Stout Crash Course Video

December 13,2009 by 28 Comments

The stout beer style extends far beyond Guinness. In this video I answer the question “What is Stout Beer?” and walk you through 7 stout brands and varieties while I drink some myself.

Here are the brands I mention in the video:

Irish Stouts:

American Stouts:

Sweet Stouts:

Milk Stouts:

Oatmeal Stouts:

Foreign/Export Stouts:

Russian Imperial Stouts:

So what do you think of this black and sexy beer?  Write your favorite stout in the comments.  If it’s Guinness, give it props and be proud! I still drink it all the time.


About Billy Broas

He is the founder of The Homebrew Academy, a BJCP beer judge, and the homebrewing expert on the Rocky Mountain PBS television show Colorado Brews. He lives in the fine beer town of Denver, Colorado.

28 responses to “Stout Crash Course Video”

  1. Jeff says:

    I really like O’Hara’s

  2. Wow, picking a single favorite stout is just too hard for me. I especially enjoyed the Irish Dry Stout I made last year, but it is gone. :-/

    I have enjoyed the Odell Bourbon Barrel Stout, and the Schlafly Coffee Stout is outstanding. Those are two incredible recent discoveries I have made with Stouts. Next up will be the Imperial Coffee Stout that will start at the house this weekend!
    .-= Billy Ellison´s last blog ..Review: Odell Bourbon barrel Stout =-.

  3. Currently, this is one of my favorite styles! I’m a big fan of milk stouts and the stuff from Lancaster and Left Hand are just great (thinks I!) I just had the Founder’s Breakfast Stout which is coffee, oatmeal and chocolate, and wow. Good beer.
    .-= Scott-TheBrewClub´s last blog ..Troegs Troegenator Double Bock Beer =-.

  4. Stan says:

    Vanilla Bourbon Stout from the CDA Brewing company. They have a brew house in Spokane, WA. It’s on the sweet side, but extremely drinkable. The brewery is located in the old Spokane Steamplant, which was converted into a restaurant and some office spaces. You can look up from the entrance and see conference rooms in the humongous water tank. The restaurant has a large group dining room in the old boiler. It’s a great place to have a beer.

  5. Billy Broas says:

    @Stan Haven’t heard of it but it sure sounds delicious and seems like a cool place to visit. I still need to have my first trip to Washington state. Thanks for the comment!

  6. Sylvia says:

    Coming up on the holiday(St. Patty’s) My favorite is Young’s chocolate stout. first tasted it 3 years ago at a beer fest in Phoenix AZ.I’ve learned a lot from your Stout crash course vid. Thanks.

  7. Wayne Botha says:

    Nice video. Informative, well edited. My favorite Oatmeal stout is Samuel Smith. Lagunitis Imperial stout is awesome.

  8. Mads says:

    Great great explanation and walkthrough. I have been a beergeek for a little year now and was getting really confused about the various stouts and sub-genre’s. Thank yo for this.
    Rogue’s is the only one on your list I have tried. (+ others though like left hands imperial stout)
    I definately will look for these ‘classics’ now 😉

  9. Phil Gill says:

    As an Irishman, living in Dublin, next door to the Guinness Brewery I am a bit of a stout nut. We are brought up on Guinness over here, there was a time until quite recently that you would be looked at with complete scorn if you asked for something else. Fortunately I and alot of my compatriots have found there is a world of stout out there other than Arthur Guinness’ handiwork. Here are a few of my favourites

    1: Shandon Stout – this comes from the city of Cork, brewed in the Francescan Well Brewey on the North Mall this stout is as rare as it is recommended! It is closer to beamish than guinness, jet black with a creamy head this one has you reaching for the glass more and more. This should soon be available Stateside, I see the guys in the Well have been making trips over the pond to talk to retailers so keep and eye out.

    2: Murphys – Draft stout sold only in the city of Cork
    There is something different about the draft in Cork, creaminess with a coffee kick. Fantastic!

