Beer-Themed Gifts

by Karl | Updated: August 22, 2019

With the different brands of beers worldwide, finding your pick can take a while. When it comes to a beer-themed gift for your friend, the question is a serious one – how do you know they will like it?

Each company makes memorabilia and souvenirs for all beer lovers. When thinking about giving a beer-related gift, the quest is to find the ideal gift for the right person. Each brand offers a variety of accessories that you can buy as a present for a family member, a close friend, or even a workmate.

Does the person who you are gifting it to have a taste for beers? Are you choosing something that is practical or has use? More importantly, does it look good?

Gifts can be decorative, functional, and collectable. It’s all about finding out what suits better for the recipient.

Beer Themed Gifts at Homebrew Academy

Now let’s see what additional criteria you have to take into account when choosing a beer-themed gift.

What are Beer-Themed Gifts?

Beer-Themed Gifts are accessories made by breweries to encourage the purchase of beer. The gifts serve to promote the brand and create a consumer culture around it.

Another reason to sell these items is, of course, to increase profits. The companies sell these accessories for decorations, practicality and, sometimes create limited editions or rare collectables for the enthusiasts.

The gifts vary a lot; you can find wood barrels with the logo of a beer, t-shirts, cup holders, bottle coozies, decorative frames, keychains, among others.

Why do You Need Beer-Themed Gifts Anyways?

There are different reasons to buy accessories related to beer consumption.

  • Collection: Collecting objects is a recreational activity, a hobby that can even generate profits for collectors in the long term. Collecting objects related to the drinks is a common pastime. People tend to buy as many items as they can, whether directly made by the company or manufactured by a third party. Object collections are gigantic and are considered a long-term investment. Some articles are limited editions, therefore difficult to obtain. This attribute can give value to accessories of hundreds, even thousands of dollars, depending on the size and uniqueness of the collection.
  • Fans: Just like sports teams have their group of fans, beer brands have fan collectives too. Fans buy lots of accessories and beer-related objects to satisfy their needs. Beer aficionados can get themes to showcase to the world, which is their favorite beer brand. It’s another reason to prove that they are the best fans in the world – and that their collection is the largest.
  • Fun: Drinking the brew is fun, but if we add some beer-related items to the mix, drinking automatically becomes better. People buy accessories to create extra fun while drinking it. In some cases, they purchase kegs with different hoses to make drinking competitions.

In other cases, people can even host beer-themed parties. Accessories include cups, barrels, cup holders, lamps, clothing, and more.

Some brands even produce dartboards for people to buy and use at their parties. In young people’s gatherings, it is common to use it for competitions, and the one who loses will most likely end up drunk.

  • Decoration: Accessories are used to decorate bars, stores, clubs, and even houses. Bars, party halls and some living rooms might display at least one beer-themed item as decoration.

The bars are the most commonplace for decoration, as it is the preferred place for drinking. There are usually decorative frames, benches and cup holders for any occasion. It is common to find limited editions of beer containers, to add more personality to the bar.

When it comes to parties, it is habitual to have beer cup holders and kegs for a more juvenile or sophisticated ambience. It is common to buy in the package for a party beer with necessary accessories. Companies tend to give discounts and additional merchandise for this type of bag.

Why Will You Love Them?

Beer-Themed Gifts have three functionalities. You can use them as decoration, accessories and collectables. Among the most common decorations, we find decorative frames, seats made with beer barrels, and coasters. Usually, decorative items have something related to the brand that made them: their logo, name, or a unique design. Companies often give them for free to bars as advertising.

Beer accessories aim towards improving the drinking experience. An example is the cup holders for placing the drink without damaging the table. These also work as decorations, but they relate more to the beverage directly. As collectables, beer-themed gifts have more personality. The articles are mostly limited edition products, whose purpose is to satisfy people’s ego.

The main advantage of the articles is to improve the feeling of drinking beer. Items make consuming beer more pleasurable by adding character or comfort. You don’t have to use your everyday utensils so that you can preserve them in a better way as well. An example of this is seats and cup holders; cup holders allow you to drink without damaging furniture. Beer-themed seats free you from having to move your other chairs.

Commemorative plates and bowls are useful for placing snacks while you drink. If you have a bar, it’s best to give your customers a beer-themed peanut bowl than a bland glass one. Another advantage is that gifts are for men and women. These presents can be a fitting addition to a special occasion for a friend or family member.

