Beer Bottle Labels – Marking Your Masterpiece

by Karl S Updated on August 12, 2019

Each brand and style of beer has a distinctive mark so that the client can identify it. Every label helps you identify the brewing brand and type of beer that you get.

The design has many requirements, and it’s one of the most important parts of producing beer. Ideally, they should be eye-catching to the public so that it draws the customer’s attention and inspires the customer to buy.

Another characteristic is that it must identify the kind of beer that the client is going to buy.

What are Beer Bottle Labels?


Beer bottle labels are tags that factories place on beers to identify them. The tag has several elements. First of all, it identifies which brewery developed the recipe. The second is the name of the beverage that identifies the edition and beer model.

In the brewing world, there are common recipes and others of a limited edition. It’s usual for brewing companies to place much more care into especial edition products, for they are scarce and their value increases considerably.

Handcrafted beers, on the other hand, use different labels because they try different editions. In general, a craft brewery uses at least eight to ten tags for its various versions.

Why do you need Beer Bottle Labels?

For one, it helps make things organized, and easier. You know what to expect, making parties and events become more fun. Here are a few other reasons.

  • Helps You Identify the manufacturer.

Manufacturers must identify beers as their property, and the most appropriate way is with a label. Labels are useful to protect the recipe from rival companies. Another reason is to identify the level and type of production; each method has different components and is the best way to mark them.

From another perspective, it allows the customer to identify a specific type of beer. There is an unwritten rule in the brewery world; you don’t drink different styles of beer at the same time. The reason is that the body metabolizes recipes in different ways and does not adapt to change, causing hangover or discomfort in the person.

  • Labels improve the presentation of beer.

When a new beer comes out, it is essential to attract the attention of customers. The easiest way is with an attractive image or design that visually impacts it. Customers eat through their eyes and are guided a lot by this sense, so good design is essential.

Labels are made to match the color and design of the beer. With logos and eye-catching structures, they manage to absorb the client to buy the product. One factor to consider is that the design is different from other brands so that the customer is not confused when choosing.

  • The label as a collectable form. 

The label is a precious asset for fans and collectors. Each tag represents a beer that the person drank at a particular time. For the brewery, it is crucial to call the attention of the customer with new and improved models that allow satiating their collectables hobby.

From the customer’s point of view, having a diversity of labels provides satisfaction and a goal of obtaining them. Beer enthusiasts look for and identify the beers they haven’t consumed so far. Over time, some beer labels gain more value, and many can be sold for more than the beer itself.

  • The label as a gift.

Companies offer frames as gifts for fans or customers. These frames come with the idea of attaching beer labels to them for display. You can buy the frame, start a collection, and then give it to a loved one.

In other cases, the labels serve as a decorative print for the inside of a bar. Many people stick it on chairs, shelves and other furniture to give a special touch to the place. In some cases, labels work for a unique brewery print as a special edition gift.

Beer Bottle Labels Characteristics.

The labels have a unique design to identify the beer type and manufacturer. The tags must specify the name of the manufacturer and the alcoholic strength of the beverage. Another function of the label is to identify the recipe to the customer so that they can choose their preferences.

The labels must have three essential characteristics; the first characteristic is their visual attractiveness. The design and images must be attractive and identifiable by the customer.

Secondly, they must be legible; the customer must understand that the label says easily. Lastly, it must show all legally-required information like ingredients and expiration date.


  • The main advantage is the identification of the brand and model of beer. As mentioned above, labels allow you to determine who brewed the beer and the recipe for it. This data helps the consumer make a choice when buying.
  • Another advantage of labels is their decorative and artistic value. Firms dedicate special care in making them attractive to the public. The tags can then be used as decorative elements, either glued or framed on the wall.
  • Collectable value is always outstanding, as a vast collection of labels has high commercial value. The selection varies by manufacturer; on rare occasions, they produce special editions of beer that increase their importance. You can frame each one, preserve it and wait until its value increases; then, you can sell it to the highest bidder. 
  • The labels are easy to design. There are a lot of digital tools that allow you to create them. For example, CorelDraw and Photoshop graphic design tools that will enable a crazy and attractive design.

Factors to consider before buying them

Look at the legibility of the beer model and brand. As a customer, you need to identify the beer you are buying easily. You wouldn’t wan to waste time picking while shopping. If you can read it fast, it’s easier for you to grab and go. It’s also why the label needs to clearly show the alcohol content of the beer.

