers.

The Top 5 Magnetic Stir Plates for Homebrewing

Wondering what are the top magnetic stir plates that you can get your hands on? Well, so glad you are here. Having the right equipment for the job is only half the battle.

INTLLAB Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic Stirrer Mixer with Stir Bar (No Heating)

Let the gadget to the work while you take a little time for yourself.

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03/16/2023 10:01 pm GMT

Product Specifications: Made with 316 Stainless Steel, the INTLLAB Magnetic Stirrer is the epitome of strength, durability and high performance. It’s easy to use too; adjust its speed beginning with 0 RPM and escalate straight to 3000 RPM.

Its light and stylish body holds the electromagnetic framework and the stainless steel plate that is supposed to homogenise your mixture and provide you with the precision absent in mechanical stirring. It comes with an additional stir bar of measurements 7 *30mm.

Hold quantities as large as 3000ml, making it perfect for homebrewing. The little device is capable of more than just being situated in a scientific laboratory. It has found uses in the world of medical research, industrial research and homebrewing to name a few.

Principle of Actions: Using a small speed-adjustment knob and a 316 Stainless Steel plate, this magnetic stirrer uses its electromagnetic field to stir your liquid as per your expectations. It has the capacity to hold as much as 3000 ml of liquid and you can remain assured that whatever your purpose in buying the stirrer- whether for scientific research or homebrewing- will not go unfulfilled.

Plus, you can adjust its speed all the way from 0 RPM to 3000 RPM and trust that the result will be as expected. Carry it with you wherever you go. It’s portable, light and compact.


  • Versatile: Its use is no longer limited to just the laboratory. You can use it for many different things at the same time.
  • Powerful Magnet: You can test it at the slowest speed or the highest. The magnet works perfectly and never lets go.
  • Easy to use: There is no setting-up required. Simply learn to control the single knob on the body that controls the speed. That’s all. The rest of the work will be done by the stirrer.
  • Portable: It has been designed to be lightweight and easy-to-carry. It can be of use to various industries and can be used at any place without requiring tedious setting-up.
  • Performance precision: Expect up to medium viscosity fluids and substances to be easily stirred and agitated by this small device. You won’t be disappointed even when you challenge it with the toughest yeast starter.
  • Long running- This refers to its lifetime as well as its capacity in one go. You can leave it running and stirring the contents of the flask for as long as 48 hours and it won’t stop. There will be no trouble in carrying out the task, no matter how difficult you feel it is.


  • It might get a bit noisy at very high speeds when the stir bar begins to hit the flask.
  • The contents of the flask might splash sometimes, at very high speed.

HYCC MX-3K Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer

MX-3K Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer

3000ML Capacity, Stepless adjustable stirring speed with a 100-3000rpm stirring speed for better results and a 2 year warranty.

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Product Specifications: This versatile magnetic stirrer or stir plate is anything but ordinary. It has adjustable speed, light and portable body, 3000 ml capacity, and multi-industry usage. You can use the HYCC MX-3K Laboratory Magnetic stirrer for many uses apart from the regular biology and chemistry experiments. It can be used in agriculture, medicine, industrial research and even for home brewing.

The unlimited scope of the stirrer is aided by its speed levels ranging from 100 to 3000 RPM and its compact yet durable body. It looks simple and is even simpler to use. It has no small components that need to be dismantled or kept separately, apart from a stir bar. Use it to obtain a homogenous mixture of the liquids minus noise or physical exertion.

Principle of Action: This small magnetic stirrer is the answer to all your fretting over exact homogeneous mixtures that seem almost impossible with a mechanical stirrer. The strong and durable body of this magnetic stirrer holds powerful magnets that produce a field to agitate the liquid. The stir bar provided with the stirrer complements the process through its own revolution within the vessel holding the liquid.

Adjust the speed from 100-3000 RPM and produce the precise results that you had wished to achieve. It is because of its simplicity, portability and high performance that every industry- from scientific research laboratories to health and medicine and even home breweries – has found this little device the biggest of aids in their respective quests.


