What’s Your State’s Dream Team Six Pack?

February 11,2011 by 82 Comments

What if you could buy a six pack of the best beers your state had to offer?

Well 5280 Magazine has done that for Colorado residents with their release of the Colorado Six Pack. Last September they published an article called Colorado’s Best Craft Beers, and from that list they choose their six favorites.

In the video I talk about:

  • What’s in the six pack
  • My love for the sampler platter at restaurants
  • Which beers I would pick for the six pack

The 5280 selections and mine are also listed below.

Colorado's Best Beers

A sampling of Colorado's best

The 5280 Six Pack:

  • Odell Red Ale
  • Odell India Pale Ale
  • Odell Cutthroat Porter
  • Dale’s Pale Ale
  • Left Hand Milk Stout
  • Avery White Rascal

My Colorado Six Pack:

  • Great Divide Yeti
  • Odell Cutthroat Porter
  • Dale’s Pale Ale
  • Dry Dock ESB
  • Avery Ellie’s Brown
  • Breckendridge 471 IPA

This is a really cool idea by 5280 and I’d love to hear from you guys. If you could make a dream team six pack from your state, what would be in it?

Empty Six Pack

Fill this thing up

About Billy Broas

He is the founder of The Homebrew Academy, a BJCP beer judge, and the homebrewing expert on the Rocky Mountain PBS television show Colorado Brews. He lives in the fine beer town of Denver, Colorado.

82 responses to “What’s Your State’s Dream Team Six Pack?”

  1. Phil says:

    3 choices from Odell and nothing from GD? Yours is much better.


  2. Jack says:

    Cool topic. I’ll play:

    PA: Troeg’s Hopback, Yard’s General Washington’s Tavern Porter, Wyerbacher Quad, Wyerbacher Heresy, Victory Prima Pils, Lancaster Milk Stout.

    There are obviously many more good beers from PA. I was just going for a diverse sixer that would remind anyone that “you’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania.”

    • Billy Broas says:

      PA has tons to choose from. I’m really a fan of Yard’s. My girlfriend’s friend brought us a mixed case of it when she visited and it was delicious.

    • Hermes says:

      Definitely a lot from PA…I’d probably put Lancaster Milk Stout too, but I won’t repeat any from Jack’s list: Victory HopDevil (or Hop Wallop), Weyerbacher Hops Infusion, Troegs Nugget Nectar, Stoudts Smooth Hoperator, Weyerbacher Merry Monks, and Sly Fox Pikeland Pils,

      • Craig says:

        Wow! Tough to choose from so many great beers in PA. Glad to see Hermes mention Weyerbacher Merry Monks and Victory HopDevil. I’d have to add the dunkel and the coconut stout from The Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh.

        • Aaron says:

          Victory Yakima Glory
          Weyerbacher Simcoe Double
          Troegs Nugget Nectar
          Stoudts Smooth Hoperator
          Erie Brewing’s Railbender
          Troegs Mad Elf

          But I live in the Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cleveland tri-state area and it’s hard to leave out Southern Tier and Great Lakes brewing

          • eric says:

            Continuing the Pennsylvania brews….
            Troegs Nugget Nectar
            Voodoo Big Black Voodoo Daddy
            Weyerbacher Merry Monks
            Victory Hop Wallup
            Philadelphia Brewing Co. Shackamaximum
            Troeg’s Dream Weaver

            Honorable mention (since they do not bottle):
            Nodding Head Brewery Ich Bin Ein Berliner Weiss
            Round Guys BerlinerWeisster-WeissterBerliner

            My “lawnmower beer list”:
            Victory Prima Pils
            Yuengling Lager (guilty pleasure from my college days)
            Church Brew Works Pious Monk Dunkel
            Sly Fox Pikeland Pils
            Philadelphia Brewing Co. Kenzinger Kolsch
            Victory Summer Love

    • merry monks is garbage. awful bitter tripel. if you’re talking weyerbacher talk about old heathen, hops infusion or blithering idiot. the rest of their beers need a lot of work. especially the double simcoe. tannin ridden, hazey garbage. simcoe can’t stand on it’s own. need amarillo or something else to balance it’s one note musk.

