Gearing Up for GABF

September 7,2011 by 9 Comments

Important September events:

  1. The Great American Beer Festival
  2. The arrival of wet hop beers
  3. My 27th birthday

We’ll focus on #1 today, talk about #2 later this month, and totally forget about #3 because honestly who cares after you turn 21.

Yes the Great American Beer Festival is this month so it’s time to get your mind right.

I apologize to my readers who can’t attend this year’s GABF. You might as well tune out right now and spare yourself the pain, but for those that are attending, let’s talk beer.

Events and My Plan of Attack

Living in Denver gives you primo access to GABF coverage so I thought I’d share some info for my out of town friends.

First off, Denver Off the Wagon is the site to visit for GABF news and tips. A team of us led by PJ started this Denver booze blog earlier this year and it’s really taken off. We’re the CNN of GABF coverage, so follow along during this peak time in the beer year.

My Schedule

Wednesday 9/28Ignite Denver Off the Wagon at 6pm. Briefly – Ignite is where a presenter gives a 5 minute presentation on a topic they’re passionate about, but the slides automatically advance every 20 seconds. They’re pretty entertaining  and DOTW is partnering with Ignite for a special GABF version. We’ve got a great lineup too, with speakers including Greg Koch of Stone Brewing, David Thibodeau of Ska Brewing, plus more.

Thursday 9/29 – Work during the day then downtown at Falling Rock and/or FreshCraft.

Friday 9/30 – I’ll be up bright and early for the Beer for Boobs event hosted by the Ladies of Craft Beer at FreshCraft. After my breakfast of champions I’ll head on over to the Rare Beer Tasting at Wynkoop where I am volunteering. Then nap time. Then Tap Hunter After-Party at Star Bar.

Saturday 10/1 – GABF Members Only Session. Award winning cheese and beer pairing (This..will..rock…). Hanging out downtown afterwards. Exact venues TBD, but will be within stumbling distance of the GABF.

Sunday 10/2 – Sleeping. Bloody mary, maybe a beer. More sleeping.

Denver Beer Fest

The Denver Beer Fest is separate from GABF but occurs at the same time and they have some great events lined up. Check some of them out when you’re not at your GABF session, the Oktoberfest celebration looks like an epic time.

Let’s Meet Up

If you’re going to be in town for GABF I’d love to grab a beer with my readers. If this iPhone 5 is released before GABF then I’ll finally have a smart phone and will post updates on twitter. Otherwise, hit me up ahead of time and we’ll plan something.

Are you going to GABF? What’s your schedule looking like?

About Billy Broas

He is the founder of The Homebrew Academy, a BJCP beer judge, and the homebrewing expert on the Rocky Mountain PBS television show Colorado Brews. He lives in the fine beer town of Denver, Colorado.

9 responses to “Gearing Up for GABF”

  1. Leslie S says:

    Is the beer/cheese pairing on Saturday part of the members only session? first timer over here…
    See you at the Beer for Boobs and Rare Beer events!

  2. Dave Butler says:

    Thanks for doing a great job here and at Denver Off the Wagon. I’ve enjoyed reading all the articles. You guys and PJ are going to be busy as many of us are with all the GABF events going on. Hope to meet up with some of you guys at the GABF. I’ll be pouring beers on Island H (Great Lakes/Mid-Atlantic) during the Friday, and both Saturday sessions. Cheers!

    • Billy Broas says:

      Thanks Dave. I started reading your blog before I even moved to Colorado. There are some great beer happenings and it’s fun to chronicle them. I’ll try to find you during GABF. There are definitely some breweries in Island H I want to visit.

  3. Sheppy says:

    Damn. I’m going, but I have not established a schedule yet other than …

    Thursday Night … attend the GABF session.
    Friday Night … attend the GABF session
    Saturday Afternoon … attend the Members Only GABF session

    Saturday Night … probably be passed out watching some Netflix movie I was not able to pay attention to.

    Sunday… recover in hopes to return to work sometime Monday.

    I should probably establish a plan-of-attack.

    • Billy Broas says:

      My whole plan is subject to change. One really rough night and I could be knocked out for a whole day, but I’m going to try and soldier through. The nation’s productivity will certainly drop on Monday when everyone goes back to work.

  4. Billy,
    I won’t be there this year. Hopefully in 2012!

  5. Forrest says:

    My plan is to do as little work as possible on Saturday. Think about how I would rather be at the beer and food pairing, then head to the saturday night session! No membership needed!!! just a golden ticket.

    Sunday, will be for bloody mary’s and my couch.

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