Clubs of America: Beer of the Month Club Review

by Karl S | Updated: November 18, 2021

Have you ever tried out hopping among beer clubs only to end up tired because you haven’t found the right club yet?

Yup, we totally get that.

We want you to save your time and money, and that’s why we are back for another review of another beer club: Clubs of America and its Beer of the Month Club.

Ready to find out about this beer club and their beer of the month? Let’s start!

Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club Review: At a Glance

The company, Clubs of America, has been in the game since 1994. They are the oldest and largest “Gift of the Month” club provider in the United States.

Beer of the Month Club is the name of their monthly beer club. Their mission is to “deliver happiness” to their clients.

True to their word, they are featured in most popular magazines such as USA Today and Reader’s Digest.


  • Offers free shipping
  • High-quality and premium beers at a competitive price
  • No binding contracts
  • Suggest food pairings in their newsletter
  • Locally sourced from small microbreweries
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction


  • Does not have a community of beer lovers
  • Only American beers
  • Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii
  • Lack of information on past selections

Beer of the Month Club: An In-Depth Review

Beer of the Month club works similarly to other beer hotspots. You have the freedom to choose the frequency of the beer deliveries.

You can choose an ongoing monthly beer subscription until you decide to cancel, OR you can also pre-select the length of your membership.

In terms of frequency of shipment, you can select monthly, bi-monthly, every two months, or every three months.

Their intuitive website also asks when they will start sending the beer package, so you can choose what month you’d start paying.

This amazing feature of the Beer of the Month Club also caters to those who don’t drink frequently.

In general, every shipment comes with four different selections with three bottles of beer each. Every shipment has a total of 12 craft beers.

PLUS, there might be the option to choose whether you’d have your craft beers in cans or bottles.

Beer Selection & Variety

When it comes to craft beer, getting to taste many varieties is on our bucket list. If you are like us, who like to explore every craft beer around the United States, you will enjoy the selection of this one.

Let’s face the truth. We would all be disappointed if we received a 12-pack of the same beer, right? So much for a selection.

The great thing is Beer of the Month makes sure that will never happen. They choose rare and flavorful craft beers from various breweries in different states.

In this way, it would be like discovering a secret craft beer club in other states. You won’t have to go on an interstate road trip or book expensive flights to taste different American beers.

Here are some selections that you can choose from every month:

  • Lager
  • Hefeweizen
  • Amber Ale, Black Ale, Red Ale
  • Imperial Stout, Bourbon Barrel Stout, Oatmeal Stout
  • Porter

While other clubs focus on showcasing international beers, the Clubs of America Beer of the Month focuses on American craft beer. They work closely with microbreweries across the country.

Do they add new flavors? Absolutely! Their team is ALWAYS on the lookout for more kinds to be added to their beer subscription box.


Perhaps one of the most significant factors of why we purchase something is how they are packed, along with all the freebies that come with it.

Each month, along with the 12-pack of four different types of fresh microbrewed beer, you will also receive the club’s monthly newsletter entitled “Beer Expeditions.”

We think this is a good move, as the Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club has been in the game for MORE THAN 20 years, and they have a lot of stories and tales to tell about beer styles.

The Beer Expeditions newsletter contains the history of the small microbreweries and some info about the domestic craft beers that Clubs of America source their beers from.

This is a nice touch as those who would like to know about beer styles, tasting notes, beer terminology, and the like would be entertained by the newsletter’s contents.

By now, they have already mastered the art of ensuring their clients get their craft beers safely and intact. If you think they are beer experts, then yes, you are absolutely right!

They use a network of local carriers to ensure that your package is safe and unharmed. If there are any issues, their customer service would be more than happy to assist you.


In America, beer is as highly-demanded as a burger, and Clubs of America has been shipping out beer for more than 20 years.

Have we mentioned that the shipping is FREE? You will only be paying for the price of the beers themselves, which is such a steal!

The Clubs of America Beer of the Month have their headquarters in Illinois, which is a HUGE money saver if you live far.

PLUS, they also ensure that no minors can order from them illegally, as they require an adult signature before giving out the package.

However, there is only one downside. It ships all over the United States but leaves out some states like Alaska and Hawaii.

It’s a sad thing, really, but it’s pretty common among clubs in America.

