Tavour Craft Beer Club Review

Tavour Club Review

Where many celebrated monthly beer clubs have been around since the 1990’s, Tavour is the new kid on the block, so to speak.

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Tavour was founded in 2013 by Sethu Kalavakur, Philip Vaughn, and Rafik Robeal, and has quickly ensconced itself in the hearts and minds of beer geeks everywhere.

In fact, Mens Journal selected Tavour as one of the best Father’s Day gifts of that year, naming it one of the coolest gifts to give dad .

Since then, Tavour has been favorably reviewed by such established sources as USA Today, Bloomberg, and Fortune, to name but a few.

Born out of frustration of not being able to locate exotic and savory brews in their local community, Tavour has since grown into one of the best loved beer communities online.

How This Beer Club Works

We think you’re going to find this beer club pretty interesting and a little different that others you’ve looked at. Where other beer clubs have expert panelists which select the brews for you, with Tavour you get to do the picking yourself.

This unique service is free to join, and tailors itself specifically to your tastes. In fact, you may consider Tavour more of a beer delivery service, than a club.

Once you sign up at Tavour.com or download their app, you’ll receive regular notifications which alert you to any new beers they’ve just added. These notifications will tell you everything you’ll need to know about the beer in order to make an educated decision for yourself such as tasting notes and information on the brewery.

For instance, they’ll tell you how much the beer is, and how many ounces you’ll get. If you don’t think you’re getting all of your notifications, take a second look on the Notifications page, or check your spam folder.

Once you select your brew, you then choose how many bottles you’d like. Once officially purchased your selection is placed in the virtual holding area of your account, known as your Crate.

The minute you’ve added your first selection, you’ll get a shipping date. Up until that time, you can add as many flavorful brews as you’d like. When the shipping date is reached your ‘crate door’ shuts, and your selections are they in the process of being packed.

You’re crate will also have a history section, where you can see what you’ve ordered in the past, as well as shipping information such as tracking numbers. This way, you have a record of what you’ve ordered, so you can order it again, if you’d like.

Currently, you can order up to 6 bottles of one beer. As for average cost, expect to pay from around $4 to $32 or so per bottle, depending on the type.

According to USA Today, beer shipments can cost from $20 to $200 with the average running around $90.

As you can see, this is not like your standard beer of the month club where you pay a fixed amount for a shipment, so it’s easy to get carried away. As such, it’s a good idea to keep track of your order in your crate every now and again.

As an added bonus, Tavour also gives you the opportunity to earn from referrals. You’ll get $10 of credit for people who sign up, based on your referral. Once that person buys a beer, you get paid.

If you accidentally select a beer you do not want, you can cancel and request your money back, as long as it is within 3 days of selection and purchase.

Sometimes the inevitable happens: They run out of your selected beer. However, fret not, because Tavour will place you on a wait list. They keep tabs on the order of operations, and as soon as it’s you’re turn, they’ll place the beer in your crate.

Beer Styles Included

Once you’ve signed up with Tavour’s beer delivery service, you’ll experience unique, small batch craft brews. Yes, that sounds cliche, but there’s no other way to put it.

After just one week of receiving daily notifications, you’ll begin to see the intense brews they provide. You’ll be wooed by red ales, dessert stouts, dark sours, as well as IPA’s.

Examples of past brews include:

  • MPH, an Imperial Porter from Ten Ninety, Glenview, IL
  • Easter Basket, an IPA from Champion, Charlottesville, VA
  • Nuttiest Professor, an Imperial Stout from Avery, Boulder CO
  • Hoppin’ Honey, an ABV from Rooftop, Seattle WA
  • PseudoSue, a hoppy beer from Toppling goliath, Decorah IA
  • 22nd Anniversary a ABV from Weyerbacher, Easton PA
  • Tropic Haze, an IPA from Silver City, Bremerton WA
  • Shploing!! an IPA from Omnipollo, Stockholm Sweden

How Beers Are Selected Each Month

Tavour only searches for original craft beers that true beer loving geeks are excited to try. It’s crucial that the beer be fresh, which is why they work to maintain close relationships with various breweries all over the world.

This means that the beers are available for purchase right after they’ve been brewed for Tavour. As stated, whereas other beer clubs send you beers which have been curated by a panel of talented and informed panelists, with Tavour you’re the one who gets to make the selection, so the curation process is totally up to you!

Gift Box Sets

Tavour invites you to enjoy some of their boxed gift sets, for yourself or someone you care for. Each of these gift boxes are exclusive, in that they are assembled as soon as you place your order, from stock that they have in their warehouse at that time.