  • Great performance: It stirs the contents of the flask smoothly, efficiently and without hitting a snag for all its lifetime.
  • Easy operation: Don’t worry about learning tedious commands and instructions to run this plate. It works with a speed-control knob and that is as precise as you would want it to be. You won’t have to worry about setting it up when you open it for the first time.
  • Light body: Knowing how hard it is to carry a magnetic stirrer around, this one does a very good job of being light and easily manageable. Don’t worry about its weight sagging you down when you carry it anywhere. The lack of any extra buttons makes it even lighter and niftier for someone who puts it regular use and takes it everywhere they go.
  • Adjustable speed: The one thing that is easy to do in this device is adjust its speed and thereby the results of any kind of experiments that you perform. You will not have to worry about too high or too low speed that can spoil the expected results. Its operation is easy to control with the speed knob.
  • High Quality: It is made of high-quality material that ensures safety. Bank on its quality to keep the device lasting a very long time, a perfect investment for a person who needs a stir plate for regular use.
  • Large capacity: The stir plate can handle a vessel carrying up to 3000 ml of the liquid. It is more than most such stir plates can boast of.


  • The stir bar might have trouble keeping attached to the magnetic force of the stirrer.
  • The gauge to control it might is not be calibrated well.

Northern Brewer – Maelstrom Stir Plate

Northern Brewer Maelstrom Stir Plate for Yeast Propagation

Industrial-grade programmable stir plate designed specifically for yeast starters with 5 speeds, from 480-1440 RPM, to accommodate yeast starters up to 5 gallons. 48 hour scheduling function.

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Product Specifications: This is a one-of -a-kind industrial- grade stir plate, especially for yeast starters. It comes loaded with features to ease your process of stirring any substance. There is an option for scheduling program up to 48 hours. This means that you can let the stir plate run indefinitely up to 48 hours.

It has a mammoth capacity of accommodating yeast starters up to 5 gallons and you can change the speeds between 5 alternatives ranging from 480 RPM to 1440 RPM.

Its surface is seamless and can be cleaned and maintained easily. The body is translucent. You can get all the glimpses you want of the magnets in motion- which are so strong as to never throw a stir bar. The stir bar provided is 50mm in size.

Principle of Action: The Northern Brewer Maelstrom Stir Plate is a powerful machine. It has been created especially for home brewers by expert brewers. It caters to every need of the brewer and their worry about yeast starters through this stir plate.

The stir plate is made of translucent material that enables one to observe the functioning of the strong magnets. The stir bar-50mm- is sure to do its job of mixing. The magnets work well. Your stir bar stays in place, even when the machine’s running at optimum speed. The scheduling program and its flexibility add to the ease to which you can trust the plate to do its job well. You can also adjust your scheduling program up to 48 hours. The stirring can go on in that time; you will not have to come and restart the program every few hours.

It looks good and has such a surface as can be looked after easily. The work that it does is complemented by its body which only adds to its ease of handling. It is everything a home brewer is looking for.


  • Light Body- Its light body makes it portable and easy-to-use at any place.
  • Powerful Performance- It lives up to its name and is quite the maelstrom when it comes to stirring. Its adjustable speeds and powerful magnets ensure the best performance.
  • Noiseless- Apart from the usual benefit of using electromagnetic stir plates, this product adds to the noiselessness by ensuring that the stir bar does not clank against the flask or container.
  • Value for money: It comes for a nominal amount but can provide the best results with its powerful operation.


  • The initial usage might have some snags before it can begin working smoothly.
  • The controls of the device take some getting used-to.

Apera Instruments AI2801 Powerful Magnetic Lab Stirrer

Apera Instruments AI2801 Lab Stir Plate

Economical choice of a reliable and durable magnetic stirrer that is ideal for home brew yeast starters. Small and powerful stirring ability with a Max. 3000ml stirring capacity. Two-Year Warranty.

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Product Specifications: This is the magnetic stirrer that not only fits the bill for laboratory technicians and scientists but also comes in handy for home brewers. It has a 120mm diameter plate which can be covered with an anti-slip silicone cap for safety. It can hold flasks of capacity 50ml to 3000 ml with ease and you can speed it up from 0-2300 rpm within seconds. It provides a silent operation which can be adjusted with a smooth control knob.

The product comes with 3 magnetic stir beads of 30mm, 35mm and 45mm to aid the stirring process. The compact unit is capable of powerful operation and you can heat and stir liquids of low viscosity with ease.

Principle of Action: The Apera AI2801 Magnetic Lab Stirrer looks small, takes little space, yet is anything but weak. It has a powerful operation. You can stir and heat liquids of amounts anywhere between 50ml and 3000ml on its heating plate. The plate and its anti-slip silicone cap allow the operation to be smooth and steady. The stir beads enable the process of stirring to go faster and ensure that your liquid becomes a homogeneous mixture.