  3. Jeff says:

    I like your sixer better than 5280’s but as a former Durangotang I have to take issue with how Front Range heavy both lists are. If I were to make a Colorado list it would have to include Modus Hoperandi from Ska.

    I’ll post a San Diego six pack to San Diego Beer Blog and link back to this post when I do.

    • Billy Broas says:

      Haha Yea there is definitely Front Range favoritism in there. If it were a 7-pack Modus would definitely make it. Looking forward to your post. Thanks for the comment Jeff.

  4. Brandon says:

    Michigan Dream Team Six Pack!!!!

    Bells Oberon
    Bells Two-Hearted Ale
    Bells Hopslam
    KBC RedJacket Amber
    Founder’s Breakfast Stout <——AMAZING
    Saugatuck Singapore IPA

    I've decided that Michigan needs a 12 pack.

    • Billy Broas says:

      Ah I see you went the 5280 route and tripled up on a brewery. It’s hard to argue against any of those Bells picks though. KBC and Saugatuck are ones I haven’t had.

      • Brandon says:

        Bells is an excellent brewery and yes, hard to beat. KBC is Keweenaw Brewing Company located in Houghton, Michigan, close to Canada. They do can some of their beers but it is nothing like tasting one from their taproom. Their cans just do not do justice for what comes out of the tap.

    • Glenn says:

      I agree Brandon. If I lived there i’d be too tempted to make my entire 6-pack from Founders…

  5. Sheppy says:

    With all the breweries in Colorado, they picked 3 from one brewery? Shameful.

    I have to agree with them on the Odell’s Red and the Dale’s Pale Ale.
    I’m also in Colorado. I have not seen that 6-pack. I might have to track it down.

    I agree with you on Great Divide Yetti.
    I’ll add in Dry Dock’s Seven C’s IPA
    I want to include New Belgium’s Eric’s Ale, but that is such a specialty beer that it might not apply to this exercise. I guess its my six pack, so I will go ahead and add it in.

    and ….

    One of my home-brews.

    • Billy Broas says:

      Hey Sheppy, here’s a list of stores that sell the six pack. http://odellbrewing.com/5280-six-p

      Seven C’s is a great choice and they actually bottle that one. Your last choice is the best though. I reserve the right to steal your idea should I ever get to choose the next one.

      • Sheppy says:

        Have you tried Hoppopotamus at the Dry Dock? It has twice the hops as Seven C’s.
        I had to get brewing ingredients on Friday at the Brew Hut, and somehow I found myself sitting at the tasting room bar afterward. Had to try one. I think its one of those beers that reaches the saturation point and then keeps adding more. Anyway, an interesting beer to try if you’re down that way.

        • Billy Broas says:

          Haven’t tried the Hoppopotamus yet. Twice the hops as Seven C’s? Holy crap. I’m amazed that can still be palatable but I’m sure they pull it off. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll look for it.

    • Sheppy says:

      Oh! I completely forgot Tommyknocker brewery’s Hop Strike Black Rye IPA. They just started bottling and distributing it. It is a wonderful hoppy black yummy beer.

      Not sure what I’d take out of my six pack to add this one. Might just have to make it a 7 pack.


  6. Jorge says:

    Hmmm… let’s see…

    Hop Knot – Four Peaks Brewery
    Scootcher – Sleepy Dog Brewery
    Oatmeal Stout – Nimbus Brewery
    Coconut Joe – Papago Brewing
    Barrio IPA – Barrio Brewing CO.

