What Food Pairs Best with Berliner Weisse?

by Karl S Updated on January 15, 2013

My “beer mood” is constantly changing, but one style that I can drink day in and day out is Berliner Weisse. It’s refreshing, tart but not sour, and light enough that you can have multiple multiple multiple pints.

Given my love of matching beer and food, I had to track down the best bites to go with a Berliner.

When finding the right food to pair with a beer, one of the first things I consider is intensity. Berliners are light bodied and generally 3-5% abv, so the food cannot be too powerful. Ribs, rich dessert, or anything smoky will overpower the beer, so you can rule those out. If you think about a beer dinner with multiple courses, you would place the Berliner towards the front, with the appetizer not the entrée.

That’s when it hit me.

Berliner Weisse and French Fries

French fries are the perfect pairing for Berliner Weisse.

Fries are salty, oily, and starchy. A good Berliner cools the hot fries and wipes the palate clean. The salty/sour combination is a winner (My love of Gose beer and margaritas makes sense now).

You can’t use limp, soggy fries though. Find some good ones that are crisp and fluffy. Here in Denver, Jonesy’s is known for having the best fries in town and even the country.

I picked up some of their Bacon Mac & Cheese fries and paired them up with Crabtree’s Berliner Weisse.

Berliner Weisse beer and french fries.
Crabtree Berliner Weisse and fries from Jonesy’s

It absolutely kicked ass. Crabtree is hard to find outside of Colorado so a couple other Berliners I love are Fritz Briem and this recent discovery from the German brewery Bayerischer.

French fries aren’t exactly a fine dining experience, but not all beer pairings have to be. When you eat fries, you eat a ton of them, and you need a beer that goes down just as easily. Berliner Weisse is the beer the job.

What foods, if any, have you paired with Berliner Weisse? Who makes your favorite french fries?