Amazing Clubs Beer Club Review: Should You Go for This Service?

by Karl S | Updated: November 18, 2021

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a beer lover. Moreover, as a beer lover, you probably want to discover new ways to enjoy your beer or share your love for it.

Whichever it is, the Amazing Clubs Beer of the Month Club may be the best new thing to try out as a beer enthusiast!

Top Rated Club
Beer of the Month Club from AmazingClubs

#1 Rated Beer Club Seven Years in a Row! [As seen in the Wall Street Journal]

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Brief Overview of Beer of the Month Club

Amazing Clubs is no stranger to monthly subscription boxes. It offers subscription boxes from wine boxes to hot sauce boxes.

Indeed, Amazing Clubs has the experience when it comes to doing monthly food subscriptions.

If you’re looking for a club that’s qualified to run a monthly subscription, it would most certainly be Amazing Clubs.

Getting an Amazing Clubs Beer of the Month Club subscription entails:

  • A monthly delivery of a box of 12 full-sized bottles or cans of highly-esteemed select craft beers.
  • Low prices on quality beers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee (you can cancel and request a refund on any unshipped products)

However, there are some limits to the service that it can provide:

  • You CANNOT choose the kinds of beers that will be included in the monthly box (Although this can be a positive if you’re looking for a surprise every month).
  • It can only ship within Canada and the US.
  • The MINIMUM is a 3-month subscription.

If that has captured your attention, check the rest of this Amazing Clubs beer-of-the-month club review.

Joining Beer Clubs

Why would you want to join the beer of the month club? There are many reasons you may want to apply for a monthly subscription.

For Beer Lovers

Do you consider yourself a beer lover? A beer connoisseur even? Then I’m sure you will be into the idea of discovering new beer every month.

Every month, you’ll be sent new kinds of beer from the featured breweries.

You’ll be able to partake of craft beer that may not be available in your region. It includes beer from international breweries to small craft brewers.

A Good Gift Choice

Not a beer enthusiast yourself? No worries!

This beer club subscription will make a good gift for your friends that are beer lovers.

It can even be a good gift for business associates for holidays or after successful business deals. You can even buy a gift certificate to ensure your purchasing choices yourself.

Getting Craft Beers for You and Your Friends

Amazing Clubs has about 3 million customers. What keeps these customers coming back? Let’s give you a full Amazing Clubs Beer of the Month Club review to find out.

The ‘Month’ Part of Beer of the Month Club

You can choose from 3, 6, and 12-month clubs.

There is also the Beer of the Season club. It is a seasonal membership where you get new beer selections each spring, summer, fall, and winter.

The longer you subscribe, the more Amazing Clubs puts a discount on your purchase.

  • 3 -month club: 61.95CAD/month (185.85CAD total)
  • 6-month club: 60.65CAD/month (365.70CAD total)
  • 12-month club: 59.95CAD/month (719.40CAD total)
  • Seasonal Club: 61.95CAD/month (247.80CAD total), every three months for a total of four deliveries total

So if we break it down, the 3-month and seasonal club will give you a cost of 5.16CAD per bottle or can of beer.

Meanwhile, the 6-month and 12-month will cost you 5.05CAD per bottle or can and 4.99CAD per bottle or can, respectively.

You can also choose to pay in full or pay per shipment. Pay in full is pretty self-explanatory. With pay per shipment, your card gets charged on the 10th of every shipment month.

If you want to pay in one big payment to get it over with, you could definitely do that.

If you want to take it slow and pay each month, that is also a viable option! And of course, as with most things, the options are good!

The ‘Beer’ Part of Beer of the Month Club

When you subscribe to Amazing Clubs Beer of the Month Club, you’ll receive 12 full-sized bottles or cans of the best craft beers around.

Each monthly delivery can include up to six different varieties of high-quality craft beer.

Beer connoisseurs would be glad to find that you can get beer from a wide variety of craft beer breweries that Amazing Clubs source their beer.

It has craft beer from small, independent, local breweries as well as international beers. Talk about having a wide beer selection, from pale ales to fruity beers.

You can also definitely check out their previous selection to fully grasp what kind of beers it has.

Amazing Clubs’ experts handpick and choose the featured breweries, so expect the beer selection to consist of only the finest craft beer.

Some of these beers are even major award winners from competitions such as the World Beer Cup. So with every box is a chance to sample award-winning beers.

The Beer Lover’s Newsletter

Of course, people availing of the service are most likely beer enthusiasts. Someone like that probably would love to know more about the beer they are partaking in.

You might also want to know more about the breweries that make these beers. That’s what The Frosted Mug is there for!

With every box that you get from your beer delivery, you also get an issue of The Frosted Mug.

This informative beer lover’s newsletter features all the latest info on the beer that it provides.

It also contains a lot of information on the breweries, tasting notes, and even detailed beer specifications.

Not only do you get your beer of the month, but you also get your knowledge of the month as well!

Give the Gift of Beer Clubs

Are you rushing to get a gift?

Do you want to look for a gift for your beer-loving friend?

Or maybe it’s the holidays, and you’re looking for something to give a business partner to show your goodwill?

Amazing Clubs also fully supports gifting a beer of the month club to your friends and associates.

Amazing Clubs provides a personalized gift announcement service. It allows you to announce to the receiver of your gift to expect something in the mail soon!

It comes before the actual beer delivery and gives them ample time to prepare to receive your gift.

