Features of the Go Brewmaster program

Take your homebrew to the next level.

What if you could create your own recipes?

Brewing from kits is OK for when you’re just starting out, but after a while it’s just not enough. You feel limited. You have all these great ideas for a new beer but you’re stuck with what’s in the box. Most of all, you hate that feeling of telling your friends that the recipe is actually somebody else’s.

Why not serve them something you can proudly call your own?

We’ll give you the tools to build your own recipe from the ground up. You’ll learn exactly what malts to use to get the taste you want. You’ll know precisely what hop variety to add to mimic the flavor in your favorite IPA. Maybe you want to tweak an existing recipe that’s almost there, but is just missing something. Go through our lessons and you’ll know exactly what change to make.

With this module you will:

  • Get 15 beer style profiles that are a blueprint for brewing your favorite beers, like IPAs, Imperial Stouts, and Saisons. You’ll know what ingredients to use and see side-by-side recipe comparisons to easily compare different versions of the style and pick the one you like most.
  • Dig into the numbers behind the recipe. Top brewers know how to calculate gravities, efficiency, and all of those numbers you previously read off a sheet of paper and trusted were correct.
  • Convert an all-grain recipe to extract, and vice versa. No more having to find a recipe that fits your exact set up. You’ll be able to take any recipe and tweak it for your process.
  • Listen to the interview with sour beer expert Mike Tonsmiere to learn how to brew beers like Berliner Weisse, Lambic, and wild ales.

Armed with this knowledge you’ll soon have a long list of recipes that YOU developed. Which one will you create first?

Join the Go Brewmaster program to get to work on your first recipe today.

Expert Tips and Advice

Our forum is very different. If you’ve used an internet forum before, you’ve undoubtedly come across anonymous posters spewing hate. “Trolls” they’re called. Even outside of trolls, conversations constantly get off track and you never really know who to trust.

The Academy forum is private, personal, and focused. It’s a rule that every members must include a picture of themselves and their name on their profile. If they don’t, they’re banned from posting.

Strict? Yes. Does it improve the forum? Without a doubt.

Because it’s a premium forum, the junk is left out and what’s left is a comfortable environment where you can trust you’ll get the best answers to your homebrewing questions.

Since you’ll be on a first name basis with the other members, you can have intelligent conversations without wondering what’s lurking behind that empty avatar.

The forums give you access to experts who can answer your questions and provide feedback on everything from recipes to equipment purchases.

I’m in there as well. I get dozens of emails every week from people asking brewing questions. I try to get to all of them, but sometimes it’s impossible. Questions from Go Brewmaster members ALWAYS get answered and they’re always at the top of the list. Members usually get a response in less than 24 hours. When you have an urgent brewing question, you just can’t wait any longer than that.

Join the Go Brewmaster program and become a member of our exclusive community

Go All-Grain Cheaply and Easily

The very best brewers I know brew all-grain. They realized very early on that nothing else gives you the freedom and control over your beer like using raw grains.

All-grain brewing is brewing in its true form. Malt extract brewing takes the most important part of the brew day, the mash, and puts it in the hands of a factory. They crank out millions of gallons of the same product to be used in thousands of recipes all over the world.

But what if that malt extract isn’t the best choice for your beer?

All-grain brewing gives you back control of your beer. You’ll no longer be limited by what’s in that package of malt extract. Every ounce of grain that goes into your beer is decided by you and you alone.

The problem is that going all-grain is intimidating.

The Go Brewmaster program makes it a smooth and painless process. You don’t need to jump into all-grain. You can step into it.

You’ll learn the equipment you need to get started. No, we’re not going to recommend you invest your life’s savings into a fully automated brew system. We’ll start with the most basic set up which only involves a few extra items beyond what you already own. Then you can work your way up through the equipment levels as you’re ready for them.

This module includes:

  • The 5 critical rules for going all-grain.
  • Steeping vs. Mashing and why they look similar, but are very different.
  • Step by step all-grain videos.
  • The 5 equipment levels of all-grain brewing, including the CKB setup which I believe is the best way to start out in all-grain brewing.
  • Setting up your all-grain equipment profile (worksheet).
  • Brew day check list.
  • Crushing the grains.
  • Improving your efficiency.
  • Mashing Cheat Sheet: The 4 big things to control in the mash.
  • Lautering: 5 ways to separate the grains.

Our members are going all-grain sooner than they ever thought possible, for less money than they ever thought possible. The best part? They’re brewing great beer, too.

Improve Your Beer with these Expert Tips

Great beer boils down to what you know and what you don’t. The best brewers know what levers to pull. Their years of experience has taught them how to make beer that consistently blows people away. They’re not any smarter or more talented than you. They just have the batches under their belt to know what works and what doesn’t.

