Epic Tasting: Dogfish Head Hop Pickles

July 17,2012 by 2 Comments

Yes, there are now pickles made with Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. My order was confirmed less than 5 minutes after I heard the news. Check out the video to see what I think about them.

The pickles were made by Brooklyn Brine and have been getting a lot of press recently. You can watch Sam Calagione talk about the pickle idea on this video.To order a jar of the Hop Pickles, visit KegWorks.

Next up: Throw these things on a burger and pair with a 60 Minute.
Dogfish Head Hop Pickle Jar

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2 responses to “Epic Tasting: Dogfish Head Hop Pickles”

  1. KISS Brew says:

    There’s a 0% chance I will buy these at that price.

    There’s a 100% chance I will be making my own hop pickles eventually.

    • Billy Broas says:

      Worth it!

      Just to put this out there – I am willing to review any and all beer pickles made by readers. No guarantees on ensuing fame and fortune.

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