The Rare Beer Club Review: Is It Right for You?

Welcome to our Rare Beer Club review.

The Rare Beer Club is a monthly club subscription that delivers two kinds of premium, rare, and expertly curated beer bottles straight to your doorstep.

If you’re looking into subscribing to the Rare Beer Club, you’ve come to the right place!

The Rare Beer Club

For the beer connoisseur who likes brews that push the limits. If you're always waiting for the next limited beer release & enjoy experimental styles, this club's for you.

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Whether you’re already a member of other beer clubs before or you’re joining a monthly beer club for the first time, we have ALL the information gathered here for you.

Quick Overview

In this article, we will be providing an in-depth review of the exclusive club.

We will look at…

  • What sets them apart from the other beer clubs
  • What’s inside the monthly package
  • The pros and cons
  • And whether you being a member of the club will be worth it.

But before we get started, let us first have our first-time-monthly-beer-club readers get a glimpse of what it is like to be in one!

What Is the Deal With Beer Monthly Clubs?

You never know what you’re going to get.

Okay, you do have a general idea, but it’s still a surprise! Not to mention the PURE EXCITEMENT that comes EVERY MONTH as you wait for your new box.

It almost brings back the feelings you had when you were a kid on Christmas eve and waiting to open your presents!

That innocent eagerness. That pure joy.

Imagine getting the same childhood feelings back, but exchange those toy presents with beer — your grown-up self’s new favorite.

When you become a member of the Rare Beer Club, you receive not just your regular store-bought beer. You get CRAFT BEERS. RARE BEERS. EXCLUSIVE and LIMITED RELEASE beers.

Beers you have to go through countless hoops to procure by yourself. Beers so rare they would satisfy a beer connoisseur or beer collector.

Now, imagine those bottles being specially curated by professionals and having each selection tailored to YOUR tastes and preferences.

Doesn’t that sound like heaven for beer lovers like you?

Our Rare Beer Club Review

Let’s answer your questions one by one.

1.) What’s in My Box of Beer Shipment?

The Rare Beer Club sends beers from two different breweries. Depending on your subscription option, you will get two bottles, four bottles, or six bottles of craft beer from the monthly breweries selected.

These bottles all come in a 750 ml packaging.

You will also receive a monthly Rare Beer Club newsletter with your beers. Inside it, you will finddetailed information about the beers you just got.

The monthly newsletters have EVERYTHING you want to know about the beers:

  • The overview and history of your craft beers and their breweries
  • What sets the breweries and bottles apart from the rest
  • Why the beer judges selected them
  • The beer’s tasting notes
  • The special ingredients, flavoring, and spices added to the brew
  • The best food pairings for each of the bottles you received
  • And more additional information!

2.) What Are the Monthly Beer Club Options?

These are the subscription options the club will let you customize:

Number of Bottles

The Rare Beer Club membership offers a two bottles, four bottles, and a six bottles a month subscription option.

The price of shipping and cost per bottle gets lower the more bottle options you subscribe to.

Personal Customization

The Rare Beer Club also offers a Personalized Shipment Program (PSP).

This feature lets you pick your own beer bottles that will make up your monthly beer selection. Here’s how it works:

  1. Before they ship your beer of the month, they first send you what featured beers you will be receiving. They will send you a list of all the beers they have available.
  2. If there is a bottle selection you’d rather not receive, you get to replace that with other beer bottles you would like to acquire instead.

Some things you might be wondering:

  • Have you always wanted a couple of Russian Imperial Stouts Beer? In a brand that’s hard to buy?
  • How about a very specific bottle of Wild Tripel Ale?
  • Or some rare beer you tasted years ago in a secluded monastery of a small town?

Chances are, the club can get a hold of those bottles.

Add them to your beer of the month selection!

This is especially useful if you want to find some limited-release beers you have wanted for a long time but are just too much trouble for you to personally procure.

If you like something from the past selections they’ve made for you, you can also request to keep including the same beer.

That means more bottles of your favorite beer, until their supplies last!

This option is also available in both the personal subscription and the gift subscription.

3.) What Makes the Rare Beer Club Different From Regular Beer Clubs?

There are a number of best beer clubs out there that also top the market.

These are why the Rare Beer Club stands out:

#1 They Only Give You Craft Beer

The beer bottles in your box are not just rare — they are actually VERY hard to find (and sometimes IMPOSSIBLE) in stores.

Now that’s how you do premium.

#2 The PSP Option Allows So Much Flexibility

The inside of monthly club packages is always a nice surprise.