  7. Geoff says:

    North Carolina:

    Foothills Sexual Chocolate
    Big Boss Hell’s Belle
    Mother Earth Bourbon Barrel Aged Tripel Overhead
    Fullsteam Basil Farmhouse
    Triangle White
    Lone Rider Sweet Josie

    • Billy Broas says:

      Just heard about Sweet Josie from Anne Fitten Glenn (http://twitter.com/brewgasm). In fact, that could just be an upcoming beer bucket list pick. That’s all I’ll say.

    • Glenn says:

      I’m from VA and will add a VA 6 pack in a later post, but for NC i would have included Highland Brewery in that list. Currently i’m loving their Black Mocha Stout, but the go-to favorite is their Gaelic Ale!

  8. scott says:

    For me:

    Ommegange – Hennepin
    Captain Lawrence – Golden Delicious
    Southern Tier – Mokah
    Brooklyn Brewery – Sorachi Ace
    Middle Ages – Kilt Tilter
    Kelso – Pilsner

  9. Darren Manning says:


    Three Floyds Dark Lord
    Sun King Osiris Pale Ale
    Brugge Brasserie Triple de Ripple
    Oaken Barrel Apple Buzz
    Oaken Barrel Alabaster
    Flat 12 Bierwerks Pogue’s Run Porter

    • Billy Broas says:

      Well Darren you definitely broke the rule of no-special releases with Dark Lord, but I guess we’ll let you get away with it. I’m sorry to say besides DL I’ve never had any of those. Thanks for the comment!

    • Ben says:

      First of all, you could replace Dark Lord with Three Floyds’ Gumballhead, Robert the Bruce, or Alpha King, and any one of them would probably still be worthy of the list.

      Secondly, with all due respect, Darren, I have to question this as the definitive list of the 6 best beers to represent Indiana. To be clear, it’s not that I disagree with your choices because I actually have not had 3 of these beers, and I have no way to dispute their tastiness. My argument stems from a lack of variety.

      Indiana is, without a doubt, in its early years of craft beer growth. Until recently, outside of Three Floyds, Indianapolis has basically been the only craft beer haven in Indiana. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how an Indianapolis-area native could create a very Indy-centric list. Still, with the recent boom in quality breweries that have sprung up around the state, it’s a little unfair to overlook the newcomers (and some that are not-so-new) from all corners of the state. People’s, Figure 8, Crown, Shoreline, Back Road, Upland, and New Albanian (possibly others) are all creators of at least one fantastic beer that could be considered for an “Indiana Dream Team Six Pack”… With an abundance of great options, I just think it’s only fair to spread some of the honor to non-Indy brewers if it’s going to represent our state’s craft beer selection.

      Of course, if you’ve sampled offerings from all of these breweries and still see your six as the best representative list, then I guess I’ve found my next three Indiana beers to try!

      • Brandon says:

        Not to mention, Indiana doesn’t even sell beer on Sundays. The only place I know around me that will sell beer on Sundays legally is Figure 8 Brewing which sells 6 packs to go… legally. This is why I’m moving back to Michigan at the end of the month.

      • Darren says:

        Oops, I guess I got overly excited and missed the part about special release beers. Take out the Apple Buzz then also. Ben, you’re right about the other breweries in our state, unfortunately I haven’t had many from outside the Indianapolis area. We are a young beer state but I still think the Indy area breweries are fantastic. I feel Sun King has made quite a name for themselves in just a couple years, Osiris is their flagship beer and I felt like I had to have it in my six pack. Flat 12 is a few months old, but I think their representation of a porter defines the style. Oaken Barrel has won best brewer two years in a row at the state beer cup. I thought about Upland, they have great beer and most likely deserve to be on this list, I’m just not sure which one. As for others, I guess I should try to venture outside of Indy to figure out my true Dream Team.

        Brandon, Indiana does have outdated liquor laws. You can now leaglly purchase carryout beer from any brewery from it’s production facility on Sundays, up to two cases. I feel like Sunday liquor sales are coming, eventually. Shoot your Representative an email to let them know how you feel about the subject, they will be voting on the issue soon.