Customer Service

Their customer service has a telephone number and can be called from Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. You can also reach them through email.

If you run into any problems, the Beer of the Month Club lives up to the name of a popular club.

They have amazing customer service by responding to their customers as soon as they can. Indeed, you can enjoy the beers you like with little to no issues along the way.


The monthly subscription fee for Clubs of America’s Beer of the Month Club is $50.95, already inclusive of the shipping and handling fee.

Consecutively, the price for two shipments is $101.90, three shipments for $152.85, and six months at $305.70.

However, the beer club has sales now and then, and the price of the monthly shipment can go down to as low as $44.95.


Monthly clubs such as these usually have a community – or even some gathering of people who subscribed.

However, we were a bit disappointed in Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club because they DO NOT have any community at all, nor are they trying to actively build one.

What Makes This Beer Club Different?

Of course, every beer club should have something that makes them stand out from all the other clubs of America.

Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club is different because you can pay for 2-12 months in advance.

In this way, their clients are not hassled to pay every month and will just have to wait for their package of craft beer to arrive.

There is also an option of subscribing for one month with no contract. Those who only want to try out the club’s beer selection for a month won’t have to pay for another month.

If you are someone who is already tired of your local selection of beer and want to be a part of an original craft beer club, then the Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club is for you.

Clubs of America offers much lower prices since their craft beer is packaged into smaller bottles, while you have other “bombers” from others.

Have we mentioned that they can also customize gifts? You can even print a Gift Letter online or email a Gift Letter online using their website. If you are looking for a flexible club, then this is it.

If you’re an aspiring craft beer lover, then the perfect starting point for your journey is the Beer of the Month Club.

Who Is the Club For?

Clubs of America specifically designed Beer of the Month Club as a microbrewed beer club. If you like American beer, you would adore the choices of Clubs of America Beer.

Also, if you enjoy drinking beer alone and do not mind any group, then the Clubs of America Beer of the Month is for you.

However, if you are trying out beers because you want to discover new and creatively-made ones, then the Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club is NOT for you.

Don’t get us wrong; they send out amazing beer. However, these would make you bored fast if you are looking for something more fun and unique.

PLUS, as we mentioned, they don’t have a group. So, if you were hoping to meet some like-minded people while drinking your bottles of beer, sadly, that won’t happen in this club.

If you are a fan of American beers, you won’t have to look for other month clubs.

BUT, if you want to receive foreign beers, you won’t find that in Clubs of America Beer of the Month Clubs.

Alternative Monthly Beer Clubs

If you were not satisfied with what the Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club has to offer, there are others out there that we would be happy to recommend.

#1 International Beer Club

This club has a membership starting from $39.95 per month, and you will already get two different styles, six of each style.

PLUS, there is also no auto-renewal when you choose a fixed duration between 2-12 shipments. This is especially helpful for those who like exploring different types of beer.

What we love about this club is that they show their current selections on their website. In this way, you will see what their customers usually receive in their packages before you commit to subscribing.

Their recent selections include:

  • Hijos de Rivera – 1906 Black Coupage (Spain)
  • Bitburger Brauerei (Germany)
  • Morland Brewing (England)
  • Pivovar Samson – Praga Premium Pils (Czech Republic)
  • Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg – Hopfenkönig (Austria)

Compared to Beer of the Month Club, they source out other variations internationally so their customers can taste the specialties of other countries.

#2 Amazing Clubs

This one offers one of the lowest prices in the competitive industry. For just $38.95 per month, you will already get a lot of options at your disposal.

Although their website is a bit outdated, that’s honestly to be expected. This club posts its previous selections, so the website visitors have a rough idea of what the club offers.

They also feature the name of the microbreweries they source their products from and the awards that specific drink has gotten.

Top Rated Club
Beer of the Month Club from AmazingClubs

#1 Rated Beer Club Seven Years in a Row! [As seen in the Wall Street Journal]

Detail Page

If Amazing Clubs say that their beers are award-winning, they’re really award-winning.

This is great as customers won’t be disappointed by “average-testing” beers when they pay for outstanding ones.

Final Thoughts

We hope you learned a thing or two from our Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club Review.

There are tons of club reviews out there, and we hope we have provided you with the information you would need to decide on whether to subscribe or not.

Let us know your thoughts and experiences below!