Gifts can include tasting different beer editions. While they’re harder to obtain, they give a great twist to the flavor you’re used to when having your favorite cold one.

Another advantage is collectable and economic value. Beer accessories are collectable and increase their economic value over time, depending on their conservation.

Factors to consider before buying them

The first thing to consider is the looks of the place where they’ll sit. Gifts should be according to the dimensions of your home so that they do not get in the way. Another factor to consider is the house decor, look for gifts that match the rest of the environment.

Another vital element is the emotional meaning of the article. If you are a fan or collector of a brand, you will love having things that remind you of it. For fans, it is unreal to have new accessories from their preferred brands.

The financial aspect is another element to consider; the expenses can vary considerably when it comes to buying beer-themed gifts. We can find accessories such as flannel shirts for $13 to $24, or a large jar with a brand logo for $20. On the other hand, many limited-edition beers quickly pass the $100 mark.

The last aspect is the tastes of the person to whom we are going to pass the gift. It is essential to remember their preferences regarding brands, clothing, and even glassware. You don’t want to buy them something and have them frown when they see it.

The recipient may have significant conditions. Some people are sensitive to wheat, and giving them a $200 case of wheat beer can be disastrous.

Popular Gifts for Homebrewers

USA Beer Cap Map by Skyline Workshop.

  • Specifications.

A product developed with high quality and light wood weighing 1.35 pounds, it is a handmade work with the map of the USA. Plus, it comes with holes to place your favorite beer caps. You can use this piece for collecting the beer caps from each of the states of the country and exhibit them in a stylish and unique way. It comes with the nails and holes for mounting it on the wall.

The product has a high-level finish, which protects the wood from degradation from the sun’s rays. An additional quality is that it does not quickly rot when it touches liquids. Its finish leaves a bright brown colour, striking and that combines with any decoration.


  • Collectable Unisex gift.

It is a unisex gift, which you can give to anyone who fancies travel and beer. They can create a simple but beautiful collection from different states and brands. It is a collectable object; if it’s complete and kept with enough care, it can be worth much more than the price you paid.

  • Gift adaptable to any decoration.

You can find different designs for this map of the USA, with different colors and logos. In some models, you can even have the bright flag of the United States of America as paint instead of the wood color. You can also add any beer cap, so you can even play with their palettes.

  • Gift of easy acquisition.

You can purchase it at many gift shops with beer themes. You may also find it in virtual stores such as eBay or Amazon and order it online.


  • Difficulty getting caps. Getting a beer from each state is an arduous task, which can require a bit of money. You also have to spend time, either traveling or waiting for them to arrive. But isn’t this part of the fun of it? 

All 50 States Beer Cap Maps by Skyline Workshop

  • Specifications.

It is an exciting gift, instead of the map of the United States, you have each one of the states. In each state, you have holes, where you can place the beer caps you buy in them. One perfect addition is that it contains nails and gaps for mounting it on the wall of your bar, living room, or bedroom.

The material used for this product is wood of the highest quality, resistance and durability. Its finish has different colors and models for you to choose according to your taste and your decoration. Another aspect of the finish is that it protects the wood from degradation by solar rays and liquid elements.


  • Gift with high collectable value.

You can collect the rarest lids from each state and exhibit them as a collector. The value of the item will increase over time, and you might as well end up selling for a nice sum.

  • Assemble a larger result.

You can purchase each state separately and assemble the diversity of bottle caps in each state. In the end, you can have a collection of all beer in the US. It’s a beautiful and precious treasure that you can always have with you.

  • Beautiful object and high decorative value.

For its finish and varied availability of colors, this item has excellent decorative value. It can combine with any decoration and theme either in the bar or in the person’s home.


  • A considerable amount of resources.

The gift involves several resources, both time and money. The time it would take to go through each state and get each cap would be years of dedication. It’s something difficult for a person who works, either as an employee or self-employed. Money is another factor: you would require quite a bit of money to get every state and every cap.

Big Mouth Toys Big Mouth Beer Glass Dumbell

  • Specifications.

If you want to mix your regular exercises with drinking beer, there is nothing better than this beer dumbbell. Yes, it’s a glass-covered dumbbell, and this is the best choice for combining your two passions. The pitcher can hold 24 ounces of any beer you prefer, and it weighs 6 ounces.

The size of the container is 4x4x8 inches. Its design is elegant, with decorations and labels. The labels have amusing messages about beer and how to enjoy it.