        • Brandon says:

          Moving this weekend. Wish I would have known to contact our rep earlier. Grew up in Michigan, moving back. I just started homebrewing my own beer with the kit I got a Christmas and I love doing it. Have beer on the shelf and have an IPA in the fermenter. Hopefully, if I keep it up, I’ll always have a stock of beer somewhere in my house just in case there’s a Sunday before noon emergency and I can’t buy beer in a store, I’ll always have some at home.

  10. Kevin Anderson says:

    What a cool idea, although Virginia suffers from an unfortunate lack of breweries, here are my picks:

    Legend Brown Ale
    Blue Mountain Full Nelson Virginia Pale Ale
    St. George Porter
    Cally’s Winter Warmer*
    Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout
    Star Hill Northern Lights IPA

    *cheating, since it doesn’t come in a bottle but definitely one of my favorites, if that’s not allowed then I would sub in the Imperial IPA from Legend

    • Billy Broas says:

      Ah awesome I was hoping someone would do Virginia. Those are all great. Oak Barrel Stout is one of the first craft beers I really fell in love with. I might trade St. George’s for Williamsburg Coffeehouse Stout or something from Devil’s Backbone. Oh and don’t worry about cheating, the Dry Dock ESB is tap only. We’re pretty lenient here on BillyBrew lol.

    • Glenn says:

      Hehe i was hoping to crack the Virginia peanut first, but here’s what my 6 pack would include.

      -Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout (had to agree with Kevin there)
      -Blue Mountain Dark Hollow Artisanal Ale (i love stouts)
      -Williamsburg AleWerks Drake Tail (Billy, I’m DYING to try their Coffehouse Stout here in a couple of weeks when my brother and I visit their taproom)
      -Blue and Gray Fred Red (like Kevin said, the breweries are a little lacking and I want to represent my hometown).
      -Devil’s Backbone Kilt Flasher Scottish Ale (i haven’t seen it since the one time i had it!)
      -Williamsburg AleWerks Pumpkin Ale (i hate to double up, but it’s a good beer. I’d even triple up or replace the Fred Red with the Coffeehouse Stout that i’m sure to love).

  11. Jason Harris says:

    Here to inform everyone that California knows how to party.

    I recently made this for a coworker who was going to try craft beer:
    Lost Coast Great White
    Stone Pale Ale
    Lagunitas IPA
    Firestone Velvet Merlin
    Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard
    Russian River Consecration (ok, not in a 12oz but still fit in the pack!)

    Although, if I want to go true Cali style, we can do this:

    Stone IPA
    Ballast Point Sculpin IPA
    Green Flash West Coast IPA
    Lagunitas IPA
    Firestone Union Jack IPA
    Bear Valley Racer 5 IPA

    If the above 6 pack was sold in stores I would buy it. Always.

    • Jason Harris says:

      And since the lot of you are dirty cheaters and picked beers that don’t come in 12ozers. I’ll make my cheater 6 pack:
      Pliny The Elder
      Lagunitas Hop Stoopid
      The Bruery Humulus Lager
      Stone Imperial Russian Stout
      Firestone Double Jack
      Alpine Exponential Hoppiness

      • Billy Broas says:

        It’d be tough for any state to compete with that IPA six pack. Nice lists. You also took the high road unlike myself and some others with a true 12 oz six pack. We put ethics aside for state pride.

  12. Wick says:

    Come on Billy! I really enjoy your blog, but when you start talking beers that are near impossible for me to get my hands on, it grips at me. ha! No worries. Since Mississippi only has 1 brewery (Lazy Magnolia), I’ll make a pick six out of my favorite regional beers, including LM. I’ll make my rule is that the beers can only come from adjacent states.

    Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan (Kiln, MS)
    Lazy Magnolia Indian Summer
    Lazy Magnolia Jefferson Stout
    Yazoo Hop Project (Nashville, TN but the owner/brewmaster is from Mississippi)
    Abita Turbodog (Abita Springs, LA)
    Good People Brewing Snake Handler (Birmingham, AL -they are currently implementing a canning line, can only get at bars or growler fills currently)
    Back Forty Truck Stop Honey Brown (Based in AL, but contract brew at Lazy Magnolia until they get their brewery built)

    FYI this was a lot harder than I anticipated. I had to triple up on the Lazy Magnolia. All three of those are solid beers. Unfortunately the last two beers are not distributed in MS. It was hard not to put my home brew on this list. Once again another reason to home brew in my antiquated state.

    Keep up the good work man!

  13. Billy Broas says:

    Wick I actually did think about you when I was writing this post and thought “Man, this is gonna hurt the MS guys” lol. Way to play along though. Fine job!

  14. Missouri doesn’t have a TON (nope, that one doesn’t count) to choose from, but here we go

    Boulevard Bully! Porter
    Boulevard Tank 7
    Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat
    O’Fallon 5-day IPA
    Schlafly APA
    Schlafly Coffee Stout (I don’t care if it’s seasonal, it makes my list!)

    • Tim says:

      I think there are more to choose from than you think in MO.

      Urban Chestnut Zwickel
      Six Row DIPA
      Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat
      4 Hands Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown
      Schlafly Pale Ale
      Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

  15. Muddy Mo says:

    Another Missouri list:

    Schlafly Export IPA – English Style IPA
    Boulevard Tank 7 – Saison brewed with Amarillo Hops!
    O’Fallon Smoked Porter – 2004 GABF Gold
    Boulevard Bully! Porter – A porter with a hop bite.
    Schlafly Pumpkin Ale – One of the best of this style
    Boulevard Sixth Glass – World-Class Belgian Strong Ale

  16. Brennan Frugé says:

    Okay, gotta represent Texas, even with our sad amount of breweries, we have at least 6 gems.

    Real Ale Coffee Porter
    Real Ale Full Moon Pale Rye
    Shiner Smokehaus
    Live Oak Hefeweizen
    Saint Arnold Christmas Ale
    512 Pecan Porter

  17. Brady says:

    Honestly, I’ve never had any North Dakota beers, so I’ll go back to my previous state, NY…tons to choose from, and I’d normally double up on one of these, but I won’t cheat. Off the top of my head…

    Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
    Ommegang Three Philosophers
    Southampton Double White
    Southern Tier Pumking (can only drink one, but it’s so damn unique)
    Captain Lawrence Pleasantville Smoked Porter
    Sixpoint Bengali Tiger

  18. Royce says:

    Absolute embarrassment of riches in Cali… you really have to go either NorCal/SoCal or hoppy/malty or something to make a 6-pack manageable.

    The absolute dream team 6-pack from CA is almost impossible. And my favorite 6 pack might not be anyone else’s. But that’s the fun of it, isn’t it?

    Actually this makes me think that in CA we are better off going even more regional… so I will come back when I think of a 6 pack from my hometown San Diego breweries…

  19. Eric S says:

    Yeah, CA is tough; I’ll give it a shot.

    Russian River – Pliny the Elder
    Stone – Arrogant Bastard
    Alpine – Nelson
    North Coast – Old Rasputin
    Ballast Point – Victory at Sea
    Port Brewing – Mongo IPA

  20. mike stivers says:

    San Tan Hop Shock – chandler
    Four Peaks Hop Knot – tempe
    Nimbus Old Monkey Shine – tucson
    Prescott Liquid Amber – prescott
    Lumberyard IPA – flagstaff

    honorable mention: Four Peaks oatmeal stout

  21. Powers says:

    I was to put together a six-pack of my favorite Colorado beers I’d go with…

    Left Hand’s Fade to Black
    Dry Docks Vanilla Porter
    Breckenridge Brewery’s Oatmeal Stout
    Left Hand’s Good Juju
    Silverton Brewing’s Bare-Ass Brown
    Great Divides Hoss

    Sadly I haven’t tried any of the yeti’s yet. I’m dying to try the espresso and chocolate yeti’s. Those would probably make my list (although I’m fairly certain you couldn’t put those into a sixer)
    I would say the wood aged double IPA could go in there, then again, all I can recall about that one is that drinking 3 of those and I was done. The taste slips my mind.