Most people never improve their beer because they don’t know how to diagnose what’s wrong. They spend their time chasing random techniques that they read on internet forums. They get frustrated and sometimes give up.

I know because I was one of those people. I went through the pain of dumping out batches and nervously serving beer to my friends, afraid of their reactions.

After much testing, I finally figured out what works and what doesn’t. Now I’d like to share that with you.

You don’t need to brew for years and years before making something great. I created the Go Brewmaster program to give you a system for improving your beer based on actual testing, and not chasing random tips.

Here is just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Water chemistry made simple.
  • Fermentation: The techniques I used to make the biggest improvements in my beer, ever.
  • Partial mash brewing: The best way to step into all-grain.
  • Master the boil. This often neglected step can yield huge improvements.
  • Dry hopping for big hop aroma.

You can keep doing the same thing and make batches that are just mediocre. Or instead, for the price of one batch of beer, you can make sure that all future batches are phenomenal.

Join the Go Brewmaster program to put bad batches behind you forever.

Equipment Guide: Make Informed Purchases

There are thousands of homebrewing products on the market that you DON’T need – how do you avoid wasting money?

Equipment is a big part of the hobby. Look at any homebrewing catalog and you’ll see how many options there are for gear. Some of this stuff makes life much easier and some is just not worth it. How do you decide?

Our equipment guide will explain the different pieces of equipment, what they’re for, and if you need them. Side by side comparison tables allow you to compare features and prices from different brands.

I’ve personally tested almost every homebrewing gadget there is. Some I now couldn’t live without, and some….well let’s just say my money would have been better spent at the bar.

I’ll share my experience and tell you my recommendations for what to buy first, and what to wait on. You can put the savings to what else – making more beer.

Before you waste any more money on the latest homebrewing gadget, join the Go Brewmaster program to see if it’s really worth it.

Go Brewmaster

Hi, I’m Billy Broas. Homebrewing expert on the PBS television series “Colorado Brews.”

Why do some homebrewers make better beer than others? Is it because they have all the fanciest gadgets? An automated brew system, a temperature controlled conical for fermenting, the nicest kegging set-up. Is it because they are anal retentive, spending hours and hours focusing on every minute detail of their brewing, time you could never afford to spend?

Good equipment and attention to detail does help, but what I’ve found out in my near decade of brewing is that these aren’t the most important things.

It’s knowledge that matters.

Let any expert homebrewer walk into a homebrew store and pick out random ingredients blindfolded. I’d bet good money that he’ll make better beer than a beginner using a hot new kit.

The problem is that most of the homebewing “knowledge” out there is garbage. Homebrewers never reach an expert level because of misinformation they read in forums.

That’s why I created the Go Brewmaster program. We’ve turned hundreds of homebrewers from average brewers into great brewers. There is no other program on the planet that gets you brewing great beer as fast as this one does.

I invite you to click on the tabs to the left and learn more about what the Go Brewmaster program has to offer. See you on the inside.

- Billy

MIke“Signing up for the Go Brewmaster program was one of the best investments I have made in regards to brewing. Before I invest into a piece of equipment I always check this site first as Billy has likely done a review on it. The ability to make informed decisions on what I buy for my setup or having a one stop shop to help me design my beers is invaluable and in my opinion it has paid for itself many times over.” – Mike L.
“After taking the Go Brewmaster course, I have entered my brews into multiple competitions. I took 3rd place in the Emp Collective amateur Brew comp in Baltimore and was in the top 10 at the Chili Brew 7 in downtown Baltimore during Craft Brew Week. I gained so much confidence from The Homebrew Academy that I also teach others and tell them this site is a MUST!!!” – Robert F.
“I was curious and determined about starting to make my own beer at home and The Homebrew Academy has been the BEST resource for accomplishing this. All the beer I’ve made through my education here has gotten amazing reviews from friends and family!!! The Go Brewmaster course can take you from the basics all the way to the super advanced with step by step videos and articles. It’s a one stop shop for beer education!” – Jack K.
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An Unbeatable Guarantee

  • Try Go Brewmaster for a full 60 days, 100% risk-free.
  • Brew a few batches using the new techniques.
  • If your beer doesn’t improve, I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

You have 60 days to evaluate the Go Brewmaster program. If you don’t love it, then you can ask for a refund within those 60 days and I’ll quickly return your money, no questions asked.All you have to do is email me at billy@homebrewacademy.com or use the contact form on the site.

“Billy takes the time to answer your questions and the videos get you on the right track, things you will never learn from a book. In my first year as a homebrewer I have brewed 100 gallons of beer and love this hobby thanks to the help from Billy and the Homebrew Academy.” – Jim R.