15 Achievements that Make You an Ultimate Beer Geek

by Karl | Updated: May 18, 2010

Beer Achievement

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Running a 4 minute mile, writing a New York Times Best Seller, climbing Mount Everest. All commendable life achievements.

In the beer world, however, there are certain accomplishments where you can really leave your mark.

At the very least, a great ongoing goal is to drink craft beer every chance you get. For those with loftier aspirations, read on for 15 achievements that will make you an ultimate beer geek:

  1. Become a certified beer judge
  2. After that, attain the rank of Grand Master Beer Judge
  3. Try every one of the Beer Advocate Top 100 Beers on Planet Earth
  4. If that’s too lofty a goal, try the RateBeer Top 50
  5. Pass the exam to become a Certified Beer Server
  6. Once you’re a beer server, go for the gold and become a Certified or Master Cicerone
  7. Try every style in the Brewers Association Beer Style Guidelines
  8. Start a beer blog, heh?
  9. Try BrewDog’s 32% Tactical Nuclear Penguin
  10. If the Nuclear Penguin is too light, try your hand at their 41% Sink the Bismark
  11. Win the Wynkoop Brewing Drinker of the Year Award
  12. Try a beer from each of the 7 Trappist monk breweries
  13. Attend the Great American Beer Fest in Denver, CO
  14. Build a beer cellar that rivals that of Dr. Bill Sysak
  15. Attend a limited beer release event, like Dark Lord Day or Kate the Great Day

Bonus Round! Homebrewers Have Dreams Too.

Think I’d forget about you, homebrewers? That’s silly, considering I’m a brewer myself.  Here are 5 achievements that brewers can strive for:

  1. Earn a medal at a competition and eventually medal at the National Homebrew Competition
  2. Brew every style in the BJCP Guidelines, using the book Brewing Classic Styles for recipes if you need them
  3. Graduate from the Siebel Institute’s Advanced Homebrewing Program
  4. How many batches can you make in a year? Can you reach the federal limitation of 100 gallons?
  5. Quit homebrewing and become a professional ; )  (good one!)

Have you accomplished any of these beer achievements? Which ones are you aiming for?

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