The Homebrewer’s Guide to Tubing

July 24,2014 by 9 Comments

Homebrew needs to be transferred. Sometimes we can get away with pouring wort or beer manually, but for the most part the best way to move liquid around is with a hose or tube. When you get into homebrewing you’ll become intimately familiar with tubing. Sometimes you bless it for saving your aching back the […]

Interview with Chris White of White Labs

July 9,2014 by 6 Comments

When you get the chance to interview someone you really look up to you have to jump on it. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of those people in my life – Chris White, the founder and CEO of White Labs. We had a great chat and talked about a bunch of things […]

Dry Hopping Bud Light to Test New Varieties

February 17,2014 by 4 Comments

I have always felt that the descriptions of hops often don’t match my expectations of what I should get in the final beer. Some of that has to do with the amount hops, freshness, the recipe, but I also think one person’s description may differ greatly from another’s. A while back, I saw a post […]

Non-Homebrewing Apps for Organizing Your Homebrewing

September 5,2013 by 3 Comments

If your anything like me, homebrewing ideas come at all times. Whether it’s a name, style, or special ingredient to use, these things just tend to pop in my head. I could be walking down the aisle at the grocery store, sitting in traffic, or hanging out when these idea hit me.

How to Make a CO2 Utility Line

January 16,2013 by 10 Comments

This CO2 utility line lets you easily swap out homebrewing devices that need CO2. You can use it for:

Homebrewing Year in Review

December 27,2012 by 7 Comments

The new year is fast approaching and a couple of big projects are on the horizon. However, I find myself looking back at a few items from this past year, reflecting on successes and failures, and building on thoughts for 2013. Here’s some of the Successes and Failures of 2012

Make a Motorized Mash Paddle for the Price of a Beer

December 7,2012 by 12 Comments

For $5 you can trade that old wooden paddle for a motorized mash paddle. A paint mixer is the perfect tool for mixing your mash and destroying dough balls.

Mash pH: A Tale of 3 Beers

November 14,2012 by 5 Comments

Now that I have my water report for brewing, I am much more confident using salts to adjust my water chemistry. I thought it’d be a cool experiment to brew three beers of three different colors using neutral (reverse osmosis) water and the same salt additions to see how the mash pH varies. Why? To […]

How to Get Your Water Report for Homebrewing

September 20,2012 by 18 Comments

Adjusting your water chemistry is one of those things that can make a good beer great. Before you can adjust your water, however, you need to know what you’re starting with because everybody’s water is different. For that, you need a water report. The problem with obtaining a water report here in Denver is that […]

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