But letting you dictate what comes in the box whenever you want to?

Getting to choose your favorite beers ALL the time?

That sounds like an ENDLESS and ALREADY FULFILLED wish list!

Not all beer of the month clubs has this feature.

Do you feel special yet?

#3 The Club-Exclusive Brews

As far as exclusive and limited edition beers go, this one tops the list.

The Rare Beer club sometimes partners with small, local breweries to create a special batch of bottlesthat will only be released ONCE and only given to the club members.

Sometimes the microbreweries themselves tap the club, offering EARLY RELEASES of their up-and-coming product line.

It’s like getting invited to the movie premiere of a blockbuster!

4.) How Does the Rare Beer Club Find Beers for Me?

The artisanal beers that make the list of the Rare Beer Club go through a strict selection process. Tasting beers that are up for selection is done through a blind test.

The beer judges have NO IDEA where those new beers come from, what brands they are, etc. The only thing they know about it is the beer styles of the craft beers they are testing.

The new beers are then judged based on their aroma, flavor, appearance, finish, mouthfeel, quality,and of course, the overall taste.

5.) Is the Rare Beer Club Worth It?

Most monthly clubs are pretty worth it. You get a box and pay a fixed monthly fee. The products you receive are the same value — or sometimes more than what you pay for.

Other beer clubs out there are most probably the same. What sets the beer subscription that Rare Beer Club offers apart from the rest is that they go the EXTRA MILE.

Allow us to tell you why.

#1 The Rare Beer Club Does All the Dirty Work for You

Rare beers are already hard to obtain.

The time and effort (and sometimes stress) you spend to look for the best beers that fit your standards and individual palate is something the Rare Beer Club takes care of.

You’ll receive the best beers you never even knew existed.

The second dirty work that beer clubs do for you is that they become the guinea pig instead of you.

You no longer have to search high and low for the rarest beer styles…only to find out the rare bottle you finally get your hands on tastes terrible.

The Rare Beer Club’s panel of experts goes through all that for you.

They go through bottle after bottle of bad beer in search of the best through drinking buckets of that awful stuff.

All that effort and dedication, just so you won’t have to.

#2 A Rare Beer Club Subscription Lets You Save More

The process of obtaining a rare beer is rather expensive. Depending on the rarity and the price the seller sets, the price of each craft beer can skyrocket.

We haven’t even taken into account the additional expenses, like:

  • International shipping costs (how many oceans does your rare beer have to cross?)
  • Expensive taxes
  • And the fact that it is harder to purchase just one or two bottles of a limited edition beer

#3 The Rare Beer Club Offers Club Exclusive Brews

A membership to the Rare Beer Club lets you obtain not just the rarest beers and limited release beers from around the world, but even artisanal beers you will NEVER be able to get from anywhere else!

Sometimes the Rare Beer Club partners with local small craft breweries, creatingcustom microbrewed beer brewed EXCLUSIVELY for its club members.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: The Rare Beer Club also does not partner with just any brewery.

One of their partners in the past, Westbound & Down Brewing Company won the Midsize Brewpub of the Year Award from the Great American Beer Festival back in 2019.

Selecting the best of the best does not just apply to beers. The club also only partners with exceptional breweries.

So you know you are in good hands.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: A Rare Beer Club membership is actually pricier than other monthly beer clubs.

But if we compare the convenience it provides you to the time and resources you give up when you set out to procure these rare beers for yourself…

The value matches up with your money.

If we tally the numbers, it is actually worth more.

6.) How Good Is Their Customer Service?

The company that runs the Rare Beer Club also offers other monthly clubs for various interests.

Their greatest pride is their excellent customer service.

The company always gets a satisfaction guarantee of 100% from the subscribers of ALL of their clubs.

Former and current members of their clubs report that their issues and concerns with their subscriptions were QUICKLY addressed by the company.

When you call their hotline, you can expect that:

  • They will hardly put you on hold
  • Your call is not answered by a machine. An actual human will troubleshoot for you
  • The customer service representative can usually fix your problem with them within minutes

They are committed to not only giving you the best quality beers, but also FAST and PROFESSIONAL customer service.

7.) Shipping Available for the Rare Beer Club

The club ships to EVERYWHERE in the United States, EXCEPT for the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • Utah

As of the moment, international shipping is also unavailable.