    • Billy Broas says:

      Great CO six pack right there. The only one I haven’t tried is the Silverton beer. You must try the yeti’s!

  22. Thomas M says:

    Alabama is hard. Since our laws are super restrictive, there are only 5 breweries to choose from (and one isn’t actually open yet). That being said, this is my Alabama six-pack!

    Good People Brewing – IPA
    Yellowhammer – Alt
    Back 40 – Truck Stop Brown Ale
    Straight to Ale – Unoptanium Old Ale
    Good People Brewing – Mumbai Rye
    Straight to Ale – Lilly Flagg Milk Stout

  23. Frank says:


    Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywine
    Central Waters Shine On
    O’so Hopdinger
    O’so Night Train
    Hinterland Pale Ale
    Miller High Life

    • Josh says:

      What about New Glarus, Furthermore, or Tyranena!? Wisconsin has some fantastic breweries.

      • Frank says:

        I haven’t been impressed with anything I’ve sampled from New Glarus, though Spotted Cow could replace High Life in my 6-pack. But I like having the High Life there. Keeps me grounded.

        Admittedly, I haven’t had much from Furthermore and Tyranenal. Any suggestions?

  24. Jonathan says:

    Just for fun, I’m going to make my Colorado sixpack all cans and take it camping with me:
    Oskar Blues Gordon
    Oskar Blues Gubna
    Avery White Rascal
    Wynkoop Silverback
    Ska Modus Hoperendi
    Boulder Hazed & Infused

  25. Josh says:

    Minnesota’s Best

    Surly Abrassive
    Surly Coffee Bender
    Lift Bridge Farm Girl
    Fulton The Worthy Adversary
    Lift Bridge Crosscut
    Summit Horizon Red Ale

  26. Jake V. says:

    Limited amount of KS beers you can buy in bottles/cans but here we go:

    Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat
    Tallgrass Oasis
    Free State Copperhead Pale Ale
    Tallgrass Halcyon Wheat
    Free State Ad Astra
    Tallgrass Ale

    Lots of Tallgrass, but only two KS breweries distribute. Here’s a true list:

    Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat
    Lb Brewing Liberty Stout
    Hank-Is-Wiser Mocha Man
    Free State’s C4 Imperial Black IPA
    River City’s The Grinch
    Tallgrass Oasis

  27. Jared says:

    Great Divide – Claymore Scotch Ale
    Avery – White Rascal
    Bristol – Old No. 23 Barley Wine (limited, but I believe it’s still year-round)
    Left Hand – Wake Up Dead Stout
    Upslope – Brown
    Odell – Cutthroat Porter

  28. Thai says:

    I split time between two great beer states, so I decided to do both

    Whitstran Steamy Cream Ale (Prosser)
    Dick’s Cream Stout (Centralia)
    Pike Kilt Lifter (Seattle)
    Elysian Men’s Room Red (Seattle)
    Ice Harbor Barleywine (Kennewick)
    Northern Lights Crystal Bitter (Spokane)

    Deschutes Red Chair NWPA (Bend)
    Rogue Dead Guy Ale (Newport)
    Ninkasi Believer Double Red (Eugene)
    Widmer Nelson Imperial IPA (Portland)
    Terminal Gravity IPA (Enterprise)
    Bend Brewing Co. Cherry Baltic Porter (Bend)

  29. Guy C says:

    Since I live in Florida, and I can think of only 1 or 2 decent breweries (Cigar City Brewing Co, and Orlando Brewing Co.) I am going to cheat and make my list from Colorado that I just got back from on vacation:

    Oskar Blues – Dale’s Pale Ale
    Boulder Beer – Mojo IPA
    Boulder Beer – Hazed & Infuzed
    Great Divide – Denver Pale Ale
    Great Divide – Titan IPA
    Odell – 5 Barrel Pale Ale

  30. Rick Guardino says:

    NJ here. not many breweries to pick from. Flying fish is far and away the best though. hats off to those guys they know waht theyre doing

    River Horse – Tripel Horse
    Flying Fish – Exit 4
    Flying Fish – Exit 16
    Flying Fish – Exit 11
    Ramstein – Double Platinum Blonde Hefe
    Flying Fish – Exit 9

  31. Dave F says:

    Cool post!

    OH here.

    Great Lakes — Dortmunder Gold
    Great Lakes — Eliot Ness
    Great Lakes — Edmund Fitzgerald
    Hoppin Frog — B.O.R.I.S.
    Thirsty Dog — Siberian Night
    Fat Heads — Head Hunter IPA

    I know, three from Great Lakes, but I really enjoy their brews. It’s northern OH biased, but I just don’t have that much exposure to any of the breweries south of Akron.

  32. Ed says:

    Old post, but I do like the concept. I’ll give my Michigan choices here…

    Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout
    Shorts Soft Parade
    Brewery Vivant Triomphe
    Bell’s Hopslam
    Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout

  33. Scott Smith says:

    From the Great State O’ Maine….
    Marshall Wharf Can’t Dog, IPA
    Bar Harbor Real Ale, Brown Ale
    Gritty McDuff’s Halloween Ale,ESB
    Maine Beer Co. Zoe, Hoppy Pale
    Atlantic Bar Harbor Blueberry, Pale
    Geary’s Hampshire Special Ale,ESB

  34. Ryan Kettler says:

    More NC love!

    Foothills Jade, IPA
    Big Boss Aces & Ates, Imperial Stout
    Birdsong Higher Ground, IPA
    Aviator Hog Wild, IPA
    Pisgah Brewing Co, IPA
    Foothills Sexual Chocolate, Imperial Stout

  35. Gabriel Mendez says:

    Chi, IL
    Happy to represent my dream team 6 pack Chicago style.

    Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout
    Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Ale (16oz can hope this isnt cheating)
    Revolution Anti-Hero IPA
    Revolution Eugene Porter
    Goose Island Sofie
    Half Acre Gossamer (also 16oz)

    its too bad pipeworks only makes their beer in bombers so i couldnt use any of their stuff. they were just awarded the worlds best NEW brewery on Ratebeer.com

  36. victory storm king. easily one of the best in the country let alone the state.
    Stoudt’s double IPA. same as before, easily one of the best.
    troegs nugget nectar. if this beer isn’t on your radar, get a new radar.
    weyerbacher old heathen, different enough from storm king. great beer.
    stoudt’s triple. one of the few domestic belgians that isn’t overly sweet/cloying.
    yuengling lager. probably doesn’t belong on this list considering company but to be honest it’s probably the most venerable PA beer. it brings it’s own unique thing to the table. not a beer nerd’s beer for sure but certainly needs to be on a short list of PA beers people need to know about.

  37. Jim says:

    This is one of the coolest old posts I’ve encountered. Time for one more dream team sixer from Wisconsin:

    New Glarus Black Top IPA
    Capital Maibock (referred to locally as “Mind Block”)
    Ale Asylum Ambergeddon
    O’so Night Train Porter
    Sprecher Black Bavarian
    Lakefront EyePA

  38. Scott says:

    Seriously no one from VT yet? This could be hard because do I have to limit to 12oz bottles?