The design is unique to Bigmouth Inc; the material is specially prepared to be resistant to moderate scratches. The thickness of the glass is fit for protecting it against falls. 


  • A sturdy glass tumbler.

Because of its construction and thickness, the glass is resistant to light and moderate shocks, as well as scratches. You shouldn’t throw it around, but it can withstand quite a bit of punishment.

  • Elegant design

The design of the glass is beautiful to the eye; first of all, the dumbbell shape gives it that unique distinction. The finish on the glass is first class, providing unique details to the packaging. The last aspects are the writings and adornments that add the final touch to the design; they can get more than one giggle out of you.

  • A design that’s easy to hold.

The dumbbell design allows you to hold the glass comfortably, without risk of an accident by slipping it. You won’t have to worry about your hand feeling uncomfortable after a while, either.

  • A compact tumbler for large quantities.

You can serve yourself a large amount of beer so that it can last you for the entire afternoon. It’s a great companion after you’re exhausted after a long day at the gym.


  • Aesthetic degradation.

Drawings and other effects degrade with time and use. It is essential to keep the glass in areas away from the sun and agents that may damage the decorations. If you let it fall a lot, it’ll also look worse despite its sturdiness.

GreatGadgets 1880 Classic Beer Holster

  • Specifications.

The beer cover is made of leather, with a liquid-resistant surface. The seams are made of hand-sewn nylon threads and also contain stainless steel studs. The design is 100% handmade, handcrafted for both quality and quantity in detail.

The case has a varied size depending on your preference; it’s perfect for drinking after doing any job. It is ideal for drinking beer while doing light carpentry work in your home. It’s also fitting for holding the beer while cooking grills.


  • Durability.

The cover has elements resistant to liquids and external factors such as heat or UV rays. The leather contains a finish with chemicals that protect the material from liquids such as beer. The steel is stainless and resistant to corrosion or degradation.

  • Attractive design.

The design shows high-quality leather, and the cowboy-style design is attractive to the eye.

  • Variety of sizes.

There is a variety of sizes, for all types of people, regardless of their weight or physical mass.

  • Adaptability to situations.

The cover adapts to any work situation, allowing you to move around without throwing the beer. Whether it is an activity on the roof of your house, kitchen, mechanics, or any other, the article fulfils its function.


  • It’s an article for beer in bottles only.

The cover works only with beers in bottles, and it’s ineffective with glasses. Its width and length are adequate to hold the bottle, but it’s hard to find a glass or cup with the same dimensions as the standard bottle.

King Beer Queen Wine Glass by Pixelverse Design

  • Specifications.

It’s the ideal gift for couples, especially newlyweds or their anniversary celebrations. You can enjoy a special occasion and keep something that will help you remember it. They are two crystal glasses, perfectly engraved with the icons of the king and queen. The King beer glass can hold 16 ounces and the Queen wine glass measures 12.5 ounces.

The glasses are of a thin transparent crystal, with a unique design that shows the “Queen” and “King” logos. The engraving is of a material resistant to environmental degradation, so you won’t have many reasons to worry about them losing their looks. The package of the cups is done with extreme care to protect the cups on the journey. An additional measure is the box of shock-resistant material to ensure that the goods arrive in perfect condition.


  • Ideal gift for couples.

It is an ideal gift for couples; you can give your friends a gift that they can share romantically. You can share a few drinks along with an unforgettable moment for the couple.

  • Gift with shipping security.

The gift is packed to be resistant against shocks, first with a durable casing and then with a resistant box.

  • A special design.

The crystal is finely tempered without imperfections, and this allows the beverages to look outstanding inside the glass. The engraving details are made of a resistant material and with special care.

  • A lot for drinking.

You can serve a large amount of beer and not interrupt the evening to recharge. The wine glass also holds a significant amount; you’re good to go for a while with a single serving.


  • Fragile and breakable glass.

The crystal is stunning, but it’s not resistant to blows and is easily scratched. It is recommended to keep it always in the paper and in its box to avoid breakages.

Which One Should You Get?

It’s difficult to find a gift for your brew-loving friend. There isn’t a clear cut answer to which one of the items we have reviewed is right. If your friend loves drinking, perhaps the King beer Queen wine glass is a great option. If you are looking for something more fun and gag-gifty, try the beer glass dumbbell. Look for something that is more personalized, and what your friend can identify with.

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