The second factor to consider is an attractive design; nobody likes monotonous and dull designs. Look for labels for your product that attract customers towards buying it. Another element to consider is that the images should give the viewer clues to the flavor of recipes and unique ingredients.

The third factor is the shape of the bottle; the label must adjust to the design. An inconsistency would make the name look fuzzy, and the message would not be understood. It’s best if the label has different colors from the bottle. Otherwise, the tag gets lost in the background, and the customer will not be able to focus on it.

The last factor is that it must reflect an attractive message. It’s best to use bright colors if your beer is strong, or calmer tones for creamy beers. Labels should convey the feeling you’re trying to give.

Best Beer Bottle Labels for Homebrewing

Neato Blank Beer Bottle Labels.

Homebrewers Choice
Neato Blank Beer Bottle Labels
$13.92 ($0.35 / Count)

Perfect for home breweries and homemade beers, withstand moisture, strong adhesive that peels off easily, and MADE IN THE USA.

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03/16/2023 11:32 pm GMT


Neato labels are a pack of 40 units made of a glossy material resistant to liquid and temperatures. It has a self-adhesive capacity and covers the length of any bottle. The labels are made in a laser printer and are compatible with the vast majority of printers on the market.

Neato labels have the quality of being dual, including the primary name on the center of the bottle. The other is on the neck of the bottle and combines with the color of the main one.

You only need to send the design you want and they’ll adapt it to the label. You don’t have to worry about sizes or anything similar.


  • Includes intuitive design software. – You get a registration code with every purchase. It gives you access to a program for designing beer and wine labels as well as cellphone skins. This software is very straightforward, so you don’t need to spend much time learning it, and it adapts sticker sizes, so you save even more time.
  • It is a bright and attractive design. – Neato labels have clearly and precisely specified the brand of the beer and the style. Another quality is that it can show an image with the main ingredient; the example is wheat barley. The design is bright, attractive, and hard to blend with the colors of beer bottles on the market.
  • A large number of labels produced per sheet. –You can get 40 labels printed with each sheet, which allows the production of many labels with few sheets. With ten layers, you can produce 400 tags, which is the production of one month for a small craft brewery.


  • It requires certain materials; you will have to buy it from the only supplier so that it can come off properly. You will have to spend considerable capital on paper for the production of each beer recipe. 

Beer Labels by Quality Label Company

Beer Labels, Waterproof, Blank to be Personalized, Beer Bottle Labels 40 Pack, Inkjet Compatible
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The labels are white, waterproof and resistant to any liquid with a strong adhesive. The names are printable on any printer and include a PDF of the design to carry around easily. An outstanding quality when using the white color is that it is compatible with all bottles. 

The kit comes with 40 leading labels and 40 collars; both are white and combine in design. 

An exciting quality is that the white color gives safety and combines with any design. The designs with neutral colors are the most striking and successful because they focus on the content.


  • A really neutral canvas. Having a white background in any design is recommended because it contrasts the content of the label. Design specialists recommend neutral colors to highlight the content. The bland background lift the character of your design, and it’s easier to focus on the different colors.
  • It has waterproof material. The labels have a waterproof material that does not break in contact with water. It is outstanding quality, not so much because of the beer, but because of the low temperatures its subjected to before sale. The material withstands the low temperatures and the fog that generates when taken out of the fridge.
  • Labels that occupy the entire diameter of the bottle. The labels extend over the entire diameter of the beer, covering every point of it. The middle name refers to the whole width allowing to observe the manufacturer and the type of beer from any angle. The neck label also covers all the diameter, and they use it to show the edition or model of the beer. 


  • You must be careful with bright designs. Bright designs do not fit with this type of labels. With a white background, light colors do not distinguish well, and the design would not contrast. Another flaw with the white background is the level of detail required in the design; the more neutral the color, the more visible are the imperfections of the label design.

Big Dot of Happiness Daddy’s First Milestones

Big Dot of Happiness Daddy's First Milestones - Decorations for Men - 6 Beer Bottle Label Stickers and 1 Carrier
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It’s a commemorative label kit, unique for a gift for dad. You can use it for a Father’s Day gift or a birthday present. 

The label kit is already designed with an attractive theme, with contrasting and understandable colors.

The kit includes labels for six beers and for the gift box where you will store them. The beer labels include the six leading and neck tags. The box also includes space for four additional tags.

The labels are made of liquid-resistant material. Besides being waterproof, they adapt to the width of the beer. The box is handmade and comes with various decorative details and marks.


