Advanced Homebrewing

Most brewers look to step up their game at some point. After you have some success and get those new brewer jitters out of the way it’s only natural to look for ways to take things to the next level.

This page has what you’re looking for.

Here at The Homebrew Academy we’re not satisfied with mediocre beer. Yes, we’re proud of our beer, but we’re ALWAYS finding ways to improve it. That’s part of what makes homebrewing so fun – the new challenges. And man do we reap what we sow.

Below you’ll find recipes, expert brewing advice, and advanced homebrewing tips to take your beer from good to great. Join the thousands of brewers who have used this info to brew better beer than they’ve thought possible.

Homebrewing Recipes

If a recipe stinks we don’t post it. That’s why you’ll only find proven homebrewing recipes on our site. You’ll find beginner and advanced recipes on that page. Pick whatever looks good to you. Just come back and let us know how you like it, okay?

Go All-Grain

If you’re a new brewer or a malt extract brewer who wants to make the leap to all-grain brewing. You’ll save hours otherwise wasted on Google trying to find what you need.

Homebrewing Gear Reviews

Gear is a neccessary part of homebrewing, but there is almost TOO MUCH gear out there. How do you know what you really need?

Fear not – we’ve got tons of homebrewing gear reviews on the blog. Check there first before buying any new piece of homebrewing equipment.

Homebrewing Tips

There’s always a new homebrewing technique you can add to your arsenal. Sometimes it makes a small difference, and sometimes it can radically improve your beer. Where do you find these gems? Our resources page is great place to start.

You’ll discover a treasure trove of brewing info.

The Home Brewing Challenge

Are you up for some fun? Go ahead and check out what’s going on over at the homebrewing challenge here.