A Handy Stepped Starter Calculator

October 19,2011 by 2 Comments

One of the great things about the homebrewing community is the contribution of individual brewers to the group as a whole. I’ve learned a ton from the successes and failures of other brewers, and hopefully the Academy bloggers have helped you in the same way.

A while back I made a video on BillyBrew on how to step up a yeast starter. Using the instructions in the book Yeast, I showed how to grow a small starter into a larger one. But it was a manual process – until now.

Recently, a fellow HomebrewTalk member named Arthur (ajfranke) messaged me and said that he had taken my manual process and automated it in an Excel calculator. Sweet!

I want to share it with you all, so here’s the link to the HomebrewTalk thread where you can download the calculator:

Stepped Starter Calculator

Big thanks to Arthur for creating this and giving back to the homebrew community.

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2 responses to “A Handy Stepped Starter Calculator”

  1. George says:

    We just launched a new html5 pitching rate calculator at http://yeastcalc.co, have a look and let us know your comments

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