Thinking about homebrewing? Start here.

Learning how to homebrew can be intimidating. There are a bunch of questions you ask yourself before taking the plunge:

“Is it expensive?”… “What can I brew?”… “How much time will it take?”

To help out people who are thinking about getting into homebrewing, we’ve put together these free resources that answer the most common questions. It’s essentially “What you Need to Know Before you Homebrew”.

We hope you find it useful.

My 5 Favorite Things About Homebrewing

We’ll start with a fun little video that Billy put together with some of his favorite things about homebrewing. If you’re looking to get into the hobby you might not have realized some of the perks that go along with it.

Choose the Right Homebrew Kit

free report image on homebrew kits
Beer kits are a great way to get started in homebrewing, but unfortunately there are so many out there that it’s difficult to choose one. In this free report we’ll tell you:

  • Why all beer kits are not created equal
  • What to look for when buying a kit
  • Recommendations for great beginner kits

Click on the image or right here to download the “Choose the Right Homebrew Kit” free report.

The Best Beers for New Homebrewers

Free Report for New Homebrewers
With close to 100 styles of beer in existence, it can be hard for a new homebrewer to decide on which one to tackle first. Some styles are trickier to brew than others and are best attempted after you have some experience. This free report will tell you beer styles that are great to begin with, along with commercial examples so you can get ideas for choosing your first recipe.

Don’t think simple equals bad though. These are some of Billy’s favorite styles to brew and drink.

Click on the image or right here to download the “Best Beers for New Homebrewers” free report.

Time, Space, and Money

Free report on homebrewing
These are 3 of the major questions about homebrewing. In this free report, you’ll learn:

  • The time commitment involved with homebrewing
  • How much space you need to brew
  • How much homebrewing costs and if you can really save money

Click on the image or right here to download the “Time, Space, and Money” free report.