Best Beer Bottle Insulators

by Karl S Updated on May 19, 2022

When drinking beer, there is nothing better than drinking it cold.  It is a refreshing experience: being out during summer, the sun is up, you’re at the pool or the beach, and you have a cold beer in your hand.

Once your beer starts to get warm, the whole scene changes. It doesn’t taste as good, and it isn’t refreshing at all anymore. The sun is still up, and now you are sweating and feeling sticky without a cold drink.

It’s essential to keep your beer cold—mostly to preserve an excellent taste and refreshing feeling.

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When your beer is no longer cold, the gas in it goes away, and it leaves it with a not so pleasant taste, sometimes a little bit sour. To make sure that your beer will be cold and tasty in your hand, you can use a beer bottle insulator.

What are beer bottle insulators?

A beer bottle insulator is also known as a stubby holder, and they are mostly made out of foam. This foam sleeve is designed to insulate your drink thermally.

A bottle insulator is used to protect your chilled drink from warming by sunlight or even warm air. When using an insulated container for your beer, it will be protected from the heat and your drink will be cold for 50% more time (or even more!).

Beer bottle insulators or “koozies” come in a lot of different sizes, colors and materials. You can use them to identify your beverage from another. You can even use them for marketing; print your brand in some, and it will be all over the party.

If you like to drink beer a lot, you will probably end up with a lot of insulators around your kitchen. They look cool on your beer, and they keep it cold for longer. 

Why do you need beer bottle insulators?

Imagine you are trying to have a good time at a party, at the pool or just in your backyard. Once you take a sip from your beer and realize the sun has warmed it up, you will wish for some great idea that can keep your drink cold for longer in such a harsh atmosphere. 

That great idea is called a beer bottle insulator.

Keep your drink at the right temperature

As we said before, these products are great for keeping your beer and any other bottled or canned beverage cold for longer. It prevents contact with warm elements, just like warm air and the heat from the sun. 

They are usually made from foam and other similar materials that keep outside temperatures away from your drink. 

If your beer gets warm, it tastes a lot different, and you will probably end up throwing it away and picking another cold one. 

Using a beer bottle insulator is the perfect alternative for keeping your beer from warming.

Add protection to the glass.

Due to its rubber and foamy material, your beer bottle will be safe. Especially if it’s made out of glass. You don’t have to worry about it falling and shattering across your floor. 

It’s unnecessary to explain why it’s important to keep glass shards away from your drinks. 

With a beer bottle insulator, you will keep your drink cold and your glass safe. If it falls, it will just bounce against the floor instead of shattering and ruining your party.

Beer Bottle Insulators functioning/characteristics

Heat transfer works differently depending on the material. Metal and glass are some of the most effective when it comes to absorbing heat. Therefore, a can or a bottle will make it really easy for heat to reach your drink.

As such, if you leave your cold one uncovered, it won’t be a cold one for long. Specially if you’re on the beach, the sun will wreck your drink, and you’ll have to forego its pleasure.

Bottle insulators work by doing what their name says. They (quite literally) keep the heat away from your drink. The most popular material for making these devices is rubber.

Rubber—unlike metal and glass—is one of the worst materials for transferring heat. Like electricity, heat practically bounces off rubber, and it never reaches the other side. By covering your beer with an insulator, the heat from your surroundings will never reach the bottle, let alone the liquid.

Beer bottle insulators work as a literal wall against heat.


  • Cold beer for longer 

It doesn’t matter where you are: at a party, at the pool or the beach, or even just chilling in your backyard. A beer bottle insulator will keep your beer cold for longer. It keeps all the heating factors outside and away from your drink so you can have your beverage for longer without worrying about it tasting different or getting warmer.

  • Disguise your drink from others

If you want to have a drink in a particular place where you know you cannot be having one, a beer bottle insulator will do the trick. It will hide your beer from other’s eyes, and you can drink without being caught. Problem solved.

  • Easier to carry around

Firstly, it’s easier to carry a beer when you don’t have to worry about condensation drops. Beer can get slippery, specially after you drink several. You can also place your bottle in one and leave it on your backpack without fearing it will drip. You won’t have to worry about your bottle breaking and messing up your other items.

