Pumpkin Beer – September Group Brew

It’s September, which for most of you means summer is winding down and cooler autumn days are ahead; here in Florida, summer doesn’t let up until Thanksgiving It also means it’s time for the next installment of the Homebrew Academy Group Brew. If this is your first Group Brews, this is where we pick a beer style […]

Finding Inspiration

So you have finally decided to make the jump, time to start designing your own recipes. You do Pale Ale, maybe an India Pale Ale, and a couple of one-off beers. Eventually though, you might hit a rough patch. Maybe you stagnate, brewing the same beer or style over and over, or maybe you just […]

India Brown Ale – Kismet

I recently competed in my first non-send-away homebrew competition, which was held in the parking lot of a local restaurant. It was set up festival-style, with 18 homebrewers pouring their brews and competing for both the judges’ vote and the popular vote.

Hamburg Vergällen Part 2

I left off talking about how the Berliner Weisse brew day did not go quite as well as I planned. When the brewing process was done, it was time to pitch the Lacto starter. The yeast starter would come 24 hours later. What happened next caught me totally of guard.

Citra Pale Ale

The perfect pale ale recipe is elusive. Most homebrewers brew this style early on in their careers, but spend years trying to master it. A great pale ale satisfies the hop heads but is balanced enough for the casual drinker. It’s one of my favorite beers, and one of those beers I always want to […]

BrewPrint Review

One of the goals of any homebrewer, I think, is to get to the point of formulating your own recipes. Even me personally, I’m just now getting to where I’m comfortable enough with what I know to put together a recipe that’s worth brewing. When you reach that point, though, a slew of other questions arise.

Apologies to Berlin…Hamburg Vergällen

Did you know the name Berliner Weisse is a protected name in Germany and is only allowed to be used on Berliner Weisse beers from Berlin?

Roasted Red Pepper Cream Ale

In 2010, I entered the Sam Adams Longshot homebrewing competition. The theme of that year’s competition was Category 23: Specialty beers. That’s great because the sky was the limit in recipe formulation. As I thought about it, I remembered this great Italian bistro in downtown Springfield which has this heavenly dish that is cheese tortellini […]

Garlic Butter Soft Grain Pretzels: A Delicious Way to Recycle your Grain!

We’ve all heard of breweries donating their spent grain to local farms to feed the animals; you may have even eaten a burger made of ground beef from the cows that eat that grain – score! In my opinion, it seems a great way to close the circle, and do the conscientious “reduce-reuse-recycle” thing; but […]