8.) The Benefits

Here are the reasons why a craft beer lover like you should consider a Rare Beer Club subscription:

  1. No effort on your part in looking for and acquiring the best rare beer.
  2. No expensive shipping fee
  3. Big savings and convenience
  4. Beer Quality and good taste are assured, thanks to every Rare Beer Club box being curated by experts in the field with trusted palates.
  5. Wide and premium selection of craft beer. Rare Beer Club has EVERYTHING you will want your rare beer store to have and more, from the Russian imperial stout to your local traditional beers.
  6. Access to rare and beer club exclusive microbrewed beer
  7. Selection is very customizable and flexible
  8. Sturdy packaging. This might seem minor, but if you live so far away or in hard-to-reach places, your package is handled by several different people. Regular packaging just isn’t enough. But with Rare Beer Club, you can truly trust them to ship beer to even far-off, rural places safe and intact.

9.) The Drawbacks

Meanwhile, here are the reasons why the beer lover in you should reconsider subscribing to the Rare Beer Club:

  1. Expensive
  2. Only two breweries per month, no matter how many bottles of craft beer you subscribe to.
  3. Not much beer. The 750ml per bottle might not be enough for an avid beer lover.

10.) Who Is the Rare Beer Club Subscription For?

Our rare beer club review so far has probably allowed you to weigh in on whether it is worth your money or not.

But who exactly is in the market for this rare beer of the month membership? More importantly, are you one of them?

Like we said, the amount of effort and money you will have to give to get these beer styles for yourself is more than enough in exchange for its expensive price tag.

Before you subscribe, ask yourself these questions to see if joining the Rare Beer Club will be worth it FOR YOU:

  1. Are you someone who would actually buy from two different breweries on a monthly basis?
  2. Will a rare beer monthly club will make your life easier and more convenient?
  3. Are you someone who is already regularly splurging on high-end alcoholic beverages (and has an affinity for rare beer) anyway?
  4. Are you a connoisseur or collector of limited release and rare beers? Is searching for the best beer out there and procuring it is just too much trouble and expense for you?
  5. Are you someone who just found out about the curious world of rare and luxury beers? Do you want to refine your taste, educate yourself, and explore that world of the best beers some more with minimal effort?

Or maybe…

  1. You simply love great beer, and you think a Rare Beer Club Subscription will make for a fun experience.

Are the answers to all those questions a resounding YES?

Then this rare beer subscription is just right for you!

Alternatively, if someone in your life would answer YES to any one of the above questions, you could also give them a Rare Beer Club subscription as a gift.

This beer subscription will also work as a great gift for party emergencies!

It will come in handy when you forget to get the celebrant a present for the occasion. The transaction is super fast and can be done online — you can just order it even on the way to the event.

I’m Ready! How Do I Join the Rare Beer Club?

The process is super simple and easy! Let us walk you through the steps below:

Step 1: Signing Up

Head over to the Rare Beer Club official website to sign up.

Step 2: Online Form

Fill out their online form.

They will first ask you if you will purchase the membership for yourself or give it as a gift to another beer lover.

Step 3: Gift Option

If you select the gift option:

  • You will be asked if you would like them to notify the recipient by email of their gift membership right away. 
  • You could also opt to schedule it on their special day instead.

Step 4: Answering Questions

You can now proceed with the rest of the questions:

  • When would you like the packages to start arriving?
  • How many months would you like the subscription to last? Or would you like an open-ended shipment option instead?
  • Would you prefer to receive it every single month, every other month, or once every three months?
  • Which package are you availing of? The two bottles, four bottles, or six bottles? Don’t forget that you only get two kinds, no matter how many bottles you purchase.

Step 5: Checkout

You can now proceed to the checkout.

The website will show you the total amount of the subscription fees before you make your payment.

You will also be given an option to pay your total all at once or only when your package is shipped.

And you’re done! Just sit back and wait for your first box of rare craft beers to arrive at your doorstep.


When you subscribe to the Rare Beer Club, it’s really the experience you are purchasing more than the products themselves.

  • It is the privilege of having exclusive craft brews delivered straight to your front door.
  • It is exploring and learning about new fermentation processes, secret ingredients, family recipes, and traditional home brewing methods.
  • It is traveling to places you have never heard of and might never get to visit, and supporting other individuals in their craft.
  • And lastly, the club is about sharing the same passion and love for beer with like-minded people around the world.
The Rare Beer Club

For the beer connoisseur who likes brews that push the limits. If you're always waiting for the next limited beer release & enjoy experimental styles, this club's for you.

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So what are you waiting for? Purchase a membership for yourself or a good friend today!

From the wonderful individuals who make the special brews to the one who will receive them, a membership to the Rare Beer Club is the kind of gift that keeps on giving!