    Switchback – Switchback
    Hill Farmstead – Edward (Pale Ale)
    HIll Farmstead – Citra (Pale Ale)
    Lawsons Finest – Fayston Maple Imperial Stout
    Grateful Hands Brewing – Common Sense (Black IPA)
    Alchemist – Heady Topper (Double IPA)

    Yeah this list is way too short.

  39. Sean says:

    I guess I’ll do Georgia since no ATLiens stepped up…

    Sweetwater 420
    Red Brick Vanilla Gorilla
    Sweetwater Festive Ale
    Red Hare Watership Brown
    Terrapin Wake and Bake
    Jailhouse Breakout Stout

    Jailhouse and Red HAre are tiny breweries with great flavors. Sweetwater is a beast as is Terrapin. I’m hit or miss on Red Brick but their Brickmason series is killer.

  40. Sheppy says:

    Just did something similar as part of a collaboration project … 6 different Bloggers in 6 different states with 6 six packs. I represented Colorado …. http://blog.ericshepard.com/2013/05/colorado-6-pack.html . Of course the list I came up with this time is different than I posted here over a year ago, although I had more stringent criteria this time.

    If you follow the link, be sure to check out the other bloggers toward the bottom from North Carolina, DC / Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Carolina

    • Billy Broas says:

      Very nice post and six-pack selection. I like that you included TommyKnocker. I think they’re under appreciated. Great to see the others as well. I travel to Virginia pretty often so I need to knock out that list.

  41. Matt says:

    Looks like I’m the second Vermonter!

    My VT 6pack would probably be:

    Lawsons – Double Sunshine IPA
    Lawsons – Fayston Maple Imp. Stout
    Alchemist – Heady Topper
    Hill Farmstead – Abner
    Trapps – Oktoberfest
    Switchback – Roasted Red

  42. Siren says:

    I know it’s an old post but no one represented South Carolina and we are becoming a pretty good state for good craft beers! Charleston is the best but unfortunately most of their beers are not bottled or canned yet. Here we go…

    1. White Thai – Westbrook Brewing Company; Mt. Pleasant (Charleston), SC
    2. Nut Brown Ale – New South Brewing; Myrtle Beach, SC
    3. Patriot Pale Ale – RJ Rockers Brewing Company; Spartanburg, SC
    4. Yammer Thyme Coffee Porter – Palmetto Brewing Company; Charleston, SC
    5. White Ale – New South Brewing Company; Myrtle Beach, SC
    6. Appalachian Amber – Thomas Creek Brewery; Greenville, SC

    If I were to cheat and list non bottled and/or seasonal/special beers, I would have to add:
    Peachy King/Impeachment – RJ Rocker
    Chocolate Rye Porter – River Dog Brewing Company; Ridgeland, SC
    Pluff Mud Porter – Holy City Brewing; Charleston, SC
    Sacred Heart IPA – Conquest Brewing; Columbia, SC
    Zinger Beer – Frothy Beard Brewing Company; Charleston, SC
    Lilly the Great Imperial Russian Stout – New South Brewing; Myrtle Beach, SC
    Mexican Cake – Westbrook Brewing; Mt. Pleasant, SC

    The second list is of my favorite local beers. The 6 pack is a good representation of what SC has to offer. While we are growing craft beer wise and legislators are still working on outdated beer laws (though they have recently improved some), SC still has some great beers and breweries. If you want a great beer vacation, head to Charleston and take a few days to tour the breweries along with the great history and beauty of the town.
    Hopefully I’ll be able to add my own brewery to the mix in a few years. Slainte!

  43. Rob says:

    Didn’t see an entry from MD yet…

    Union Brewing – Balt Alt – Altbier
    Heavy Seas – Loose Cannon – amerian IPA
    Flying dog – Raging Bitch – Belgian IPA
    Flying Dog – Gonzo Imperial Porter
    Duclaw – Serum – Double IPA
    Brewer’s Art – Beazley (formerly Ozzy – name change due to legal threats from Ozzy) Belgian Pale Ale

    Lot’s of good one’s to choose from!

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