  • You can use it for other drinks

A beer bottle insulator is not limited to beer bottles only; you can freely use it for other beverages with a similarly shaped bottle. Usually, bottle insulators are very flexible, so you use it an in a lot of different types of containers and drinks without a problem. You can keep water or soda cold for longer.

Factors to consider before buying one

  • Material 

A bottle or can insulator is usually made from a foamy substance, and the outside always tends to be leather-like to give you an excellent grip. Some insulators are made out of rubber or rubbery material to provide you with an even better a safer grasp to your drink. 

The most common materials are leather, neoprene polyester, vinyl and open-cell foams. 

  • Size

The most common beer bottle insulator size is for 40 oz bottles, which is also the most common size of a beer bottle. 

There is a lot of different brands on the market with varying sizes for every type of bottle where you can pick the right one for your needs. 

  • Brand

One of the most famous and familiar brands out there when it comes to bottle insulators is KOOZIE. They came out with the name and made a whole brand out of it.  If you want a more high-en type, you can always look for a better brand. Like everything, there are prominent brands and cheap ones—all with different quality.

  • Sturdiness

Sturdiness is important for two reasons. First, your grasp will change depending on how hard it is. Some may feel uncomfortable to grab, and it may make it annoying to drink your beer in extreme cases.

However, the most important issue regarding this factor is how safe it keeps your drink. A flimsy insulator will make it more likely for your bottle to break than one that’s sturdy.

The Best Beer Bottle Coolers

Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go

Best Seller
Vacuum Insulated Beer Bottle Cooler by Asobu Frosty

Asobu’s Frosty Beer 2 Go is the ultimate beer chiller combination for beer bottles or beer cans with Built-in-BeerBottle Opener. Vacuum Insulated Double walled stainless steel construction guarantees a frosty cold beer for hours. Available in Black or Silver so you can get this for yourself or as a much appreciated gift for any beer lover.

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03/17/2023 10:23 am GMT
  • Specifications 

This beer bottle cooler it’s made from stainless steel. It fits all standard size beer cans and bottles, and it comes with a beer bottle opener. 

It has a double-wall vacuum insulated system to keep your drinks as cold as you want. 

This one, in particular, guarantees a frosty cold beer for hours on end, and it does fit virtually every type of bottle or can beer. 

You can get this insulator in black or silver.

  • Advantages 

This insulator does keep your beer cold for the longest time possible thanks to its double vacuum system. Your last sip will feel just as cold as the first one you took from it. It comes with a very cool accessory: a built-in bottle opener. 

The design is outstanding, very high end, and it looks fresh. It fits almost every beer bottle or can out there. The insulator works perfectly with both bottles and cans. If you are using a bottle, it comes with the accessories to make it fit. 

The best of all, this cooler is 100% sweat-proof and durable. 

  • Disadvantages 

It can feel a little too big on the hand. After a while, you may feel uncomfortable just holding it. 

Another drawback from this product is that it doesn’t let you see how much you have left from your drink, so you never really know when you are going to hit bottom. 

BottleKeeper – The Standard 2.0

Homebrewers' Choice
The Standard 2.0 Beer Bottle Insulator by BottleKeeper

Keeps beer colder, longer - Insulated Design With Padded Base + Built In Bottle Opener keeps your beer cold and protected. Fits standard shaped 12oz beer bottles. 100% Satisfaction & Lifetime Guarantee.

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  • Specifications

This bottle insulator is specially made for your favorite beer bottle. The base in it is padded for impact, so it won’t damage if it falls. 

It has a durable powder-coated, metallic, and painted finish. You also have a great variety of colors for you to choose from. It also comes with a bottle opener and a leash to keep it from getting lost. 

  • Advantages 

It has a great finish. It keeps your beer cold, and you can pick your favorite color. It’s not as heavy as other beer bottle insulators out there. The fact that its bottom is padded will keep your bottle secure from breaking inside the insulator. Moreover, the insulator itself will not get damaged thanks to this feature. 

Also, the BottleKeeper cap seals the enclosed beer bottle. Besides, it covers the bottle, bottles neck, and bottle cap to the point where you can only see the top, so if you don’t want people to know what you are drinking, this is a great option. 

