My experience with Beerjobber

by Karl | Updated: June 13, 2012

Review of beer jobber

Some of you might have heard about an interesting new service for buying beer online called Beerjobber.

I spoke on the phone with Beerjobber founder Sean Nevins to get more info on how the whole thing works.

BeerJobber has a unique business model. They have two main goals:

  • Give you access to beers not available in your area
  • Get those beers to you fast and fresh

You know that I have a lot of experience with beer of the month clubs, so they were my reference point when trying to understand Beerjobber.

As Sean told me, here is the big difference: BeerJobber actually ships directly from the brewery to your house. But wait – what about the 3-tier system you ask? They have a clever way to solve that.

Beerjobber act as the middleman between the brewery and the shipper (UPS or FedEX). So Beerjobber’s people are the ones that are actually handing the beer off to the shipper at the brewery (Not sure about the details on this). Done this way, they can stay legal and avoid having to ship the beer to a warehouse. That’s where the fresh part comes in.

They can’t ship everywhere due to legal reasons, but there is a handy little tool on the website where you put in your zip code and it lets you know if you can get the beer or not.

Price is always a concern with shipping beer through the mail. Here are three randomly selected packages along with their six-pack equivalent price:

  • Heretic Variety Case; 12 – 22 oz. bottles: $79.48 + $19.95 S&H = $99.43 (SPE $27.12)
  • Mad River Jamaica Red Ale; 24 – 12 oz. bottles: $52.70 + $19.95 S&H = $72.65 (SPE $18.16)
  • Left Coast Board Walk Saison; 12 – 22 oz. bottles: $83.70 + $19.95 S&H = $103.65 (SPE $28.27)

So the prices aren’t cheap, but there is value in getting something you can’t normally get and having it delivered fresh from the brewery right to your door.

I knew I had to try the service for myself.

My Experience

One of the main concerns I’ve heard about Beerjobber is “Who wants a whole case of the same beer?” Promiscuous craft beer drinkers we are.

I had the same concern, and to solve it I did two things:

  1. Ordered one of the many variety cases to diversify the beer
  2. Split the order with a buddy

If you’re a member of the site you will get occasional promotions. This is what I did to snag the Heretic case listed above for $60 shipped. I then split the case with The Beertographer and wound up with 6 bombers (2 of three different beers) for $30, or $5 per bomber.

The box of beer sent from
Great packaging. These bottles won’t break
Bottles of Heretic beer
My order: Heretic’s Evil Cousin, Evil Twin, and Shallow Grave

Overall I was really happy with the entire experience. We don’t get Heretic around here and I was excited to try their beers (They were excellent by the way. Nice job Jamil).

I invite you to at least make an account and look through the Beerjobber inventory. There is no monthly subscription so you can take your time until something you really want pops up and maybe even snag a deal. In my opinion, having the choice of what to buy is the biggest benefit.

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