You can easily make a homogenous mixture with liquids up to 3 l in quantity. The stir beads are an advantage in making the yeast starters for homebrewing. It is also a smooth process with an easy control knob to control the temperature.


  • Accessories- Though the beads of three sizes and the anti-slip silicone cap seem like trivial caps, they add a lot to the process of stirring and heating. They can prove to be especially beneficial when you are using the plate for home brewing.
  • Easy Usage- It is not difficult to use, nor does it require a lot of technological know-how to use this magnetic plate. It has an easily-adjustable knob with which you can control the operation of the plate.
  • Can even handle thicker glass- You can try using it with glass that is thicker than a flask bottom. The stir plate will do its job even then.
  • Compact- It is a very compact unit that saves space and adds little weight to all the paraphernalia you carry in your lab while performing an experiment.
  • Quiet operation- This is definitely an upgrade over the usual mechanical stirrer. It does its job silently and you will not have to disturb the people around you for this process.
  • Economical: It provides versatile, easy and excellent usage even with its simple interface. It costs low and works extremely well.


  • It will not be able to give you the exact speed as opposed to a plate with a digital dial.
  • The speed range will not be exact, which can cause some problems in laboratory experiments.

Four E’s 5 Inch LED Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

LED Digital Magnetic Stirrer & Heating Plate

Excellent stirring & heating capacity: Maximum stirring quantity can reach up to 5L(max 3L at 1500rpm), stainless steel with ceramic coated hotplate allows for immediate heat transfer, corrosion resistance and fast cool-down.

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Product Specifications: This is the safest and most intuitive stir plate you can find in the market. It is prepared from materials that can resist temperature and its mechanism ensures that you are warned before you reach a dangerous temperature mark. It prevents overheating of the liquid and saves you from potential burns.

The electromagnetic machinery is encased in a plastic covering so that it can resist and protect itself from the heat. There will be no need to guess the temperature or squint around the control wheels to read the speed. There is Dual LED display to solve that problem as well. The most important part of the stir plate, the plate itself is made from stainless steel and coated with ceramic to allow multiple advantages including immediate heat transfer, corrosion resistance and fast cool down.

The temperature range of the plate is between 50 and 280°C. It automatically prevents overheating by using its overheating protection mechanism. It is thus, as safe as it is efficient and effective.

Principle of Action: This magnetic stirrer from Four E’s Scientific is the perfect instrument for all your lab experiments. It ensures protection from overheating and its sensor automatically identifies the temperature saving you any trouble of keeping track. Its 3D wheels are made to provide comfort and ease along with its dual LED display that ensures easier setting. The plate and the electromagnet provide efficient functioning and are protected from any harm by their respective ceramic and plastic covering.

You can set the temperature and the speed using the 3D wheels. The dual LEDs are meant to help you keep track and the rest of the mechanism will take care of your liquid. It will turn into a homogeneous substance and your experiment will not go awry.


  • Functioning- It works as stated. You will encounter no problems while using this device with regard to the lack of heating or speed glitches. It will do what you program it to do.
  • Durability- Its major components including the hot plate and the electromagnet are all protected to ensure that it does not get corroded or affected by heat.
  • Adjustable- You can change its settings of speed and temperature easily. The LED display enables you to view as you adjust.
  • Safety- The automatic overheating protection is a boon for frequent experimenters and users.
  • Accuracy- You can get precise results for this process with its external temperature sensor PT 1000.

Final Thoughts

A magnetic stirrer is a giant leap from the hand-held mechanical stirrer that could make the ears of all those present around you, bleed. Most yeast stirrers are quiet and you can leave them running overnight. This is another advantage of these little machines. They just have to be programmed and can then work independently.

The results of a mechanical stirrer were always ambiguous and far from precise. On the other hand, with even a very rudimentary magnetic stirrer, you can be assured that your mixture would be as you had imagined it to be. There is speed control and some stirrers even provide temperature control which can control the results of your experiments to a large extent.

Safety, though, might still appear to be a worry for many experimenters or users. It should not be. While they are generally made with steel plates, there is always an encasing on top. The magnets are also safely installed in the body of the device.

You will not have to worry about touching anything or spoiling anything inadvertently. Some magnetic stir plates even come with overheating protection, thus, cutting off electricity supply once the temperature has crossed the safety threshold. These are very sophisticated machines when compared with the hand-operated, risky ones.

Thus, you can assure yourself about the safety and advantages of these machines and ensure that you get one of these to aid you in the lab, homebrewing or any other experimentation that requires stirring but you cannot spend long hours doing that mechanically.

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