  • Disadvantages 

For some, the thin metal material with foam is a cheap option and doesn’t live up to its expectations. Another drawback from this is that it doesn’t work with longneck bottles or cans. You don’t have the versatility in using it with any beer you like: can or bottle. It doesn’t fit all types of bottles either, not just longnecks. So to buy this product, you will always have to buy the one particular bottle that it fits. 

The Original Insul8 Bottle Cooler

Best Price
Double Wall Insulated Beer Bottle Holder by Insul8
$18.99 $16.14

FITS BOTH STANDARD & LONG-NECK BOTTLES -- Not all bottles are created equal, but that's not a problem with this beer bottle cooler. It fits standard-sized 12 oz bottles, as well as long-neck bottles. NO MORE BROKEN BOTTLES & WASTED BEER. SAFE & NON-TOXIC Insul8 beer bottle coolers are made of safe, non-toxic and BPA-free.

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  • Specifications

This product sells itself as the original bottle cooler, the only one that works. It is made to fit the standard 12 oz bottles. It also works for longneck ones, like your typical Corona and Shiner. It protects your glass due to its neoprene cushion. 

It has an anti-spill mechanism as well. It is made out of non-toxic BPA-free stainless steel. Thanks to this, it is safe to use for your body and the planet. 

  • Advantages

It has a right and comfortable size, and the material will keep your drink cold for hours. It fits most bottles in the market, and the material is perfect for a good bottle grab. It screws on top to prevent any accidental spillages, and it also works to keep all the cold inside. 

One big pro about this product is that the material is not toxic and BPA free. BPA is also known as Bisphenol A. It is a chemical often found in plastics, and it has a reputation of being bad for our health. 

It is also made out of 18/8 durable kitchen-grade stainless steel, and it comes a with a free beer bottle opener that you can also use as a keyring. 

  • Disadvantages

This is a very versatile insulator, but it still doesn’t fit all bottles with long necks. Some users complain about having to break the bottle to get it out of the container and that is not good. 

It has a comfortable size, but the material can feel uncomfortable for your hand. We are talking about steel at the end of the day, and it can also be deafening when it falls. It can get a little dented too, in case of any accidents. 

BrüMate Hopsulator BOTT’L

BrüMate Hopsulator BOTT'L Double-walled for 12 Oz Bottles (Aqua)
  • IF THE BEER FITS, DRINK IT: Keep all of your favorite...
  • PUSH-LOCK GASKET: Using push-lock technology, simply...
  • NON-SLIP BASE: No party fouls here. Equipped with a...
  • CUP HOLDER FRIENDLY: The BrüMate BOTT’L is designed...
  • IT JUST HITS DIFFERENT: Featuring triple-insulated...
Detail Page
  • Specifications

This insulator also has a double-walled stainless steel system going on. But what makes it different is the extra copper layer that keeps your beer 20 times colder than a standard can cooler. 

It works good with cans and bottles, but it is specially made for bottles. 

It comes in a great variety of colors, and it sells itself as easy to use. 

  • Advantages 

For advantages, this insulator fits all 16 oz US aluminum-bottles, and it has a tremendous durable stainless steel finish and material. Thanks to the copper layer and its BevGuard Technology, it makes sure your drink stays as ice-cold as you want for a long time. 

It has a universal fit than can also fit cans, but keep in mind it was design thinking about glass bottles. 

It is straightforward to use, you have to push your bottle into the container, and the push-lock technology will keep it in place. Once you are done drinking, you need to unscrew the gasket or pull the bottle by the neck. 

One of the best features it’s that the exterior remains superbly dry, and no matter how cold your drink is, it will cause no condensation. You don’t have to worry about leaving marks in your expensive furniture. 

  • Disadvantages 

As for drawbacks, this insulator it’s not meant to be used with 12oz bottles. They fit, but they tend to get stuck in it. 

This product is very versatile, but it will better if cans could be used with more freedom. Brumate has said multiple times that this product is for bottles only, but we can all agree that it will be better if cans could fit perfectly too. 


There are a lot of different options when it comes to beer bottle insulators, especially when you are looking for the perfect one. While you can go in for any of the ones from the list, we love the BottleKeeper 2.0 and think that it’s great choice and you might want to take a look at again.

At the end of the day, what matters is that it keeps your beer cold so you can enjoy your day or night without struggling with warm drinks.