  • It is a special gift for Dad. You can use the labels to prepare a special gift for your dad. With the complete kit, beers and boxes, you can make a lovely gift that is presentable and usable. You can make a dedication or card to give a more personal touch to the present.
  • The labels are already designed. You don’t need to buy or create a previous design, for the labels have their own already. The names have bright colors, are legible to the public and come with an amusing message. All you need to do is hand them over and see your dad laugh.
  • The labels are durable. The labels are resistant to temperatures and liquids due to their waterproof quality. Another advantage is the resistance against tearing; the names are made of a hard material avoiding tears when pasted. 


  • Few labels are available. The kit only has six labels to stick on the beers, which means zero margin for error. The other problem is that it limits the number of beers to six, and does not allow you to give away a higher amount. 

FastLabel Fermentation Accessories by FastFerment

FastLabel Fermentation Accessories - Standard 12oz Beer Bottle labels - Never scrub a bottle again brought to you by FastFerment
  • Easy & Affordable - includes 70 sleeves
  • No soaking or Scrubbing
  • Non-Adhesive
  • Fits most 12oz/355ml bottles
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It is a kit of labels with 70 units; it’s one of the packages with the highest quantity of labels per purchase. The pack only includes the leading names, not the bottleneck labels. The labels are printable on any laser printer.

This product comes with a material resistant to high and low temperatures; they are also resistant to liquid. The names have their adhesive for sticking easily on any glass and shape. Its length covers the vast majority of 355 ml beer bottles on the market.


  • Standard design that is ready for printing. Its presentation is great for capturing any design you develop in them and promote your brand. The background adapts to any design, both light and dark colors. You can let your imagination fly without worrying about it getting lost or not looking good.
  • A large number of labels per package. You have a total of 70 units for every pack of beer bottle labels you purchase. It is one of the highest quantities on the market, and it allows for more extensive production at a lower price. They also fit the most common bottle shape, so you can elevate your production size considerably.
  • The labels are of a material resistant to any temperature. The labels withstand both heat and cold; the adhesive does not suffer degradation either. The paper is resistant to wear or tear by friction or double; it will not break when placed. You can rest easy knowing that anyone will have a hard time breaking your bottle labels.


  • The labels only include the body label. The label kit only includes the body labels; it does not include the neck marks. The consequences of this are several; the first is that it reduces the attractiveness and character of the beer. The second is that it forces you to accumulate all the information of the beer in that label, possibly making it unreadable.

Chalkboard Labels by Liangxiang.

Chalkboard Labels,Liangxiang 80 Pack Reusable Stickers with Liquid Chalk Marker Pen for Jam Jars, Beer, Wine, and Home & Kitchen Organize
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  • Waterproof chalkboard labels,you can switch contents...
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  • WIDE RANGE OF USE - mason jars, spice jars, jams,...
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They are a set of stickers for multiple uses. You can use them on jars, beer insulators, bottles, containers, 6-pack carriers, and others. The labels are water-resistant and with a strong adhesive that does not peel off easily. The system is simple; you write on the sticker, peel it off the sheet and adhere it to the container.

The letters remove with a damp cloth, and you can carefully peel off the label. The labels are reusable as many times as you want; you do not require expenses on designs or unique prints.

The labels come in a kit of 80 tags, sorted according to their purpose and purpose. Each sheet comes in a different package and with various-sized names. 


  • Reusable labels. Due to their characteristics, you can reuse the labels continuously. You can remove the name from an empty bottle and place it in a new one, erase the old one and put the new one. The sticker is resistant to liquid but easy to remove by a human.
  • A large number of labels per package. Having 80 labels makes it a very profitable pack, even more when we add its quality of almost eternal reuse. With 80 tags available we can do a lot, and if we reuse each one three times, we will have more than 200 beers covered.
  • The labels are easy to write. You don’t need expensive printers or intricate design to produce the content. You can use a pencil, a marker or a pen, and you will have your brand ready to show.


  • Labels with limited appeal. Since they do not have an elaborate artistic design, the labels are usually rather bland and monotonous, so their appeal is limited. Freehand writing is also a drawback as you risk making the content unreadable from bad calligraphy.

Which Should Be Your Pick?

Are you looking for something that has a more standard design? You will love the one from FastFerment.

Looking for something more attractive and one that is sure to stand out? Choose the Neato Blank beer bottle labels.

Premade Labels not your thing? Consider this beer label maker article next on your journey. No matter what you choose, you surely won’t be disappointed.