Martin Keen: Homebrew Challenge Creator

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Homebrewing, Diverse Beer Styles, Brewing Education


  • Embarked on ‘The Homebrew Challenge: 99 Beers in 99 Weeks’ to explore 99 different beer styles.
  • Runs a YouTube channel to document each brew day, building a community of followers and sharing brewing insights.
  • Has brewed numerous unique and traditional beer styles, expanding his palate and brewing knowledge.

Martin Keen is on a thrilling brewing expedition, titled ‘The Homebrew Challenge: 99 Beers in 99 Weeks.‘ From the light German lagers to robust Belgian ales, Martin navigates through a vast spectrum of beer styles.

His journey is not just about brewing, but also about community building and sharing brewing insights through his YouTube channel, enhancing the learning curve for fellow brewers.

Residing in Raleigh, North Carolina, Martin welcomes fellow brewers and beer lovers to taste his latest brews and partake in his brewing adventure.

“Brewing isn’t merely a hobby, it’s a voyage of discovery, finding joy in the unique essence of each beer style, and sharing that joy with a community of enthusiasts. The real challenge is in every sip, finding the story it tells.”