This ensures you or that special someone will obtain the freshest brews available.

The Rare Barrel Box

In this gift set, you receive 5 100 percent, indie brewed craft beers for $130. This box contains the communities more requested Rare Barrel Sours such as:

  • Small Acts Oak Aged Grisette
  • Mister Tea Oak Aged Golden Sour Ale
  • Home, Sour Home Golden Oak Aged Sour Ale 1 •Shadows of Their Eyes Dark Oak Aged Sour Ale •Together We’re Better Fruited Oak Aged Sour Ale

The above beers are from The Rare Barrel’s Ambassador’s Club, and generally only available to members. The Rare Barrel Beer Club is home to some of the the best, award-winning barrel-aged sour beers available on the market.

Mixed Beer Boxed Gift Set

In this Mixed Beer Boxed Gift Set, you’ll receive 8 beers for $99. All beers have been curated by Tavour, and are a representation of the excellent beers they have on hand at that time.

So, each gift box is curated by hand, the moment you place your order.

Dark Beer Gift Box Set

Be the envy of beer lovers in your circle with this Dark Beer Gift Box set of 8 savory, dark indie craft brews for $99.

Each order is one of a kind, as it’s curated by Tavour at the time the order is placed, based on the best beers they have on hand at the warehouse.

IPA Gift Box Set

Within this shipment, you’ll find 8 thirst quenching IPA brews for $99. Each of these beers are among the best Tavour has to offer at the time the order is placed.

Sour Beer Gift Box Set

Those of you who love the taste of tart beers, will enjoy this box set of 8 hand selected craft beers for $99.

Each order will be one of a kind, as they choose the very best sours, such as farmhouses, saisons and wilds, that they have on hand which guarantees you the freshest selection.

Shipping Information

Tavour keeps your selection in your crate for around a month after your first beer purchase. They do this to allow you to check your daily notifications, adding beers, while removing others in case you change your mind.

While there is no free shipping with Tavour, they do charge a flat shipping rate of $14.90, no matter the size of your order, so you an order as much as you’d like.

Once your crate door closes, your order is ready to be packed up and shipped out. If you do not wish to wait the month, then simply switch your shipping date to an earlier time. Remember that they require an adult over 21 to sign for the delivery, as it contains alcoholic beverages.

When you include your shipping address, make sure it is delivered to your work, or a neighbors home if there are no adults to sign for it.

In case something comes up, and you won’t be able to receive your shipment, simply update the ship date in your crate, in the Current Crate section of your app, or Tavour online account. How quickly your shipment arrives, depends on where you live:

  • West Coast: 3 to 5 days
  • Mid-West: 4 to 6 days
  • East Coast 7 to 8 days

All beers are shipped from their establishment in Seattle. Once your shipment has left Tavour’s warehouse, you’ll receive a notification with a tracking number. If you ordered a large shipment, be aware that this shipment may be divided up into several smaller shipments.

Always remember that shipping is under your control, just go to your “Current Crate” page and change the shipping date. Finally, if you happen to live near us, you can come a pick up your beers and save on the $14.90. They’ll hold your package for up to 90 days.

Changes, Returns & Guarantees

Just in case something occurs during delivery, and your shipment arrives damaged, contact them at their customer support address. Take images of the damaged beer and send it to them, so they can get an idea of what went wrong.

From there, they’ll work on replacing the beer or giving you a credit. If you’ve tracked your beer, and realized it has gotten lost in the mail, then contact their customer support, and they’ll contact the carrier. When resolved, they’ll replace the missing beer or offer a refund.

Tavour strives to keep beer and shipping as affordable as possible, so everyone can enjoy the taste of a rare and original brew. It’s for this reason that they adhere to a strict return and cancellation policy, as returns and cancellations cost them money.

If you wish to cancel a purchase, you must do so within 3 days before the confirmation date. After which you’ll receive a full refund. If you wish to cancel after the 3 days, you are not eligible for a refund.

If you’ve neglected to provide them with a valid payment method, your order will be cancelled without refund.


Tavour is a beer delivery system which is designed to put you in the drivers seat. They have a high customer satisfaction rate due to their dedication to their members. Members are the ones who control what is in their ‘crate’, when the shipment goes out for delivery, and whether or not to add or remove beers.

Surely, this is one of the grandest beer ordering houses online. By offering you a taste of the uncommon, the exclusive and hard to find brews, they’ve not only given these independent breweries some much needed exposure, but also provide you with the exquisite taste of incomparable beers from the best breweries in the world.

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