The announcement contains:

  • Your personal message to the receiver
  • Information about the beer of the month club that you’re gifting them
  • The delivery schedule of their box

You can also choose how to have your gift announcement sent. You have the option of sending it via email or snail mail.

If you’re really in a hurry, you can also hand out a gift card to the person you’re gifting.

With the gift card, you can choose what kind of beer of the month club you want to avail of from Amazing Clubs.

The Shipping Process and Schedule

So when does it start shipping?

Amazing Clubs has a straightforward delivery schedule. You can expect your deliveries to arrive at the last week of every month.

But before the delivery even arrives, at the time of purchase, it will ask you when you want your beer of the month boxes to start.

If you bought your subscription at the START of the month, expect your first box to arrive in a couple of weeks.

On the other hand, if you order in the LATTER HALF of the month, you can expect your deliveries to arrive on the following month.

“They’ll Love It”

Amazing Clubs is committed to providing the best quality a monthly food service can provide. That’s why it is confident that every customer will “love it!”

Hence, the club has set up the “They’ll Love It!” guarantee.

This guarantee is quite SIMPLE because Amazing Clubs intended it to be as such.

If you feel unsatisfied about your service at any point of availing, all you have to do is contact the club employees, and it will do whatever it is in their power to turn that frown upside down.

If that still doesn’t fix the problem, you also have the option of canceling the membership at any time. You will also receive a refund or credit for any box that hasn’t been shipped to you yet.

That’s not all, though.

This guarantee also includes a promise that whatever Amazing Clubs offers is the CHEAPEST in the market.

So let’s say you see some items or services from the competition that are lower priced. You can contact them, and the club will immediately refund the difference.

The beer company is adamant about providing the best service, and this guarantee, well, guarantees it!

Some Downsides To Look Out For

NO SERVICE is perfect.

Even though the service is well-recognized, highly-rated, and well-experienced, it can’t do everything.

So what are some things you can’t do with Amazing Clubs?

Cannot Ask For Specific Kinds of Beer

You only get the beers chosen for that month.

You can’t choose the kind of beer. You can’t say, “I want fruity beer this month.” or “Next month, I want all pale ales.”

You have to stick with what Amazing Clubs has chosen for that month.

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing for some people. In fact, some people might be looking for that thrill and suspense every time you open a box.

But with that excitement, there’s also a RISK.

There’s definitely a chance you’ll receive a box where you don’t like any of the beers included.

Shipping Restrictions

It ONLY ships to the US and Canada.

So those that may want to try it from outside these territories have to get it from relatives or friends that live there or find another service altogether.

And even within the US, the club CANNOT ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

Moreover, someone of drinking age needs to be present at your address to receive the delivery when it arrives.

In short, MINORS aren’t allowed to receive the package.

There Is No 1-Month Option

If you want to give it a try to see if it’s for you, their minimum is a 3-month tier.

Sure, it has the guarantee for a refund for any unshipped goods, but that’s also an extra step to take for someone who just wants to try out the service once.

What Do the People Say?

That’s good and all, but what do the customers say about the service? Well, let’s take a look at some feedback regarding the service.

The Good

There are quite a lot of satisfied customers expressing their satisfaction with the service. Some are satisfied with the selection, and the rarity of the various craft beer included.

The Bad

But at the same time, some didn’t much enjoy the customer service they received.

The package wasn’t delivered to them on time, and they didn’t quite like how the customer service dealt with the situation.

Other Beer Clubs to Look Out For

Of course, Amazing Clubs isn’t the only provider of this kind of service. There are other month clubs out there that can provide the service that’s specifically for you.

If you’re considering Amazing Clubs’ limitations and criticisms from customers, you may want to check these other services out.

Rare Beer Club

This monthly club promises the same things as the Amazing Clubs but with the following advantages that separate it from Amazing Clubs.

  • A focus on rare, hard-to-find beer
  • Two big bottles per month at the lowest tier
  • You have some control over what you can receive
  • One of the more expensive options

One of the stand-out features of this, as opposed to Amazing Clubs, is the ability to choose your drink. You can add past selections and decide not to receive a particular bottle.

The Rare Beer Club

For the beer connoisseur who likes brews that push the limits. If you're always waiting for the next limited beer release & enjoy experimental styles, this club's for you.

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The choice is yours!

US Microbrewed Beer Club

This Club is all about the US of A.

Are you into supporting small breweries across the USA and tasting all the flavors America has to offer? If your answer is yes, this is the monthly subscription for you.

So basically, this is closer to what Amazing Club offers. The only difference is it focuses solely on US breweries.

  • 12 hand-crafted bottles, four different styles, three of each
  • Comes with a monthly newsletter with details on the beer and breweries
  • Strict selection process
The Original Craft Beer Club

For the craft beer drinker who enjoys trying a wide selection of brews & wants something easy drinking that is still tasty. Also prefers 12oz bottles to the big 750ml's.

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There’s a lot of options for all the brewsters out there. Amazing Clubs has a lot going for it if you want to sample from a wide variety of brews and share the love too.

  • Low prices
  • Highly-rated, select craft beer
  • Good options for gifting services
  • “They’ll love it!” guarantee

But if what you’re looking for isn’t with Amazing Clubs, there are a lot of places that you can check out as well.

Top Rated Club
Beer of the Month Club from AmazingClubs

#1 Rated Beer Club Seven Years in a Row! [As seen in the Wall Street Journal]

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Hopefully, our review of Amazing Clubs’ Beer of the Month Club Review helped you decide on your next cold one purchase!