    3: St Amboise Oatmeal Stout – Beer from montreal, my first encounter with an oatmeal stout was a revelation. I have probably tasted some better since then but this was the groundbreaker for me. Lovely smoothness in the mouthfeel is the outstanding feature here.

    4: Porterhouse Celebration Stout – Recent, limited edition – may be available in New york! This beer is aged in kilbeggan whiskey casks, checks in at a mind melting 11% ABV. Feet up, slippers on and pray for bad weather

    • Billy Broas says:

      Hey Phil, I’m glad you chimed in with your stout expertise. What a neighborhood to grow up in! I’ve added these beers to my list to try. Hopefully they find their way to Colorado eventually. Oh and you’re right, I shouldn’t have written St. Patty’s. It’s St. Paddy’s ; )

  10. Jeremy says:

    I have no clue if youll get this message or not. But i loved the video mate! Really informative and learned alot on stouts which i never though i would enjoy drinking. Definitely an acquired taste

    On topic, i HATE Guinness from a bottle it has to be canned or tap for me to drink it. Now all are stouts like this (nasty tasting compared to a tap counterpart)? I been wanting to try the Stone stout for some time now and might have to dive into it!

    • Billy Broas says:

      Great to hear you enjoyed it Jeremy. I think maybe what you’re noticing in Guinness is the difference between the nitrogen they in draft beer versus “rocket widget” thing they put in bottles (although I think they got rid of the widget for the most part). For the most part I don’t notice a difference between bottles vs draft for other breweries but keep in mind that if it’s coming from a keg it’s probably fresher than a bottle where you have no idea how long it’s been in there.

  11. Jeremy says:

    Ah that could be it. There not in bottles but still in the cans

    They do make a difference in the head

  12. Gregg says:

    Billy, I’ve only been brewing since march, but your videos and write ups have helped me out a great deal. Just wanted to say thanks. I have always been a fan of old Rasputin. I just recently tried Black Flag, from Beer Valley Brewery, In my opinion the best Imperial Stout I have tasted. I am going to brew my first AG batch this weekend and attempt to get close to this wonderful beer they are making in Oregon. Keep up the good work my friend, cheers!!!

  13. @icerebro says:

    Brooklyn Brewery’s Dark Chocolate Stout is my favorite stout of all-time

  14. Gabby says:

    Heyyy for some reason the video stops playing halfway through… id love to watch the rest!!!

  15. Jitka says:

    Hello Billy! I have just recently, by accident hahaha, found myself in World of Craft beer. It is amazing and overwhelming experience sometimes :) Love these videos. Thanks for sharing. BTW cannot wait to try that Russian Imperial Ice Cream Float

  16. Britt says:

    Hey Billy! I absolutely love stouts. Old Rasputin? YES. Sadly, I can’t get into much from Stone brewery because they are all too hoppy for my taste (I also can’t really find a taste for IPA’s).
    Oatmeal Stout? Schlafly Oatmeal Stout is delicious
    My top favorite stouts? Mayan Mocha Stout (has jalapeno peppers!!) as well as Founder’s Breakfast Stout which is one I would drink forever if I had to choose!
    Also, if you haven’t already visited Washington or Idaho for their brews I strongly suggest it! I’m getting to know them myself.


    • Billy Broas says:

      I’m with you Britt – more of a malt fan than a hop fan. Haven’t had Mayan’s Mocha Stout yet though. That’s going on my list. Thanks for the comment. Looking forward to hearing from you in the future.

  17. Andrew says:

    Tried a great stout at Burger. in Santa Cruz called “Campfire” they no longer serve it and I’ve not seen it anywhere else, but it was excellent with a bit of smokey and sweet flavor.

  18. Buddha says:

    My favorites, in order….

    1. North Coast’s Old Rasputin
    2. Rogue’s Shakespeare
    3. Deschutes’ Obsidian
    4. Guinness (bottled stout… not the draft one)

    Old Rasputin and Shakespeare are similar, but… I give the nod to Old Rasputin.

  19. Rob says:

    I absolutely LOVE left hand milk stout. Founders breakfast stout is another one of my favorites, but I’m not very fond of paying the $14.00 for a 4 pack.

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